Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1269

Present Island Country was insane. Because they received another news. After the Island Country high level receives this news, all has almost fainted, that aircraft carrier of their secret construction was destroyed. All convoy ships and battleships all have also destroyed, all navies and military officers who this same place goes also all died, the Island Country navy five senior generals of Island Country navy strongest strength also all died. They all destroyed in the hand of Xia Tian. The Xia Tian this Island Country top war criminal turned into them to want the swallow raw and whole object all of a sudden. Kill! Island Country all management set firm resolve, they must kill Xia Tian not at any cost, after Xia Tian can be said as the World War II, to the injury that Island Country brought was biggest. This harm does not harm in that atomic bomb that their country abandoned compared with the former America few. Starts the world warrant for arrest.” The loss of this time our Island Country was really too big, the face has also lost completely, this matter will spread quickly over the world, the Xia Tian reputation only will be when the time comes more resounding, but their Island Country will also trouble unceasingly. Warrant for arrest must send, but how we first think to go facing the following trouble, the beforehand air-defense base was destroyed has created very big trouble to us, now the secret aircraft carrier was destroyed, did not have the secret aircraft carrier, the marine these ganefs can definitely affront, first cuts back the military strength, closes the fisherman and trade first.” But closure trade and fisherman channel, these fellows definitely will cause trouble.” They are not the fools, should also understand that the gravity of this matter, does first, otherwise the number of deaths will again definitely increase.” Bites dīng! At this moment, conference room inside has heard the urgent warning sound. Such urgent warning sound, opens.” This conference room is the Island Country rank highest conference room, the person who in this sits is also in Island Country the most authoritative person, besides this urgent warning sound, regardless of what happened unable to disturb them, when the explosion precaution of this secret room is strong.

Even if outside carries on is bombing here not to have slight rocking. Opened the warning. Report! The atomic bomb in atomic bomb research base all vanished into thin air, in the base also had the large explosion, the base above personnel casualties are very serious.” What?” Several people that met hear this news time almost does not have insane falling. They felt in a flash one fell in the hell, the collapse, they felt at this moment the sky collapsed, this time, Island Country ended, they have looked down upon North Korea before, thought North Korea to be poor, moreover was stubborn, if did not have China to support, North Korea already ended. But passes through this time matter, the economy and national defense capability of Island Country weakening wantonly. Poor! Island Country becomes very poor. The trade will cancel temporarily, the large explosion died the person they need to make processing, internationally will also make them compensate, but the tourism almost must close, in addition the invasion of foreign enemy. Troublesome must have. Moreover loses also makes Island Country all of a sudden very poor. Crisis! Island Country will face in history a biggest crisis, but brings person unexpectedly of this crisis to them is only a person, that is Xia Tian, they the picture that passed from outside saw. Is on a stone writes. The Island Country dog, Xia Tian to this tour, the thing I took away, if you also dare act high and mighty, I consider to detonate it under Mount Fuji, detonates it in Tokyo. Threat.

Xia Tian this is threatening Island Country. These people of scene have soon irritated, they just processed the beforehand trouble, now Xia Tian unexpectedly has brought the disaster that is hard to imagine to them, the atomic bomb is unuseful, but can actually be used to deter other countries. Has the atomic bomb speech energy on the foot, can have at the worst everybody on the imposing manner of perishing together. But now the atomic bomb does not have. Their final capital did not have. Regardless of now henceforth, which country or the terrorist organization bully them, their means did not have, hits? With what dozen? Poorly became like this, what dozen but also took? Fight needs money. Moreover they definitely will then meet many foreign invasions and disturbing. Without existence of secret aircraft carrier, their sea area defensive power dropped large scale . Moreover the battleship and navy also lost that many, the Island Country five navy senior generals who frightens five side sea areas all were also cut to kill by Xia Tian. If currently has the airplane to fly them to lead the idle operation several, when takes vacation, their means do not have. But once the sea area some people sneak attack, robs and so on matters to occur, they are also very suddenly difficult to react. Now relaxes the negotiations unable to achieve with other country. Who didn't have Island Country of atomic bomb to care? That lets the person to act bashful. Internationally a status does not have, at this time commits a crime later Xia Tian to sit, in flew to the China airplane. Xia Tian really more and more likes the deep meanings of techniques of eight Qi now, these two deep meanings kill a person and take his possessions simply, act high and mighty said that the excellent style of king, Xia Tian just shook over a million people and over ten thousand sea boats with the second deep meaning attraction of techniques of eight Qi. Currently uses the technique of first deep meaning hidden rests/breaths eight Qi to steal away the Island Country atomic bomb, now these atomic bombs have been all stolen away by him.

Island Country was stirred earth-shakingly by him. But he actually sits on the Island Country airplane. If such matter makes the Island Country high level know, they living irritation. After Xia Tian returned to China. Walks, boy!” China No. 2 figure unexpectedly picks personally! This made Xia Tian be possible a little to feel extremely flattered. Senior Official is good!” Xia Tian hurried salute! Was good, left politely, walked, leading you to see a person.” China figure said on the 2nd. „It is not.” Immediately the mouth of Xia Tian opens big, he has thought suddenly a possibility, can who China No. 2 figure leads the way, that entire China perhaps also only then a person had this qualifications. Em!” China No. 2 figure nodded. Hears the China No. 2 figure words, the Xia Tian whole person immediately became anxious, he facing the Maoshan old ancestors time not anxious, fought Hidden Sect time not anxious, the war of Anonyme Island not anxious. Faces in Pacific Ocean that over a million people of time, he not anxious. But at this moment he suddenly became anxious, because he must see figure in that legend immediately, this regarding him, but the greatest glory, anything was called to bring honor to ancestors, Xia Tian this was called to bring honor to ancestors. Sees the Xia Tian appearance, nod of China No. 2 figure smile.