Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1274

The silver wrister and war boots appear especially bright in nighttime. So long as meets light becomes specially bright, Xia Tian understands that this material quality was not the silver, the silver is unable to shine absolutely. Lei Feng! Do not go too far.” The deicides look at Lei Feng to say angrily. „Do I go too far? You ran away also more than one year from the crevice prison, you should also go back, nobody can run away from the crevice prison, your procedure has made in the crevice prison in great confusion, therefore I must catch you.” Lei Feng right hand wields, a wolf's tooth club appears in his hands. High-order Spirit Tool. The wrister and war boots of deicide, Lei Feng's wolf's tooth club is high level Spirit Tool. „Do you dare?” The deicides looked at Xia Tian one to ask. Has what does not dare.” The Xia Tian right hand flings, the day cold sword appears in his hands. Invisible weapon.” The deicides looked to the right hand of Xia Tian, she was Earth Grade late stage Expert, can induce to the aura that on the day cold sword transmitted, moreover she also saw the right hand of Xia Tian grasped the posture of sword. Invisible cold attribute weapon, interesting.” Lei Feng shows a faint smile, afterward the wolf's tooth club in right hand wields gently. Kill! The deicides give a loud shout, afterward she and Xia Tian rushed directly. Whiz! Whiz! Flickers the body technique! The Xia Tian use flickers the body technique speed to be quick, but the time of a twinkling rushed to Lei Feng's front, but the deicide is also the same time appears, the flickering body technique of her movement speed unexpectedly and Xia Tian is similar. They are the fight experienced people, each other attack coordinates flawlessly, has blocked Lei Feng's blind spot directly. At this moment, Lei Feng's wolf's tooth club has brandished in the air, afterward the formidable fresh breeze they curled to fly Xia Tian directly.

However Xia Tian retreat at the same time fights with the fists. The deicides step on the fist of Xia Tian to rush once more! Bang! Lei Feng directly by deicide these kicks out 34 steps, the clothes of his arm place were also fired a bulk. Em?” A Lei Feng brow wrinkle, he transferred his footsteps afterward, a sprint arrived at the front wolf's tooth club of Xia Tian and deicide instantaneously pulls out directly on the arm of Xia Tian, these was really too quick, although Xia Tian also felt the crisis, but he without enough time had defended a moment ago radically, if were not the rapidness that he dodged, perhaps his arm directly pulled out a moment ago flies. On the arm has transmitted a feeling of tearing. „Before originally , the deicide was hit by this thing.” Xia Tian has stopped bleeding hurriedly, but the tearing feeling also quickly vanished, the blood of Xia Tian already occurred had changed, can counter-balance some negative conditions. He also used his blood help deicide to remove the tearing condition a moment ago. Lei Feng's Realm is quick, the wolf's tooth club in his hand also very sharp, he copes is also not special Martial Arts that Xia Tian and deicide use, but Xia Tian has been wounded, but the situation of deicide is not good, before her the arm had been injured, the present fight makes her wound bleed once more. The day strikes unparalleled! The Xia Tian right hand flings, more than ten cold light shot at Lei Feng directly, but the deicide was the same time instantaneously attacks, her backward somersault, a giant leg shade pounded afterward directly to Lei Feng. Lei Feng's attack neutral gear time that the deicides find. Lei Feng just wielded the wolf's tooth club in oneself hand the day of Xia Tian to strike unparalleled crushing, the deicide to his front, that giant leg shade directly has pounded on his body, silver war boots pounding maliciously above Lei Feng's shoulder. Bang! Lei Feng ground was stepped on directly crushes. Quite fierce.” Xia Tian has not thought that deicide unexpectedly can erupt the so terrifying strength. But he also gets rid, day cold sword direct thorn in hand to the pit of the stomach of Lei Feng's, so long as this hit, Lei Feng must die without doubt, the Xia Tian speed has drawn near inconceivable.

Bang! At this moment Lei Feng's within the body erupts a terrifying strength, this strength directly Xia Tian and deicide Beng Fei, but Lei Feng is also instantaneous the foot, directly has kicked Xia Tian and deicide. Puff! Puff! The mouth of Xia Tian and in deicide has spouted a blood, but on Lei Feng's shoulder has also bled, he has been injured, his unexpectedly has been injured, he by deicide that in kicking shoulder. The war boots of deicide are sharp, therefore his shoulder meets in the hand, but has saying that Lei Feng was really too abnormal, if the deicide that foot kicked a moment ago on the arm of Xia Tian, the arm of that Xia Tian will be cut off absolutely directly. Hateful, two ant unexpectedly made me be injured.” On Lei Feng's face presented the angry look, in his eyes Xia Tian and deicide are two ants, but his unexpectedly by two ants getting a cut. Has troubled, this fellow was angry.” Xia Tian depressed saying. Any people must die, he is just a formidable point person, will be injured, will bleed, the heart was penetrated will also die.” The deicides have completed the combat readiness once more. Now also can only hit.” Xia Tian has gotten hold of the day cold sword in oneself hand. The potentilla cryptottaeniae soars to the heavens. The wolf's tooth club in Lei Feng hand throws instantaneously, wolf's tooth club unexpectedly flies to the sky. Lying trough, was this gives up treating? The weapon threw.” Xia Tian saw the movement that Lei Feng says with emotion. „It is not good! Runs away!” The deicides shout one. Afterward they run away directly backward. Bang! Late! The wolf's tooth club rapidly drops at the inconceivable speed, pounded directly in Xia Tian their following grounds, a formidable strength raised above the waist of Xia Tian, he felt that his bone was cut off.

The deicides are more miserable. A blood spouts, her complexion immediately becomes pale, although the striking power of deicide is very strong, however her defense capability is very weak, her forms of combat attack, she thinks that the best defense attacks. Therefore when meeting Expert of same rank, nobody can block her swift and fierce offensive. Is but different in this time. At this time facing Expert of Lei Feng this rank, her attack no longer was that strong, because Lei Feng's attack was fiercer than her, defensive power also very fierce. Bang! Lei Feng arrives at the side of wolf's tooth club fast, the wolf's tooth club pounds directly once more. Xia Tian and deicide who just stood were patted to fly again, this deicide was stunned directly, but Xia Tian also once more spouts a blood from the mouth. Ends oppressively! Xia Tian and deicide these two person lists first and second person was given to be oppressive by Lei Feng directly. Disparity! This is disparity between they and Lei Feng. Bang! Lei Feng's wolf's tooth club strokes once more in the ground, the formidable strength has fired into Xia Tian again. Sufficed!” Xia Tian gave a loud shout, is mad the mercury directly shifting that strength, at the same time in his left hand presented a mask, he wore the mask directly on his face.