Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1278
I also think that you will not come.” Xia Tian saw that two people time said. I how possibly.” Person who Zhuge Wanglang and Hongwu comes! Hongwu now obviously became the Zhuge Wanglang personal report form, looked like in Hongwu, oneself had the formidable strength, was joined to Zhuge Wanglang wisdom again, they simply were the unmatcheds in the world. What in the hand of Hongwu took was the blood drinks the crazy blade. What mistake won't have?” What Xia Tian finger is the plan of Yu He. I should doing has completed, then looked your.” Zhuge Wanglang said. My?” Xia Tian doubts looks to Zhuge Wanglang. Naturally was looks your, if you died, all that I made were not studious, you could not preserve Jiang Hai City these people, they must become a fugitive for a lifetime.” Zhuge Wanglang said. „!” Xia Tian nodded. Both armies battle, what is main looks at the commander in chief, if the commander in chief died, that is the will of the people are defeated and dispersed surely, moreover Xia Tian one but actually, these will help the Xia Tian person not get rid again. This time perhaps was blustery, black bat mountain there present gathered several thousand Expert, many countries did not have the entrance, person who nearby China these did not have the entrance also rushed to the black bat mountain.” Zhuge Wanglang said. Black bat mountain? Where is that?” Asking of Xia Tian doubts. In hills, above is infertile, everywhere is the black bats, these bat hemophagias, if will have slightly may die in the mouths of these bats carelessly.” Zhuge Wanglang said. Outside Heavenly Connection in the hole everywhere fills the crisis, once entered there no longer is this world, inside had the poisonous insect, the monster beast, with all kinds of potential dangers, even if will be Earth Grade greatly complete Expert steps on to a poisonous insect will directly also die.” Yin Nie said. Any poisonous insect, toxic unexpectedly is so strong.” Xia Tian surprised saying, must know that Earth Grade greatly complete Expert has Inner Strength to protect the body, even if drank the white arsenic not necessarily dead, but unexpectedly will step on a poisonous insect dead.

Does not know that nobody knows actually to have any thing, actually also will not know in that to present anything, in brief in all will want possibly the human life.” Yin Nie said. Meanwhile. Across the world starts to be turbulent. „Did old elderly fisherman, you prepare?” Northern Army looks at Eastern Man to ask. „My age, but also fears death?” Eastern Man shows a faint smile. Also right, we lived these many years, was under cost price, we were called China four big Expert in this world, who knows our hearts? For a lifetime my four years old of study military, wants to pursue is Martial Arts to high Realm, but our Realm halted now, moreover clear(ly) knows that had that world we actually unable to go, was really the suffering.” Northern Army sighed to say. Words that such gets down again, we really must turn into the old fogy, finally has the opportunity, we did not have that impulse.” Eastern Man said. Can break through looks at this time.” Northern Army firm saying. In Quicksand. If several of us cannot live coming back, that Quicksand is commanded by Bai Yu.” Wei Guang light saying. The words that he said that did not discuss, but was the order. The person who this Quicksand gets rid has Wei Guang, the old man, the (spear|gun) god, sur- five dark Wei Hechen is blue. These person of each are Expert in Expert, only then Chen azure is figure of new generation, reason that Wei Guang leads him to go is because he success was fascinated, has the ability of self-preservation. Moreover this is also Chen azure own request.

Was right, you send for coordinating the motion of Yu He, Bai Yu to participate.” Wei Guang said. In Maoshan. „After this time our four, you send for coordinating the motion of Yu He.” The Maoshan old ancestors order to say. Meanwhile, some from all over the world people spoke these words. In Hidden Sect. Jiang Shao, arranged, the Hidden Sect 80% people decided to dispatch troops.” Yu He said. Good.” Jiang Tianshu excited saying: Xia Tian, my this time looked how you die, I must make you bring ruin and shame upon oneself, I must make you know that own all family member friends died to be helpless.” Jiang Shao, we should also.” Yu He said. Em, we, Mr. Thunder two days have gone first.” Jiang Tianshu said. Jiang Shao, I can do these, remaining depended on you.” Yu He said. Em, I now am the bodies of ten thousand toxin, outside the poisonous insect in hole with Heavenly Connection takes the actor's opening words, therefore after entering inside, I will not be poisoned, there wild animal also because on me familiar aura, but does not attack me, therefore I almost am open access in, in addition the Heavenly Connection fragment in my hand, I certainly can enter the Heavenly Connection Neidong, in Neidong has filled the endless buried treasure, my this time goal is a top merit law, naturally, if can obtain several super Spirit Tool, that on was better.” Jiang Tianshu said: When the time comes soon, I can become in this world the strongest person, others enter that place to need the collection uneven Azure Dragon white tiger rosefinch Black Tortoise four treasures, but I do not need.” Jiang Shao, I naturally believe you.” Yu He said. Soldier master, Black Gown, you favors Yu He to me, does not permit anybody to injure him, yes?” Jiang Tianshu very serious saying. Yes, Jiang Shao!” The soldier master and Black Gown said.

Before this time soldier master no longer is that soldier master, his body seemed hit the hormone to be the same, compared with beforehand strong several times, but Black Gown is also becomes a gloomier terrifying. At this time various countries' big influence also moved. Outside Heavenly Connection hole. Is attractive to the world. Next morning, the Xia Tian their group six people directly, the goal is the black bat mountain, the black bat mountain will be situated in the hills, the average person will not go to that place, because there road will be very difficult to walk. After Xia Tian they have alit from the airplane, has gone by car and done for 45 hours, afterward arrives at the hills region, when they come here, discovered that few people's hills region had the strange person to appear and disappear at this time. And has the foreigner. The strengths of these people are various, any rank has, the Yellow Grade Initial Stage people have. Person who they also surmise dream, a dream of night of strengthen. Some also 35 tie the group to come, they had heard after some people come here , after picking casually a thing went back, is the strength increases, even some people jumped directly from Yellow Grade Profound Grade. Front killed people.” At this moment some people shout. Some such quick unexpectedly people hit.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward is direct stand forth.