Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1267
Buried treasure! Hears these two characters time, the both eyes of surroundings these people shine. They understood finally, before Xia Tian, can resist with the Island Country five senior generals, but unexpectedly can now the Insta-kill Island Country five senior generals, but before Xia Tian can also the sword chop the ships, but copes with these Island Country battleships time actually takes the trouble. But now Xia Tian unexpectedly two pat can ruin two Island Country battleships. Such big change, was Xia Tian obtained certainly the buried treasure and inheritance of Pitt king, therefore he will have such big change. Greedy. In the vision of surroundings these people revealed the greedy look. If they can obtain Xia Tian this ability, they simply were invincible, although now Xia Tian seems very fierce, but that greedy desire made them as if forget was frightened same. God keeps off the deicide, Buddha keeps off to kill Buddha, so long as I am also living, who blocks me, I kill anyone, if you think that collaborated to kill me, you can try, but I reminded you, I have remembered each of you's appearance, so long as I have not died, that surely did not die continuous, regardless of you ran away to the ends of the earth, I will not let off you, the old person or the child, I must extinguish your whole families.” Xia Tian that beautiful same sound spreads from the broadcast, Xia Tian discovered after one take the monster king mask, spoke the way and working likely is a monster. Extinguishes person whole families words usually he to think does not dare saying that because this matter is contrary to the day and. However now he said under lead of monster king mask. Xia Tian such remarks. Surroundings these have forgotten frightened person immediately in the heart one cold. Deterrent force! Xia Tian these words already thorough shaking they, although they live above the sea, however also has own brothers in marine them, some have their family member, the strength that now Xia Tian shows is so strong.

If they cannot kill Xia Tian, that will certainly encounter Xia Tian forever the retaliation without limits, looked from Xia Tian this time imposing manner that the Xia Tian those words were are not frightening them absolutely, but. Xia Tian can achieve. From now on, is away from I 500 meters ships I regards as the provocation, finally I think that did not need me saying that when I that moment that returned to the one-eyed pirate to roll, so long as dares with, regarded as must attack me similarly.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly, he entered the cockpit afterward, drives the Island Country battleship to hurry to one-eyed Wang Nali. Scene very peaceful. Nobody dares to begin. Here has over ten thousand ships, the population adds 1 million, but these many people all were shaken by Xia Tian such a few words, let alone on daring, spoke they not to dare. Xia Tian person VS over ten thousand ships, VS over a million pirates and various countries' strengths. Result these person of each dare the frontage to resist with Xia Tian, all was shaken by the Xia Tian imposing manner, this ability has surpassed the cognition of all people, in their eyes, the Xia Tian image instantaneously becomes incomparably big. From now henceforth! Xia Tian can walk sideways in Pacific Ocean. Today all person any here do not dare to have the idea of Xia Tian again, because the Xia Tian terrifying has carved firmly in them at heart, in they think that is these over a million people and several thousand ships on together also how Xia Tian not to. Therefore regardless of now on they not possibly have many people to compare with today's population. This fear changed into their instinct, what status regardless of they the sea area have in each country and, so long as they see Xia Tian that moment, their both legs will tremble, terrifying of the heart. All the way, dares to approach the Xia Tian ship 500 meters without any person, after looking at the Xia Tian jumping up one-eyed king their ship, shaking the head that all people on the scene start to keep, they know that did not have the opportunity.

So long as Xia Tian passed, their opportunities did not have. Because the Xia Tian terrifying in their at heart has left behind the brand mark now. Walks!” The Xia Tian left hand took off monster Wang Mianju to say. „Do we go?” One-eyed Wang asked. Sends a ship to go to the China navy to bring a letter to me, then we return to your domain first.” Xia Tian said. Good!” One-eyed Wang said. Their ships opened for quite a while to arrive at the domain of one-eyed king, originally the one-eyed king to cope with the Island Country navy conveniently, disturbed to the Island Country navy, he constructed his domain in Island Country nearby sea area, therefore such will quickly arrive in his domain. After arriving at his domain, Xia Tian they entered in a small room. Outside conservative unusual of this small room is strict, each is Expert in Expert, Captain and figure of vice- Captain that rank the major pirates roll. But in the room has three people. Xia Tian, one-eyed king, flying fish king. Buried treasure now in my hands, moreover I also obtained the inheritance and Martial Arts of rare book Pitt king under 36 parts of great bear.” Xia Tian light saying. Attract! They have simultaneously held breath cold air, although they had already been psychologically prepared, but they have not thought that Xia Tian obtained, moreover obtained the thing in legend, the subordinate of Pitt king many are great Expert.

His 36 part of great bear each under may be Expert in legend. I want to build a China shadow team, does not know that you are willing to help me?” Xia Tian looked that said to them. China army? What you said is the regular army?” One-eyed Wang Weiwei stares, they may be the most wanted terrorist in each country. „It is not the regular army, does not have the official military rank, but you belong to China, if you agree, I will apply with above, forms this kind of army, when the time comes the China navy is light, is Sun, but you are dark, is moon, I want you to handle the matter that the China regular army cannot achieve, protects the China safety, similarly, I will make the country arrange the new status to you, the legitimate status, when the time comes you do not need to worry that issued a warrant for arrest.” Xia Tian said. Hears the Xia Tian words, their brows is a wrinkle. They understand that Xia Tian was any meaning, but Xia Tian has drawn a pie to them now, what later the matter will turn into, they are unable to guess. Naturally, regardless of you did agree that I will let you choose best two to take away from the inheritance and Martial Arts of rare book 36 parts of great bear, because I, when you are the brothers.” Xia Tian very serious saying. Good, I agreed that the father most lifetime has been becoming a fugitive, I also want a calm and steady family, China is a good place.” One-eyed Wang said. Xia Tian nodded, afterward looks to the flying fish king of deeping frown. I am not good.”