Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1277

„The Fire Cloud evil god leaves ranks!” Xia Tian looks to the Fire Cloud evil god. In!” The Fire Cloud evil god walked. Was ready that died?” Xia Tian very serious looks at the Fire Cloud evil god. Em!” The Fire Cloud evil god nodded, enters outside Heavenly Connection the hole is his dream, moreover he must enter the Heavenly Connection Neidong, enters the qualifications of Heavenly Connection Neidong is to have Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll. Initially he just with Xia Tian time, for Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll that quota. Afterward he was subdued by Xia Tian, thinks that the affection discussed will not have made him go to outside Heavenly Connection the hole, but Xia Tian unexpectedly has given his opportunity now, in other words Xia Tian has not made an indiscreet remark. Must know that enters the quota of Heavenly Connection Neidong is very precious. He is the Xia Tian little brother, Xia Tian can definitely not give him now this quota, when the time comes Xia Tian enters outside Heavenly Connection the hole to seek for in these world topest Expert to use for him. Some Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll in hand, even if these Earth Grade greatly complete Expert can also flatter his. When the time comes Xia Tian can look for several Earth Grade greatly complete Expert cooperation greatly. But Xia Tian unexpectedly observes the commitment, making him together. His from the heart thanked Xia Tian. Great General!” Xia Tian turns the head to look to the Great General, now Great General the corpse air/Qi on body was heavier, his strength also became stronger, but still did not have the wisdom, Xia Tian this time raised the general to go, to let the Great General had a more formidable strength, if can open the spirit wisdom to be better. Was good, gets down!” Xia Tian looked at around these people to say. They are the Xia Tian most intimate person, Xia Tian can their, has all given them, has good compounded drug in others there, the good rare book, the good weapon, that will be Earth Grade Expert will be proud, will be with Xia Tian these people, everyone good weapons, Spirit Tool and false Spirit Tool quantity also will be very many. Sorry!” Xia Tian saw several females to sigh.

Several females feel the sentiment of that apology Xia Tian has transmitted, Xia Tian that they usually see is optimistic open, but today Xia Tian unexpectedly such serious apologized with them, thus it can be seen this time matter dangerous. Can with you in the same place, be my this whole life biggest happiness.” Worship of Bing Xin to Xia Tian has surmounted all, in her opinion, can with Xia Tian in together that be she proud matter for a lifetime. Her only regret is Xia Tian has not bumped her, she cannot live the monkey to Xia Tian. Thank you!” Bai Yiyi lowered the head, she is not good at expressing, the matter that but Xia Tian does for her was really too many. I remain a widow for you for a lifetime.” Lin Bingbing does not move , then by, once has moved, that absolutely will not change, this is the Lin Bingbing disposition, her these words have also represented her determination. Xia Tian for she almost dies has returned, now Xia Tian wound stays behind for her. She thinks before own this whole life is impossible to like a person, had met Xia Tian until afterward her. ! Eight silver needles in Xia Tian hand shot on the body of Lin Bingbing, afterward he used the air/Qi mercury to be Lin Bingbing diverged quantity of heat, before Xia Tian wanted to treat the Lin Bingbing sickness to make her take off all clothes, but does not use now, because he already angry mercury. Being mad the mercury can diverge Lin Bingbing quantity of heat. Before Lin Bingbing sickness Xia Tian, treats to grasp not in a big way, but currently he has grasped fully, tomorrow he must go to outside Heavenly Connection the hole, he cannot guarantee can actually one live coming back. Therefore he cured the Lin Bingbing sickness directly. I am in the world the happiest woman, you also harnessed seven color Xiangyun to win me, completed my this whole life biggest dream, you snatched from Hidden Sect me at that moment, I was the Xia Family wife, one day was the Xia Family wife, for a lifetime was the Xia Family wife.” The dream of Yun Miao is his man can harness seven color Xiangyun to get married her. Her dream has been realized. Ye Qingxue looked at Xia Tian, has not spoken, because she thinks that she is Xia Tian older female cousin, although oneself also very much want to say that words that their several spoke, but she thinks own not that qualifications.

At this moment her the heart is very painful, she understands that today leaves, she likely for a lifetime could not see Xia Tian, the qualifications that but her unexpectedly spoke mind continually did not have. Ye Qingxue is not Xia Tian own older female cousin, this point Xia Tian knows, but Ye Qingxue does not know. Reason that Xia Tian did not tell Ye Qingxue was worried one have harmed a person. Outside this time Heavenly Connection hole opening. His master Yin Nie cannot guarantee one are living coming out, that say nothing of Xia Tian. Usually Earth Grade greatly complete Expert in the world is strongest a group of people, they reach the limit besides the life, was impossible to present the death, was the hole outside Heavenly Connection is different. Regardless of anybody might present death. Xia Tian has not gone to look at his older female cousin, he feared that he will reveal the expression that does not abandon, by his older female cousin discovery. Goes back.” Xia Tian does not like distinguishing, especially now the scene of this distinction, he does not want these to be worried for him that the night falls, Xia Tian, Great General, the Fire Cloud evil god their three sits there drinks. Whiz! The person's shadow appears in they three front together. Yin Nie! Was Xia Tian master Yin Nie comes. Master!” Xia Tian stands to bow. Em! Prepared for?” Yin Nie asked.

Master, isn't goes all out? A person on a life, who dares to move me and my family member, I go all out with him.” Some Xia Tian most intolerable people move his family member and friend. His time goes to outside Heavenly Connection hole is not becomes a fugitive, but is slaughters, kills these with him for the person of enemy, he must these to know that his great strength, making them not dare to move oneself person. But these mortal enemies, must kill. Jiang Tianshu that group of people. Quicksand person. This is two groups of people who needs him to go all out, he did not die with these two groups of people continuous, Xia Tian does not kill them, they will kill Xia Tian, moreover in the Jiang Tianshu very ruthless method, Xia Tian person will all meet with a disaster. Therefore Xia Tian number one goal is Jiang Tianshu. Although Quicksand Wei Guang must kill Xia Tian, but he has his morality and justice, he will not begin to Xia Tian person. Qi Huan is closing up, after he outside Heavenly Connection the hole will open several days later, will come back.” Yin Nie said. Should with enough time.” Xia Tian nodded, he knows that Yu He was preparing to cope with Jiang Hai City in secret, therefore he must be ready. Naturally with enough time.” At this moment two forms appear in not far away.