Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1280

Em? It is not hidden weapon, is the fruit.” Xia Tian just about to hides the past time, after the discovery is the fruit, the Xia Tian right hand grasps, grasped the fruit in the hand, afterward he looked to the front. The monkey, is a monkey, to him a moment ago the one who threw the fruit is a monkey. „The fruit speed and strength unexpectedly that a monkey throws are so big.” Xia Tian surprised looks at that monkey, the speed of this fruit did not compare the speed that ordinary Earth Grade Expert throws to be slow a moment ago. In other words, in front of Xia Tian the strength of the monkey does not compare a Earth Grade Expert difference. My little darling, is the present monkey so fierce?” Xia Tian surprised looks at front that monkey, he is not strange human cultivation to Earth Grade, but monkey cultivation to Earth Grade he thought that felt strange. „It is not right, the monkey does not understand Qi after eight [lineage/vein], gives them the rare book, they are unable cultivation, in other words, it certainly to take any panacea.” Xia Tian thinks of here at present immediately one brightly. Treasure that he most likes, especially day material treasure. Can turn into the Earth Grade Expert treasure like this type a monkey, Xia Tian naturally anticipates. ! The monkey threw a fruit, the speed was still that quick, Xia Tian this time has not moved, but with the air vent mercury , the fruit passed through from his side directly, saw such situation. The monkey escapes directly, the wisdom of monkey is very high, is only lower than humanity, as soon as it looked one two have not hit Xia Tian, knows that Xia Tian is not affable. „To run away?” Xia Tian followed directly. The speed of monkey is quick. Xia Tian Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step full, Xia Tian pursued directly, Xia Tian on the ground, the monkey on the tree, the speed of monkey is quick, monkey speed quickly to inconceivable. Hateful, so to be how quick.” Xia Tian Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step full cannot overtake this monkey, thus it can be seen the speed of monkey actually quick. Xia Tian carefully looked that discovered the escaping way of monkey is a little special, it does not think that ordinary monkey such, but was more like has used some movement. Monkey does unexpectedly also meet the movement? How is this possible?” Xia Tian both hands make an effort to pinch in the wrist|skill, carrying a heavy load in wrist|skill casts off directly, his body in the airborne tuck dive, carrying a heavy load on ankle also had been picked afterward by him. This movement forms a coherent whole. Moreover has not delayed the speed that he goes forward. Quick! The Xia Tian speed has promoted one time instantaneously, distance between he and monkey also became nearer, saw that Xia Tian must hold this monkey, the monkey suddenly became anxious, afterward revolution of its tail on the tree, the body flew directly, distance between he and Xia Tian once more by move back.

shit, this is also good.” Xia Tian has not thought that monkey unexpectedly also has such one. Whiz! A Xia Tian body tuck dive, pursued once more, the road that the monkey selects is getting more and more difficult to walk, what it walks is the tree, what Xia Tian walks is the road. Plays this set with me, I can also on set up.” The right foot of Xia Tian makes an effort a step on on the bough. Rub! Xia Tian pursued once more. ! When Xia Tian must overtake that monkey immediately, the monkey leapt falls above the ground directly. Runs, how not to run.” Xia Tian saw that the monkey does not run, jumped the side of monkey directly. But at this moment, his whole person directly in same place: Lying trough, cannot.” Monkey! Xia Tian saw monkey all over, several hundred? No, over a thousand? Also is not, was several thousand monkeys, Xia Tian arrives in the monkey nest to be the same simply, here monkey quantity was innumerable! ! In the flash of Xia Tian god, over a hundred fruits flew to Xia Tian, the speeds of these fruits were quick. Air/Qi the mercury! Xia Tian has gotten hold of the air/Qi mercury, these fruits all transformed the direction side Xia Tian, finally fell on the ground. My little darling, was I arrive at Mt. Huaguo?” The first feeling of Xia Tian was arrived at the domain of monkey king, because here everywhere was the monkey . Moreover the strengths of these monkeys were very strong, the strength was very big. Xia Tian footsteps one steady! Whiz! Flickered the body technique, the body of Xia Tian vanishes in directly same place, he has not run away, but flushed away to inside, although here had these many terrifying monkeys, but he was not afraid, in the riches and honor danger asked that when he saw these many monkeys, he was more definite certainly to come to the place.

The strengths of these many monkeys so are big. The reason has one. That is here certainly has any day of material treasure. Otherwise these monkey impossible each strength such formidable. Bang! Bang! The Xia Tian surrounding ground starts to crush, these monkeys launched the attack, their speeds are quick, the strength is very big, each attack can have the destruction to the surrounding all, Xia Tian does not dare with these fellows to the war. How even if his strength is strong, is impossible to win these many monkeys. He must do runs away! Speed very quick that runs away. Meanwhile, is eating the barbecue several people. Boss went to be so long, isn't will have an accident?” Saying that the Fire Cloud evil god worries about. You are waiting here, I had a look with Hongwu, if before dawn our two have not come back, we in black bat mountain set.” Zhuge Wanglang said. Good!” The Fire Cloud evil god nodded. Hongwu, worked.” Zhuge Wanglang has patted the shoulder of Hongwu. Was eating rabbit meat Yin Nie as if to induce anything, he has put down meat light saying in oneself hand: My something must process, black bat mountain set.” Whiz! The Yin Nie words said that his whole person disappeared in same place, his speed was quick, he flushed away in a direction, but his front has a shadow, the shadow speed was also quick. Yin Nie pursues is this person. Can look in the so relaxed person who under chase of Yin Nie can also run away is not ordinary figure. The shadow speed is getting more and more fast.

The Yin Nie right hand has pulled out the Red Abyss sword directly. ! The sword flew directly, but the body of Yin Nie also directly stepped in the sword blade. Bang! The sword has blocked the shadow directly. Hundred imperial swords, worthily are first under Heaven Swordsman, really extraordinary.” The shadow said. Idle talk little said that begins.” Saying of Yin Nie coldly. Another. Sir, which do we go to look for Xia Tian?” Hongwu asked. Looks for anything to look, Xia Tian will not have the matter, if has not entered outside Heavenly Connection the hole he to have an accident, he was not Xia Tian.” Zhuge Wanglang said. Why our two do go?” Hongwu asked. Good blade you to have, but your strength is insufficient, I go to make a good thing to you.” Zhuge Wanglang said. Meanwhile. Xia Tian intruded in a cave. Bang! These monkeys also pursued the cave entrance.