Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1273

That, the wall of Xia Tian pounded a pit a moment ago, but a Lei Feng unexpectedly matter did not have. At this time he is angry. His angry reason was not that had not caught the deicide a moment ago. But because, he was disregarded. His such Expert here, that should be the focal point is right, he can bring the fear and crisis to the opposite party, but Xia Tian gave to disregard him with deicide unexpectedly directly, as if did not have any pressure to be the same. How this Lei Feng can endure. Bang! At this moment, Lei Feng's body hit once more above the wall. You rubbish really many!” Xia Tian has put down own hand, he already nearly had locked a moment ago Lei Feng, therefore his one's old tricks heavy. Two. Xia Tian unexpectedly separated to empty Lei Feng to fling two. How is this possible?” The deicides know Lei Feng fierce, but Xia Tian unexpectedly separated hits to fly spatially Lei Feng two. This was also too inconceivable. She is person list first, Xia Tian is the person list second. Previous time she and Xia Tian fights, does not have the strength to hit back that Xia Tian hits, is this in a while, Xia Tian unexpectedly became such strong. Actually previous Xia Tian and deicide fight that distressedly are because on Xia Tian has the wound, very serious internal injury, therefore he will be hit by the deicide is so miserable, in addition he has not felt the murderous intention from the deicide. Therefore he has not burnt the compounded drug, has not used Unique Skill that these go all out. Solely puts together the body technique the words, Xia Tian truly is not the match of deicide. Lei Feng has stood the body, this time he planned to say first had the imposing manner words, then cut to kill Xia Tian directly, seized the deicide, he has thought for quite a while, finally has thought had the imposing manner words, after he deeply inspired, gains ground looks at Xia Tian that threw out the chest: „A move, in a move, I can strike to kill you.” After speaking these words, Lei Feng admire itself. He wishes one could to knock two to himself now, oneself had the talent, in he was also infatuated with when his talent, he felt that strength once more. Bang!

His body has made an intimate contact with the wall once more. How?” Xia Tian doubts looked that said to Lei Feng. Actually does your boy how sneak attack my?” Lei Feng has not worried to hit back, regarding him, kills front these two people simply is easy as pie, although they are the person lists first and second. But is these people of ten years of predecessor list now is not his match. Say nothing of now these people of person list, although they are the talents, but the talent is only the talent, is not true Expert. Who?” Xia Tian asked. You.” Lei Feng said. How?” Xia Tian asked. I said how you sneak attack my.” Lei Feng said again. Who?” . So starts once again, Lei Feng is finally impatient, when he just about to rushes, his body another feeling that strength, his body another and wall has made an intimate contact. Also looks at anything, runs.” After Xia Tian has drawn the deicide, downward jumps from window there directly. Meanwhile, his right hand flung [gold/metal] Dao, he treated as the string with [gold/metal] Dao, held the deicide directly, they fell to the ground steadily, Xia Tian does not dare to jump directly, was so high, words that jumped directly, no matter the qing gong were much high, the body definitely could not bear. They have not escaped far, Lei Feng pursued. Such runs away not to have the opportunity, his speed was too fast.” A deicide body revolution, the direct foot kicked to Lei Feng, her attack speed was fast . Moreover the angle was cunning, initially she used this Kungfu easily to defeat Xia Tian. Bang! A Lei Feng fist hit directly on the leg of deicide, the deicide whole person was curled to fly, deicide that defeated Xia Tian body technique unexpectedly by Lei Feng so neutralize easily. ! The Lei Feng two hand blades project directly. Inner Strength manifestation.

The opportunity that he fights is good, now the body of deicide in airborne, is unable to dodge these two hand blades. Whiz! Flickers the body technique! Puff! At this moment, Xia Tian appears in the front of deicide, his left hand is grasping the air/Qi mercury, afterward body, that two-level hand blade pasted the Xia Tian clothes to fly. Em? Hasn't hit?” A Lei Feng brow wrinkle, a hand blade departs once more. Bang! At this moment, the deicide fell to the ground, in instance that she falls to the ground, a foot kicked on Lei Feng's arm, her goal was Lei Feng's head, but was given finally actually by Lei Feng's arm, the counter-attack speed of deicide was quick, Xia Tian has to admire. Bang! The body of deicide was shaken again by Lei Feng. Disparity! Among them the disparity was really too big, although the body technique of deicide was mysterious . Moreover the opportunity of each time getting rid was unexpected, but disparity between he and Lei Feng was really too big. ! Also was two hand blades has cut. Air/Qi the mercury! Xia Tian staggers these two hand blades once more, but the deicide also simultaneously attacks. The Xia Tian right hand wields, the day cold sword appears in his hands. The day strikes unparalleled. More than ten cold light shot at Lei Feng, around them the converging attack, this Lei Feng had no place to go. Bang! At this moment, Lei Feng's double fist hit directly in the air, the day struck the unparalleled cold light directly shaken smashing, but the body of Xia Tian and deicide also backward flew upside down.

Death!” Lei Feng appears in the Xia Tian front instantaneously, afterward both hands grasp in the same place, pounds directly from top to bottom. Air/Qi the mercury! Xia Tian made one to borrow the strength instantaneously the air current in own under foot with the air/Qi mercury, afterward his body vanished in same place. Whiz! Flickers the body technique! Directly Xia Tian shunted Lei Feng this to kill struck. Narrow squeak!” Xia Tian, carries on the back is cold sweat, he has not thought that Lei Feng unexpectedly can be so strong, the flash, Xia Tian felt the death. Shunted.” A Lei Feng face strange looks at Xia Tian. You assign are really big.” The deicides arrive at the Xia Tian side to say. This fellow so will be how fierce.” Xia Tian asked that Lei Feng has not let off any big move from start to the present, but Xia Tian was actually hit by him did not have the strength to hit back. He was coming from the person in that place, strength natural.” The deicides said. That place?” Xia Tian does not understand what the deicide said is where. Bang! At this moment, Lei Feng fought with the fists once more in their front air, Xia Tian and deicide they were shaken to fly, this time was being shaken the instance that flew, on the arm and both legs of deicide presented one set of silver equipment maintenance. Afterward her foot trampled on the body of Xia Tian. Her borrows the strength has shunted Lei Feng strikes, but Xia Tian carries her foot to trample, shunts Lei Feng's another fist. You are willing finally the realistic skill.” Lei Feng looked that said to the deicide.