Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1288

Four moves! The Xia Tian four moves have let the corrupt wolf and Chen azure are seriously injured completely. Just started Xia Tian to say in the five moves must defeat the Chen Qinghe corrupt wolf time also nobody to believe. However now Xia Tian has proven with the fact, he is not cracking a joke, he really has that ability, now he has only used four moves, but Chen azure has fallen to the ground, the corrupt wolf whole body trembles, the spirit is utterly exhausted. They have defeated. The fourth move of time has defeated. Corrupt wolf, I do not kill you.” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks at the corrupt wolf, sees Xia Tian this smiling face time, the corrupt wolf must collapse simply, his present wishing one could made Xia Tian kill him directly. Xia Tian does not kill him, compared with killing him also makes him uncomfortable. Because he looked at the clear Xia Tian intention, Xia Tian regarded as him is a treasure house, he brought the treasure to look for Xia Tian to revenge each time, finally the treasure was robbed by Xia Tian, he simply was under that meeting that the Xia Tian backyard raised [gold/metal] Dan the chicken. You will regret.” Corrupt wolf whole face hate looks at Xia Tian. Next time remembers brings a treasure, this compounded drug is less than 100 million, I am very unsatisfied your crop.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Puff! The corrupt wolf is a blood spouts from the mouth, this time is not the wound, but is the air/Qi, he by Xia Tian living has spat blood to the air/Qi, the corrupt wolf really wants to tear into shreds Xia Tian now directly, then has boiled eating Xia Tian. I will certainly make you regret.” The corrupt wolf has picked up the cloud penetration sword of ground, afterward walks toward the distant place directly, nobody stops him. But Xia Tian looked at Chen azure, afterward he walks toward Chen azure directly, he walks unusual is ordinary, but he one step actually went out of five steps distances. What? Shrinks to become Cun? This is in the legend the immortal the skill of meeting.” He only went out a moment ago one step, but actually probably went out of 45 steps distances, is this possible? Shrinks to become Cun is only the legend, but his unexpectedly achieved.” He is really a person of creation miracle, I also think a moment ago he shouted certainly loses to the corrupt wolf and Chen azure, but he not only has won, but also won so cleanly agile, now his unexpectedly also uses the strength in legend.”

Surroundings these people all by the Xia Tian strength deep has shocked, they have not thought of Xia Tian unexpectedly to be able fiercely to this degree. Speed! The reason that they defeat is the speed, regardless of their attack might big, hits the non- people result to be the same.” Saying of Wei Guang coldly. „Should Boss, get rid?” The (spear|gun) god asked. Wei Guang has not spoken, but nod of slightly. After he nods. Seven people simultaneously moved, they rushed to the Xia Tian front instantaneously. Old men, (spear|gun) god, five dark health/guard. Their five also get rid. Xia Tian has anchored own footsteps. Mean, is your Quicksand person really mean, hits on together?” Very the Fire Cloud evil god is not feeling well walked from behind, the Great General also walked. Idle talk little said that Xia Tian is Quicksand must kill the person, we are just kill his.” The old men will certainly not make Xia Tian kill Chen azure, because Chen azure is his biological grandson, but he must consider for the Quicksand reputation, therefore said this excuse. You not only mean, but also shameless, unexpectedly has found such bad excuse.” The Fire Cloud evil god said. Snort! We are Quicksand, Assassins, does not need to speak that many idle talk with you, your three also on together.” The (spear|gun) god lifted Sniper Rifle in his hand to say directly. Draws back!” Xia Tian looked at a Fire Cloud evil god to say. Boss!” The Fire Cloud evil god looks puzzled to Xia Tian, in his opinion now made war, since makes war, he and Great General must get rid to help together is right, but Xia Tian unexpectedly makes them draw back. Relax, several stinking insects, I already want to tidy up.” The Xia Tian right hand wields, liquor bottle gourd appears again in his hands, he has drunk directly, he drinks is not the ordinary liquor. But is the monkey liquor.

The monkey liquor can play the role that strongs and healthy body, moreover can supplement Inner Strength that he consumed a moment ago. Can make the Xia Tian whole person is refreshing. Others more drink are drunk, but Xia Tian actually more drinks is more energetic. Em.” The Fire Cloud evil god understands that Xia Tian has made the decision, he is unable to change, therefore behind he can only go to wait, but he is not also watching the fun, but prevents other people to sneak attack Xia Tian. What is called Expert? Before nobody gave the Expert concrete next definition. However from now henceforth, on Jianghu presented a definition of Expert. Every some people can face the powerful enemy to be idle the courtyard freely, stand the person who leisurely and carefree drinks there, that definitely is Expert, Xia Tian does not know that he has started raging tide of time. From now henceforth, the people on Jianghu start to study Xia Tian today's appearance. Including station posture . Moreover the liquor bottle gourd of this shape is also every, soon became the sign of Jianghu people matches simply. They must before who makes war, will say one: Several stinking insects, I already want to tidy up.” Then gaining ground idle courtyard free drinks liquor. Worship. Surroundings these youth one generation of all look with the vision of worship to Xia Tian, images of Xia Tian in their heart all of a sudden becomes incomparably big. The man or the woman, must start to prostrate oneself to Xia Tian simply. Xia Tian, today is your time of death, but also remembers that dies Yin Fu in your hands, nobody dares to kill our Quicksand cadre, today we must be Yin Fu revenge.” The old men said that flushes away to Xia Tian directly. Meanwhile, five dark health/guard also simultaneously attack to Xia Tian.

Xia Tian is not first time bumps into five dark health/guard. Before in Anonyme Island, he already and five dark health/guard have contacted, strength very formidable of five dark health/guard, moreover coordination between their five were flawless, if in the situation of combustion compounded drug, Xia Tian absolutely possibly were not they five matches, even was possibly killed in two rounds. However is now different. Now the Xia Tian speed promotes doubled and re-doubled. His present fight also became relaxed. Regardless of match fierce, style strong, Xia Tian does not need to care, because the opposite party is unable to hit him. Looked like Chen azure attacked to be the same a moment ago. If Xia Tian meets hardly, that will have more than enough several, Xia Tian will receive the internal injury, therefore he used oneself speed to avoid his attack directly, therefore Xia Tian can relaxed achievement. However is now different. Now the Xia Tian match is the Quicksand two vice- leaders and five dark health/guard. Position that five dark health/guard stand has blocked the position that Xia Tian can move completely, the old man waits for the opportunity to act, momentarily supports one people in five dark health/guard, Xia Tian gets rid to that person, he supports that person. But the (spear|gun) god eyes covetously. Today you must die without doubt.” Old man coldly looks at Xia Tian.