Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1275

Monster king mask! The Xia Tian flash wore monster king mask on the face, he knows now does not keep the strength time, facing Lei Feng such terrifying fellow, if did not use he biggest card in a hand, he must die without doubt. The monster king mask is his present biggest card in a hand. When Xia Tian puts on that moment of monster king mask, his within the body emerged a formidable spookiness, afterward his whole person imposing manner had the earth-shaking sweeping change. His appearance had the drastic change, the monster that as if turned into one take shape is the same. Monster king mask very overbearing. Although Xia Tian had not obtained its several days, was Xia Tian already Dai Guo two, and has burnt five years of life, the monster king mask puts on each time will burn one year of life. in addition he has burnt seven years of life, the person this for a lifetime, how many seven years there are? Now his third time has put on the mask, in other words he altogether reduced eight years of life now. The life is in this world the most mysterious strength. Em?” A Lei Feng's brow wrinkle, gets rid slightly afterward directly, the wolf's tooth club in his hand pounded directly to Xia Tian, the speed was fast, he to own these had the self-confidence, he believes that one these can give dozen of remnants Xia Tian absolutely. Monster king, Finger of Consonance. The left hand of Xia Tian double referred to selecting instantaneously, above he double referred to includes the huge might, this strength seemed includes the might of explosion to be ordinary, was the might of that nuclear explosion. Bang! Xia Tian double refers to hitting in together that moment with wolf's tooth club, Xia Tian clenches teeth. Burns five years of life. The flash erupts five years of life, these five years life turned into the most terrorist attack instantaneously, is only the flash, Lei Feng's body was curled to fly. Ka!

Sound of bone break. Puff! A blood spouts from Lei Feng's mouth, Xia Tian has not followed up a victory with hot pursuit, but clenched teeth, the deicide who afterward the right hand works on the ground, starts fast escaping. He does not dare to hit, he knows continues such to hit the words that oneself may not win, finally will only burn oneself all lives, after this war, Xia Tian reduced 13 years of life, in other words Xia Tian will live little for 13 years. His is true is fighting with the life. But Xia Tian also sighs with emotion the great strength of monster king mask, Lei Feng gives his feeling to be old ancestor Maoshan to be stronger, but Xia Tian unexpectedly hit to fly him a moment ago all of a sudden, and has spat blood greatly, the arm also broke. Thus it can be seen Xia Tian the move of might actually big. Run away! Xia Tian had not responded while Lei Feng the time of opens directly runs away. Lei Feng left hand draws the arm that will be cut off directly to join, afterward pursued, when he pursued a meeting, he suddenly discovered that Xia Tian disappears, he does not believe absolutely Xia Tian leads the stupor deicide to run away such quickly. But he truly could not see Xia Tian and deicide. Hateful, does this nearby have the dense [say / way]?” Lei Feng has gotten hold of his fist angry saying, he has not thought that because own temporary general idea unexpectedly has capsized in Yingouli, he not only has been injured, but also they were given to run away by Xia Tian. Too disgraced. He has thought one are in this world the strongest person, even if any China four big Expert possibly are not his match, regarding him, Xia Tian and deicide is two Freshman ants. He can still relaxed pinching die. However now he not only had been injured by the ant, but also person also by him with losing, this regarding him simply is the shame. No, he is impossible to run away is so quick, actually to be at where.” Lei Feng's angry shouting.

He nursed that gate, gate to that world, normal, he cannot get out of the way easily, but his above person orders him to come the deicide grasping, therefore he finds the time to come out. If some people enter that place while this time instead, his crime may be big. Snort, came out already for three days, must go back, this time calculated you to have good luck ever, but outside Heavenly Connection the hole must open immediately, when the time comes one and all solved you, outside Heavenly Connection the hole opened time, that place was close, when the time comes I did not need to nurse there, did not need to keep the strength, when the time comes my move can extinguish you.” Lei Feng leng snort, the body dodged to disappear in afterward same place. Doesn't Lei Feng have today fully? Naturally. He naturally did not have fully, his strength and that gate towed in together, that gate was opening time, he one-fifth strengths could not use, only if near that gate, he can be sufficient the compensation, when nearby the gate, his strength will even promote the several fold. Naturally, that gate has closed, he can also use the complete strength, only then, when outside Heavenly Connection the hole opens, that gate will be closing. Meanwhile. Hidden Sect deep place. Very secret existence. At this time seems the 40-year-old man stands in that gate front, this male appearance is good-looking, a white clothing, on the face has light Hu Cha, the hair half white, generally speaking, the person hair of this age is insufficient to be so white, is his hair is very white. On his face has written all over the trace of years. His skin is very white. The finger is slender, his index finger is long very strangely with the middle finger, seems like soft, but there are as if harder than the steel and iron, on his nose has scabs, this scabs are terrorist, as if the beforehand some people have cut off his neck were the same. He stands there, the whole person seems the immortal dust servant servant. Finally arrived here again, porter unexpectedly was not, has saved many troubles.” In his sound has felt the feeling of vicissitudes. Tread!

His directly stand forth. He one step goes out, as if entire world changes is the same, the immortal descends to earth. If some people, they certainly think here one saw the immortal descends to earth, because front the person really looked like an immortal, he walked with the immortal is exactly the same. Illusory. What he puts on is the boots, is not the shoes, the boots is the red color, does not match with his clothes very much, but seems does not make people think irritable. Tread! He trod once more forward one step. These step goes out, seemed others walks ten steps to be the same. Shrinks to become Cun. In Kungfu in this legend, the immortal Kungfu of meeting, in front of him that gate to a mysterious world, the name of that world is called Hidden Sect, reason that in calling Hidden Sect is because its entrance in Hidden Sect. Regulations there is another world. A Expert world able to move unhindered. I, I look for you now.” In that person of vision has filled firmly, afterward he has lifted the right hand, stretched out two fingers, direct on the defense light screen before that gate. bo! The defense light screen broke.