Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1283

The corrupt wolf vision looks at to person Great General and Fire Cloud evil god. Because the Great General visited him a moment ago. The Great General had not answered, because the Great General will not speak. Saw that the Great General did not speak, the brow of corrupt wolf a wrinkle, he felt immediately the Great General was very strange, saw the Great General here imposing manner of corrupt wolf, surroundings these people have prepared watching the fun. They may be had heard the reputation of corrupt wolf, corrupt wolf most repugnant is the arm that others visit him to be cut off. But now Great General not only looked. Moreover probably also stares was looking, although everybody cannot see the eyes of Great General, but follows that direction of Great General, looks should be the corrupt wolf. „Are you are speaking to him?” Fire Cloud evil god corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. Nonsense.” Corrupt wolf recent temperament is not good, the anger is also big, because he thinks that he had the act high and mighty strength and capital, therefore he does not pay attention to anybody, in his eyes , he so long as does not provoke the old fogies in these fables, that here nobody can defeat him. Young people one generation, he only pays attention to Xia Tian and Chen azure, deicide who naturally, that had not met, besides their several, so long as does not bump into Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, he is invincible. Even if bumps into Xia Tian Chen azure and so on person, so long as he careful point faces does not have any issue. He is self-confident to his present Realm. Great General, he wants to fight one with you probably.” The Fire Cloud evil god shows a faint smile, he knows the fierce place of Great General, even if Xia Tian must be able to cope with the Great General with the special technique. Moreover after the tour of Maoshan, the strength of Great General had the tremendous changes. Bang! Although the Great General will not speak, the simple words that but the familiar person spoke he can understand, his both feet makes an effort to step on the ground, afterward the ground starts to present the fissure. Avalanche! The Great General surrounding ground of starts the avalanche.

Attract! All people have all held breath cold air, all people all surprisedly look to the Great General, they understand that now originally this has hidden person unexpectedly under Black Gown is Expert. The of Great General sufficiently made all people shock, such formidable might must need big Inner Strength to achieve. The corrupt wolf also slightly stares. Really is the water shallow tortoise are many, everywhere is the big brother.” Saying that the Fire Cloud evil god disdains, although they moved separatedly, but he and Great General combination is no one dares to annoy. You court death!” The corrupt wolf heard the words of Fire Cloud evil god, the anger comes up immediately. In the recent several days he has trained self-confidently, the self-confidence of full house. The luck of corrupt wolf is goes against heaven's will, but corrupt wolf person was extremely conceited, he cannot clear regards own strength, this is also he several times meets the reason of successive defeats in Xia Tian. Like the present, he recently began to go smoothly everywhere, this let him to own confidence full house. But senior general khaki cloth? The Great General does not have the body of dying, besides the [gold/metal] blade and meteor tears, the Great General almost does not have any weakness, before going to the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, the Great General can contend with Earth Grade late stage Expert directly. In the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, the Great General obtained the Witchcraft Sect corpse air/Qi. The strength strives once more. Corrupt wolf!” At this moment, drinks from the rear area greatly transmits. Hears this drinks greatly, the corrupt wolf turns head: Chen azure!” That person Chen azure of frontline propaganda, the corrupt wolf has battled with Chen azure a time, he knows that the Chen azure fascinated matter, previous time he discovered after this point, has not continued to battle with Chen azure. Because he thinks that is wasting the time.

Defeated.” Saying of Chen azure coldly. Snort, Chen azure, previous time our two have not decided the victory and defeat, discussed any defeated.” Saying that the corrupt wolf is not feeling well. That again hit one time to be good.” Chen azure said. Hits hits, happen to I newly comprehended one move, takes you to try to incur.” The corrupt wolf since previous time fights after Chen azure, he in trying to find the solution copes with Chen azure, before he no longer is that corrupt wolf. Sees Chen azure indifference and indifference each time, the corrupt wolf can remember Xia Tian, therefore the corrupt wolf planned that Chen azure regarded is second Xia Tian. He most hates is Xia Tian, now Chen azure was the person who his second hated. Kill! Great sword in Chen azure right hand pounded directly to the corrupt wolf, very quick, although his sword was very big, but this did not affect his speed, saw that this sword punctured the front of corrupt wolf. At this moment the body of corrupt wolf as if turned into the fog, unexpectedly has twined the great sword to put on directly to Chen azure. Cloud penetration swordsmanship. This was the corrupt wolf just the skill of society, although he learned was only the superficial knowledge of cloud penetration swordsmanship, but cloud penetration swordsmanship but was broad and profound, therefore was the superficial knowledge also enough has coped with ordinary Expert. ! The cloud penetration sword pierced Chen azure shoulder directly. This is only one round fights, Chen azure fell leeward, outflow that at this time his blood on shoulder keeps, at the same time, Chen azure both eyes instantaneously become blood red, afterward the great sword in his hand patted directly on the body of corrupt wolf. Bang! The corrupt wolf to pull out the cloud penetration sword, has suffered Chen azure this stiffly, his entire body was flown by Chen Qingza directly. Hateful, is this move.” The corrupt wolf has criticized one, previous time fights, he hitting one was caught off guard by Chen Qing's move, this unexpectedly incurred.

But at this moment giant sword air/Qi directly pounded to him. Whiz! The corrupt wolf foot steps on cloud penetration Movement Technique, has shunted this together sword air/Qi directly, but he hides very distressed, finally rolled one to hide to set forth the blue sword on the ground. Kill! In Chen azure mouth put out one to kill the character, afterward the great sword in Chen azure hand pounded directly to the corrupt wolf. On this sword braves blood light. Mammoth. Cloud penetration swordsmanship first! This first type in the small unique skill of cloud penetration swordsmanship earlier period. Entire body unexpectedly of corrupt wolf fluttered directly, afterward he and sword melt for a body, has fired into opposite Chen azure. Chen azure is also a sword punctures. The sword apex of sword point and cloud penetration sword of great sword in one, at this moment, on cloud penetration sword sudden thrust augmentation, corrupt wolf to own these is self-confident, because previous time he throws off Chen azure with this type. Bang! After sword sharp relative, Chen azure retreat three steps, but had not actually been raised flies. Your unexpectedly stiffened.” A corrupt wolf brow wrinkle, he has thought after one have stiffened, can solve Chen azure with ease, but he has not thought that Chen azure unexpectedly also stiffened. Corrupt wolf, your this skill?” At this moment Chen azure unexpectedly started talking, his unexpectedly spoke in the fascinated situation under shed, this simply was too inconceivable.