Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1268

Em? Smelly fish, your what meaning?” Captain that one-eyed king very discontented saying, he and flying fish pirate roll also calculates a little friendship, he also understands that the flying fish pirate rolls the Captain manner. Do not misunderstand, I had intercepted a China rear admiral in the past, this in China, but grave offense.” Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls said. When matter?” Xia Tian asked. Ten years ago.” Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls said. I want to ask that your, you want to become a fugitive for a lifetime make reparations for the mistake that oneself violate, you want to get up to live the life of being in a precarious state in the sea for a lifetime, wants into the hero, crossed to live by own brothers?” Xia Tian asked. I do not certainly want to be chased down for a lifetime.” Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls said. Good, the matter I solve, what I must establish is the China shadow team, when the time comes the first leader can be I, is you, although I make you protect the China sea area, but does not let you when for a lifetime guards the door, if no what important matter time, you can anytime return to China the normal life, naturally, the sea must keep the person to guard, moreover you can also go to Pacific Ocean to navigate, so long as pays attention to itself safe on can.” Xia Tian said. Good!” One-eyed Wang Xingfen saying. Words that Xia Tian spoke, all arranges the later road for them, lets they can not have any worry help itself , helping China. I agreed.” Captain that the flying fish pirate rolls said. Good, since agreed that that says that the matter of treasure, this my this altogether 36 inheritance and 36 Martial Arts rare books, remove your beside, but also remaining 34, I hope that you can choose a group of sharpest people to assign, naturally, before the assignment, you must guarantee whether they are the sincerity want to join China, if some people must walk, I am not blocking absolutely, if their which people dare to bring the inheritance and Martial Arts rare book walk, I chase down them who the Pacific Ocean deep place can also be relentless to cut to kill.” Xia Tian very serious saying. Relax, we understand.” One-eyed Wang said. Good, gives you me also to feel relieved that was right, my this also has the weapons and Martial Arts rare books of Island Country navy five senior generals, you also one and found the person to study, was those words, so long as elite, if these person of two intent faint trace, directly expelled, the person who left behind dares to rebel kills!” Xia Tian said.

Good!” One-eyed Wang said. The one-eyed king starts a little to admire the Xia Tian boldness now, murders decisively, working sense of purpose, he remembered that proverb, the dog good thousand li(500 km) has eaten Shi, the wolf good world eats the meat. Xia Tian is that wolf, by his disposition and working style, where regardless of will arrive at becomes the King. This bag is Chu Wudai, inside has all buried treasures of Pitt king, the wealth weapon is innumerable, to the cultivation related thing, even also has the storehouse treasure chart, the values of these things are unable to weigh with the wealth, I hope that you use it, builds master of the genuine King to come to me, naturally, these valuables and money have not been able to use in China absolutely, otherwise China inflation.” Xia Tian has given the one-eyed king Chu Wudai directly. The one-eyed king looks own front Chu bag, he felt that Xia Tian as if gave him to be the same a world. These many wealth and treasure, Xia Tian unexpectedly like this with ease gave him, the trust, this trust made one-eyed king big masters almost not cry. This is the Xia Tian working style. The personnel does not doubt, doubts the person not to use. Splash! The one-eyed Wang He flying fish king all knelt on the ground. Boss!” They also shout. „Are you doing, a bit faster gets up, we are the brothers.” Xia Tian draws them hurriedly.

No, the Boss, starting today, you are our eldest children, your heart was really too broad, this world will not have the second person to achieve your this, with you, this for a lifetime value.” One-eyed Wang said. Boss, my this experiences countless people for a lifetime, but the person my first meeting like you, we have not seen several, but you actually give us these many wealth, after such heart can be said as unprecedented, does not have the future, from now henceforth our lives are your.”, when the flying fish king is also the Xia Tian little brother who is willing, in their eyes the Xia Tian image instantaneously becomes incomparably big. Good, from now henceforth we are the brothers, your mission are natives of Latvia first, several days later will have the China military officer to aid you, above I let arrange a base to us, when the time comes there was our new grounds, all plans and constructions looked your.” Both hands of Xia Tian pat above their shoulders. Yes, Boss!” They said. Was good, arranges one to me a bit faster, looks for one to set sail again the steady person to me, to coastal water familiar person.” Xia Tian said. After Xia Tian arranged, they exited to handle matters. His left hand turns, in hand presented five maps, these five maps search for from the Island Country five senior generals, these five maps about in the same place is a base, when Xia Tian sees labelling on map, had guessed correctly that in the base had anything. Atomic bomb! Island Country atomic bomb base unexpectedly in that position. Sees that position time, Xia Tian understands that meaning of Island Country, the most dangerous place is the safest place, Island Country atomic bomb base unexpectedly constructs under tourist area that in a tide of people surged. Sees the atomic bomb time, Xia Tian was excited. He just started to destroy the Island Country air-defense base, now disrupts the Island Country navy defense strength, he then must destroy the Island Country atomic bomb base, such Island Country will lose all act high and mighty capital.

Later Island Country must put to cultivate the behavior. Before Island Country, reason that dares that wildly to be because they think that their country was also good, now Xia Tian destroyed their air-defense base and secret aircraft carrier successively, now their country did not have any strength to frighten the surrounding country and sea area thoroughly. If Xia Tian ruins the atomic bomb base again. That Island Country ended. They did not dare relaxing board to speak, who looked that they were not feeling well can pass to kick two feet, which act high and mighty when the time comes may I ask Island Country also to dare to go to? Xia Tian will certainly probably make Island Country kneel on the ground sings conquers. People might ask, Xia Tian why act high and mighty. The reply is. For China rising, but act high and mighty. Should.” Xia Tian opening both eyes slowly, walk toward outside afterward directly, his goal is Island Country.