Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1276

After departure, the position that he stood a moment ago presented two person's shadows less than half meter place. Shouted!” Xia Tian big mouth is panting for breath air. A moment ago was really too dangerous, if were not he has used the technique of first deep meaning hidden rest/breath techniques eight Qi, they died, he also thinks a moment ago Lei Feng discovered him, because distance between they and Lei Feng was really too near, half meter, so long as Lei Feng stepped onto casually one step, that can hit them. After all hidden rest/breath technique was only semblance stealth, regulations body there. At this time after Xia Tian, carries on the back is cold sweat, a moment ago that was really too thrilling, almost, Lei Feng discovered him, if Lei Feng discovered them, that Xia Tian they absolutely could not escape. It seems like he walked, this time should be escaped.” Xia Tian looks at already stupor past deicide one eyes, afterward runs directly to his residence, what this time he walks is the front door, frank and upright walking, because here is his family. After going home, he helped deicide process the wound, then has wrapped the wound for oneself, afterward lay on the bed directly opens rests, next morning he wakes up, the deicide has disappeared. Obviously the deicide is walks. Really is, in any case I also rescued your life, unexpectedly have thanked repeatedly do not have.” Saying that Xia Tian is not feeling well. Five days! Xia Tian looked at choosing an auspicious day, the time was up, he has taken a bath, then tidies up, rushes to Jiang Hai City directly, today he must return to Jiang Hai City, time only remaining five days that because outside Heavenly Connection the hole opens. He must go back to arrange, then goes to outside Heavenly Connection with his master Yin Nie directly the hole. This time his prepared unusual was full, he has wanted to break through Earth Grade his strength, but he cannot achieve, he felt that his Realm there has a thick strength to prevent, keeping him from breaking through.

If I can break through Earth Grade, actually my strength will turn into what?” Xia Tian also anticipated own strength breakthrough appearance. Now he is only Profound Grade greatly complete Realm, but he bumps into Earth Grade late stage Expert also to deal with ease, so long as is not deicide that abnormal Earth Grade late stage Expert, he is almost invincible in Earth Grade late stage this Realm. However he does not certainly think one can carry on the war with Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. Earth Grade is greatly complete with Earth Grade late stage, although listens only to miss a rank, but the strength disparity is actually the day badly leaves, the Earth Grade greatly complete person can be called strongest a group of people in the world. But the Earth Grade late stage person can only be considered as is the class of protector. Was a pity that my compounded drug with not having, otherwise my assurance was bigger.” After Xia Tian returned to Jiang Hai City, he has not made anybody meet him, all did not call in all people his courtyard in the past. His brothers, his lover, his friend. At this time these people stand in the different positions, what stands near the Xia Tian left hand is the Xia Tian woman and female friend, stands in the middle these people are the Xia Tian little brothers, stands these people right Xia Tian is Earth Grade above Expert. Tonight master will come, early tomorrow morning us, after this time I leave, Jiang Hai City gave you, I hope that your here all people will all not receive any injury, waited for me to come back.” The Xia Tian vision 11 has swept in these people. Looks at front these people, Xia Tian sighs with emotion own life. Several months ago, his for the pauper who 1,000-2,000 work everywhere, is now his rich and powerful people of wealth in compared with these rankings is all rich, moreover he had these many female friends. Also so many brothers.

The scene does not have any person to speak. If I cannot live coming back, that manages Xia Group by Xu and you, I hope that you can listen to Xu, naturally, if Brother Xiaoma came back, I also hope that everybody like is treats me treatment Brother Xiaoma.” The Xia Tian vision looked to the surrounding these people. Hears the Xia Tian words, surroundings these people clenched teeth, have gotten hold of their fist. Xia Tian has been protecting them, making them have the formidable strength, helping them have the auspicious day, but they actually busily cannot add on now, they hate their strength to be weak. Xia Tian never requests them strongly. However person each cultivation of Xia Family armed forces gets up like breaknecking, because of this, therefore afterward the Xia Family armed forces will become in this world the true patron god. Made the people envy the worship, existence that the enemy was panic at the news. It called the peacock the plume, usually had the use limit, after having used one time, probably one week will restore, use time, in your mind only needed to think attacked any person, did not attack any person to be good, its might was powerful, did not arrive at the critical moment do not use.” Xia Tian has given Xu the peacock plume. Afterward, he also has put out other Spirit Tool, 11 has given to several females, gold thread soft armor and [gold/metal] silkworm glove had also been picked by him, Xia Tian this going, has prepared death. He has only carried off several types of things, the day cold sword, [gold/metal] Dao, the monster king mask, nine revolutions of universe cauldrons, the techniques of eight Qi. The super refiner technique strikes the technique with day, non- character book from heaven Xia Tian same did not have the belt. He has apportioned several females these types of things, several female strengths are not strong, strength strongest is Yun Miao and Lin Bingbing, but their two now also merely are Profound Grade greatly is complete.

White reluctant to part, Zeng Ruo, the Ye Qingxue three people of strengths are also only Profound Grade Initial Stage. Xu and fire old strength also promoted the Profound Grade intermediate stage, reason that their strengths promotion such quickly was because Xia Tian gave their compounded drug, Xia Tian specially to the medicinal bath that they modulated wait / etc.. Naturally, but also is related with their cultivation merit method. Little Fei and Fan Jin their several also arrived at the Profound Grade greatly complete strength, but other Xia Family armed forces strengths are also uniform Profound Grade, had Xia Tian to their compounded drug and cultivation method. Their cultivation speed is fast. At this time Xia Tian under had several hundred Profound Grade Expert, such influence compares not to be bad with Hidden Sect, moreover his here also has more than ten Earth Grade Expert. Han Zifeng, steals the day they to want with Xia Tian to participate outside this time Heavenly Connection together the hole. They understand that Xia Tian then must announce actually he will lead any person to go to outside Heavenly Connection the hole. The Xia Tian vision took a fast look around in the surrounding these people: This time with the person who I go is.”