Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1286

Five moves! Xia Tian unexpectedly dares to say the boastful talk, said in five moves to win the corrupt wolf and Chen azure. This simply was too extremely arrogant. The corrupt wolf and Chen Qing's strength is obvious to all, called them not to be overrated for a pair Xiong point, thus it can be seen they the status in people heart, a moment ago among them fight these old monsters were the commendations that kept. But Xia Tian unexpectedly said that takes in five moves to win them. These old monsters do not believe the Xia Tian words, although Xia Tian is the person list second, the talent in talent, but in the final analysis, but also is only the talent, is not true peerless Expert. Earth Grade late stage and Earth Grade are greatly complete the disparity are very big. In their eyes, Xia Tian perhaps is also a Earth Grade late stage strength. Absolutely does not have the means compared with Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. But wants in five moves to defeat the corrupt wolf and Chen azure such person, perhaps also only then Earth Grade greatly complete Expert can achieve. Xia Tian, you were too extremely arrogant.” Corrupt wolf already thorough was angry, he sees Xia Tian this very optional appearance each time on the vitality, he has regarded Xia Tian is his powerful enemy, he also thinks certainly that Xia Tian will regard the powerful enemy him. However Xia Tian resembles him at will is the grasshopper that casual can pinch is the same, has not paid attention to him. Dies!” The corrupt wolf and Chen azure simultaneously attacked to Xia Tian, their swords were quick, they were great Sword Technique Expert, at this time they cooperated, the might was powerful. Whiz! When two people must stab immediately Xia Tian, the body of Xia Tian vanished in directly same place, the speed was fast. Nice wine!” The Xia Tian sound behind conveys in them. When they have turned head, discovered that Xia Tian is crooked the body there drinking bottle gourd inside liquor, the appearance is optional, saw that this optional appearance they directly have not irritated. This simply was too extremely arrogant.

To fighting the Chen Qinghe corrupt wolf, his unexpectedly appears the so idle courtyard is free, this simply is azure biggest the insult to the corrupt wolf and Chen. Hateful!” The corrupt wolf is burning with anger, rushed directly, saw that the corrupt wolf rushes, Chen azure also has to follow, their speeds are fast, the great sword in hand was pounding maliciously has also approached Xia Tian. Whiz! Xia Tian vanishes once more. They turn head once more, they discovered that Xia Tian really changed a place to drink, was that natural. „Do you hit?” Corrupt wolf angry looks to Xia Tian. Hit Ah! the Xia Tian words just saying that the liquor bottle gourd had been thrown by him directly. Meanwhile the body of Xia Tian vanished in same place. They secretly thought is not simultaneously good, lifts the sword hurriedly, but the Xia Tian speed simply was too quick, Xia Tian both hands also began, Finger of Consonance both hands also used, direct on their bodies. Two the bodies of people have flown upside down directly. Thump! A move! Xia Tian returned same place, caught the liquor bottle gourd, has drunk one once more. Puff! When the Chen Qinghe corrupt wolf stands firm oneself body, they have simultaneously put out a blood. Shock. Saw that such scene all people were all shaken, this simply was too terrifying, Xia Tian unexpectedly first time got rid unexpectedly directly to wound them, this simply was too inconceivable.

Moreover the speed that Xia Tian displayed a moment ago went against heaven's will simply. He just threw the flash of the liquor bottle gourd flying, struck to fly Chen Qinghe corrupt wolf these two super figure. Too natural. Was chats pair of Xiong to be flown by his relaxed striking. Hateful!” The corrupt wolf has not thought that Xia Tian speed unexpectedly can quickly become this. Hey, his speed was too fast, words that hits directly, we two not any opportunities.” Chen azure has to acknowledge that the Xia Tian speed has surmounted their cognition, if they such hit, certainly will lose to Xia Tian. Em, overlapping defense.” The corrupt wolf said directly. Afterward they back to back are standing. Useless.” Xia Tian received the liquor bottle gourd, afterward his right hand flung, the day cold sword appeared in his hands. The day cold sword presents time, the Chen Qinghe corrupt wolf simultaneously looked to the right hand of Xia Tian, although they could not see the weapon in Xia Tian right hand, but they can induce, the corrupt wolf has experienced this fierce place of invisible sword. Careful, what in his right hand is a cold attribute invisible sword, the might is big.” The corrupt wolf reminder said. Has no need for you reminding.” Chen Qingke does not want to owe the favour of corrupt wolf. I feared that you implicate me.” The corrupt wolf said. You favor yourself!” The Chen Qinghe corrupt wolf they are also look at the opposite party not to be feeling well, they just do not have the means to join up to deal with a Xia Tian person, through that they had understood the Xia Tian fierce place a moment ago. The Xia Tian speed was fearful, time they who attacked induces also without enough time to defend, this made them feel that a little did not have the clue, this fight was most uncomfortable, they felt that they had many styles but unable to use. At this moment, Xia Tian moved. Day cold sword in Xia Tian right hand flings, at the same time more than ten cold glow have shot at the positive corrupt wolf directly, but Xia Tian the body vanished at the same time same place, presented again time arrived at Chen azure front, the hand culmination cold sword flew directly.

! The two sides also attack. This corrupt wolf and Chen azure saw. The swords in their hand hit directly to the day cold sword and cold glow. Bang! But they simultaneously felt an own waist pain, their waists layer on layer had been kicked a foot by Xia Tian, their bodies also directly were kicked at the same time, the Xia Tian right hand meets, the day cold sword returned to his hand, but the cold glow is also also wielded by his left hand eradicates directly. „The second move.” Xia Tian light saying. At this time on -the-spot talented person understands that Xia Tian actually fierce, the Xia Tian unexpectedly casual two moves strike to fly these two big Expert twice, moreover he displays each time so with ease. These strength low people are the incomparable worships looks at Xia Tian. But these strength strong people also reexamined had the Xia Tian strength, before they do not think that Xia Tian can by an enemy two, after all the corrupt wolf and Chen azure were also Expert in Expert. The talent in talent. But Xia Tian has brushed their faces with the fact, Xia Tian this is using the fact to brush their faces. „Doesn't Boss, need to manage really? Perhaps Xiaoqing has the trouble.” The (spear|gun) god looked that inquired to Wei Guang. Does not worry, the good play just performed, look, then Xiaoqing must use his real skill.” Wei Guang light saying.