Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1284

Has saying that Chen azure truly is the great talent, the talent in talent. Especially on fascinated this road. Normal, even if the success were fascinated, will unable to distinguish friend and foe, only then the fairyhood is stronger, the strength will be stronger, but Chen azure unexpectedly can speak, this represented him to have own reason. Moreover unexpectedly under this condition can also the strength promote. Thus it can be seen, Chen azure on this road is the King who deserves, after he is fascinated, not only not by demon air/Qi control, even has also controlled the demon air/Qi. The person who now periphery watches the fun were getting more and more. Even also presented some Expert, Earth Grade Expert could not be regarded here any big figure, the Earth Grade intermediate stage, Earth Grade late stage Expert also had, even in the crowd was also mixing several Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. In their eyes. Two who at this time fought are super Expert. Their fights all very splendid, the fight of this rank is usually difficult to see, moreover in which person or the person list third corrupt wolf, ominous spreads over the corrupt wolf in hills. The corrupt wolf had injured many people recently for these days, therefore outside many people were also chatting him, this, the reputation of corrupt wolf was getting more and more resounding. Chen azure, tries my then this move.” The corrupt wolf right hand flings, pursues Yun sword to attack instantaneously, his speed is quick, when all people are surprised this sword to be too quick. The corrupt wolf loosened the hand suddenly. Pursued Yun sword to fly directly. Has been separated from pursuing Yun sword of corrupt wolf, has exuded the sword whining noise, probably was the sword blade edge cuts open the air to be the same.

Quick! The sword of corrupt wolf must pierce Chen azure body shortly. ! At this moment Chen azure body as if turned into the blood fog, his body unexpectedly like this vanished in same place, when he appeared again, the great sword in hand has pounded directly from top to bottom. The right hand of corrupt wolf wielded, pursuing Yun sword who flew returned to his hand directly, afterward his body one soft, the flying sword shot once more backward. Bang! Pursued Yun sword direct above the great sword in Chen azure hand. Chen azure retreat three steps have stood firm their body. Quite fierce, their unexpectedly so is strong, too extraordinary, I, if can have them that strongly to be good.” Corrupt wolf is quite fierce, worthily is the person list third, is the person but who that fights with him actually who? The age seems is not very big, but why doesn't have on the person list? Normal, in the person list by his strength should not have what difficulty is right.” „The world is really the crouching tiger , hidden dragon, they are so young, the strength has been able to achieve this Realm, perhaps these Earth Grade late stage old monsters are not they match.” Surroundings these people whoop. They have not seen such splendid fight, both sides of fight all are the talents in talent, leading figure in young one generation, they probably were past Xia Tianlong are the same with Yin Nie. Can illuminate super Expert of new generation.

The person who their strength on the scene watches fight is also the nod feeling of keeping. That several Earth Grade greatly complete people who in the crowd hides, thinks that these two people certainly will become youth one generation of leading figure. The Chen Qinghe corrupt wolf fought once more in one. At this moment, one line of eight people appear here, sees these eight people time, surrounding person all retreat cannot help but several steps, because the clothes of these people they knew. Quicksand! These eight people are the Quicksand people, moreover is that person of head can look from the imposing manner, he is not others, is Quicksand Chief Wei Guang, he behind separately is two vice- leaders, sur- Quicksand five dark health/guard. The strengths of these eight people all are very formidable. Sees these eight people of arrivals, the complexion of corrupt wolf immediately changes, he naturally knows that Chen azure status, the Quicksand Wei Guang disciple, now Wei Guang and Quicksand Expert arrived, he suffers a loss very much. Snort, do not look around, this is between I and you fight, will not have anybody to meddle.” Chen Qingleng snort, he has as if seen through the thoughts of corrupt wolf to be the same. Chen azure, do not think that you were many I to fear you.” The corrupt wolf does not believe that Xia Tian words, his manner is extremely arrogant, but is the natural disposition is also oversuspicious, saw after Wei Guang and the others came, he unintentionally has fought, in his opinion and Chen azure fought has won, Wei Guang they definitely will also get rid. But he wants to win Chen azure is not that simple, finally is very likely is mutually wounded, when the time comes is casual Quicksand Expert to get rid, he must die without doubt. Bang! After they right one next separates, the corrupt wolf has not attacked once more, Chen azure also stopped there. „Did corrupt wolf, you fear?” Chen azure disdains looked that said to the corrupt wolf.

Chen azure, if not Wei Guang they in this, you are any thing, in my eyes youth in one generation, only then Xia Tian matches to be my match, but you do not match.” The corrupt wolf also despises looks at Chen azure. He is self-confident to his strength, he believes that he wins Chen azure is only the issue of time, but Xia Tian is different, he and Xia Tian fights that the time, has not won Xia Tian, therefore, he regarded as Xia Tian from the bottom of the heart is the strongest match. Corrupt wolf, will you only talk big? My master they will not meddle my fight absolutely.” Saying of Chen azure coldly. Master! Hears this glossary time, all people are all startled. They were still guessing that actually before this can with the person of corrupt wolf fight be, now they understood finally, this person unexpectedly is of a Wei Guang China four big Expert disciple. No wonder he can carry on the war with the corrupt wolf. You ask those present, does their meeting believe your nonsense?” Saying that the corrupt wolf disdains, he does not believe that Wei Guang looks own disciple dies here. Snort, the corrupt wolf, do not look for Xia Tian? Happen to I must look, was inferior that our two here carried on a life and death to dispute, won the person to kill Xia Tian.” Chen Qingke does not hope that corrupt wolf this time leaves again directly, in his eyes will covet the wolf to regard as is the stepping-stone of his life, he must kill the corrupt wolf today, then extinguished Xia Tian. „Do you dare to pledge? They pledged with your master.” The corrupt wolf most dreads is Wei Guang they, if Chen Qinggan pledged, he can feel relieved. Good, I pledged that the following fight is between I and you fight, if my master they lends a hand to help me or feels embarrassed you, we all die like a dog.” Chen azure has distributed the serious oath. Yeah! You are really troublesome, since must look for me, that on together.” At this moment, in the crowd has broadcast a lazily sound.