Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1271

Xia Tian direct salute. I appoint you as the Dragon Group chief teacher, China shadow team first Chief, the senior general military rank.” China Senior Official will be loaded with that box of credential to give Xia Tian directly, the Xia Tian cautious and solemn receiving box. Xia Tian, your father dies for me, the person who this matter knows are not many, but I know the circumstances of the matter, before had not told you that is because does not want to make you know too.” China Senior Official looked at Xia Tian saying: At that time was one escorts Senior Official mission, I in that team, that time we were also bringing very important goods, has brought to the attention of each country, afterward had encountered these national Expert besieged and pursued to block off, these people were very fierce, they were in the world great Expert, our taking away army all spelled up, finally your father fought vigorously over a hundred peerless Expert, and defeated them entirely, finally we and armies have attached, he said that had the matter to leave.” Senior Official, I can protect you to be proud for my father.” The corner of the eye of Xia Tian flowed off drop of tears, his father died in the Wei Guang hand, has not related with Senior Official, if initially his father cannot protect good Senior Official, then regarding China, absolutely was a loss. Well diligently.” China Senior Official has patted the shoulder of Xia Tian. The Xia Tian liter for the senior general, this is not he practices favoritism absolutely, the senior general military rank is not a China Senior Official person wants saying that awards can award, needs many people to sit the deliberation together. If Xia Tian does not have the skill, does not have achievements, that is China Senior Official is also helpless. All that Xia Tian obtains now are the results that he tries hard, but is not because China Senior Official practices favoritism, said that Xia Tianlong has rescued his life, he must repay Xia Tianlong, therefore gives Xia Tian to be promoted. Thanked Senior Official.” Xia Tian salutes once more. Sits to drink to make tea!” China figure said on the 2nd. „, Senior Official, I want to give the country the atomic bomb connection, then went back to rest, outside Heavenly Connection the hole opened immediately, I must go to there, if I cannot live, asking Senior Official to help me take care of the dark person, I have promised them, must help them have the auspicious day.” Xia Tian said. Good, you are the Jianghu person, I do not understand your customs, all things are careful.” China Senior Official said. Thanked Senior Official.” Xia Tian salute.

Was good, a brat, but also is so young, has the generation gap with us, quickly leave.” China No. 2 figure ridicules to say. Yes, Senior Official!” Xia Tian cracked into a chuckle, to leave the room afterward directly. After leaving the room, China No. 2 figure looked at China Senior Official. Senior Official, outside Heavenly Connection hole unusual bad risk.” China figure said on the 2nd. Xia Tian is the China hero, has him, China will step into a new peak, his potential is big, I do not allow anybody to injure him, no matter I outside that Heavenly Connection hole actually dangerous, if he cannot come out, the person who then comes out from inside grasps to me, finds out him who who harms, he has made that many for China, China should also do anything for him.” Senior Official facial color ice-cold saying of China. He will offer to China for a lifetime, therefore he also similarly appreciates these is the person who China does the practical work, China No. 2 figure is, Xia Tian is also. Therefore he personally will see Xia Tian. Must know, although can always see China Senior Official on the television, but in China can see the person who truly China Senior Official and has been speaking together are really not many, these person of each are in China figure of true real power. Xia Tian the atomic bomb connection to the country is a very troublesome matter, because the atomic bomb was too important, Xia Tian does not dare to be careless, time when he connects with, already darkness, after the darkness. Xia Tian returned to own residence. After Xia Tian went home, his inertia entered the bathroom, routinely which regardless of present Xia Tian arrives uses the technique of first deep meaning hidden rests/breaths eight Qi, although this move also consumes Spiritual Force, but this Spiritual Force and Second Layer is unable to compare, by Xia Tian Spiritual Force, even if he uses for day so long as will sleep fully will also restore. The goal that he such makes is for by the skilled hidden rest/breath, such later uses also to be handy.

! When Xia Tian pushes the bathroom door, his whole person has been shocked, the front presented a female, the light the female, on the shoulder of female has a long opening at this time, this opening has as if passed through her entire shoulder. When sees such scene, the first idea of Xia Tian was goes out. Ah! this is Earth.” Xia Tian used his shift topic big law directly, afterward he has not called discourteous time direct turn around to walk while the opposite party. Is you!” But at this moment, the opposite party started talking. Hears this sound time, Xia Tian has anchored the footsteps, this sound is very familiar, he a moment ago attention all in the opposite party upper body, therefore has not gone to look at the face of opposite party. „It is not right, this is my family, otherwise the password possibly is how same, my password is so difficult, 3838438, how possibly duplicated with others.” Xia Tian then responded that this was his family. In other words, the opposite party is an intruder. When he has turned the head, the opposite party has blocked from her body with the bathrobe. This time he sees the appearance of opposite party, the opposite party is not others, is Beijing versatile school beauty Ning Xiaoyu. Is you!” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. You how in this?” Ning Xiaoyu deeps frown looks at Xia Tian.

How I cannot in this, this is my family.” Saying of Xia Tian righteousness words. Your family?” Ning Xiaoyu also slightly stares, she does not have to think household of families unexpectedly that one intrude is the Xia Tian family, this was also too skillful. Naturally, this is my family.” Xia Tian very affirmative nod. I walk now.” Ning Xiaoyu said that wants to walk toward outside directly. Stops! The wound on your shoulder is tearing, if you do not want dead first do not move.” Xia Tian has stopped Ning Xiaoyu directly. Snort, even if I died have not needed you to feel sorry.” Ning Xiaoyu several times wants to challenge Xia Tian, but Xia Tian does not respond her, this made her bear a grudge Xia Tian, she was Beijing versatile school beauty. But Xia Tian unexpectedly such does not give her the face. By, actually you to have been annoyed what fellow, he came.” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, that person has not arrived, but the imposing manner arrived, Xia Tian can feel that Berserk imposing manner. This imposing manner was stronger than initial that Maoshan old ancestor's imposing manner, did not need to look that can also guess correctly the opposite party certainly was super Expert.