Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1290

This sword Xia Tian evades not to be possible to evade, because the Wei Guang sword was really too quick. But in the final moment, the Xia Tian body slightly draws back, this drew back has rescued his life. dāng! At this moment the Wei Guang sword had been blocked, a white form appears before the body of Xia Tian. first under Heaven Swordsman Yin Nie. This person appears, all people recognized, because this dressing up second person has not had. Master!” On Xia Tian face immediately one happy. A moment ago also was really too dangerous, if were not his retreat one, even if his master appeared unable to save him, he now is clear, oneself underestimates Yin Nie. He has not thought of Wei Guang sword unexpectedly to be able quickly to this degree. Yin Nie appears. Wei Guang has not worried to begin, because he understands that Yin Nie appears, oneself are unable to kill Xia Tian in a short time, he and Yin Nie fighting are innumerable, they wanted to decide the victory and defeat are really too difficult. Because they each other too understood the style of opposite party. A side is China four big Expert, Southern Kill Wei Guang, another side is first under Heaven Swordsman Yin Nie. Splendid! Really was too splendid.” In the crowd went out of one team of people. Sees this team of people time, Xia Tian brow tight wrinkle. Jiang Tianshu!” What's wrong? Saw that I amn't happy?” Jiang Tianshu looked that asked to Xia Tian. At this time the Jiang Tianshu enormous and powerful over a hundred people, each is Expert in Expert, the strength lowest is above Earth Grade, moreover these Expert from different places.

Earth Grade late stage Expert also has 20. This inside has Islander, has Thai, has the North Korean, wait / etc.. Their common grounds have a grudge with Xia Tian, the Quicksand person also stood in the Jiang Tianshu side. Big weaponry.” Xia Tian light saying. Yu He appears in the Jiang Tianshu side, the soldier master and Black Gown stands in his two sides. Big? I did not think.” Jiang Tianshu corners of the mouth slightly one slanting: I have also given a big present to you.” What big ritual?” Xia Tian asked. He and Jiang Tianshu enmity is not small, starts from Jiang Hai City, among them is doomed to die, Jiang Tianshu has compared with oneself is an emperor, nobody can be disobedient he. All is disobedient his person to probably die. In his life, has a stain, that is Xia Tian. Hiding everywhere.” Jiang Tianshu excited saying, he has made that many preparations for this day, now he can see Xia Tian to despair immediately and painful expression, he thought of Xia Tian that expression very excitedly. Xia Tian previous time went to Shan Yunzong unexpectedly also to steal away Shan Yunzong all treasure, this has almost not irritated Jiang Tianshu. Jiang Tianshu lifts the hand, the person who surroundings these watch the fun also in abundance moved toward Xia Tian, is only the flash, the Jiang Tianshu behind team population reached as high as over a thousand people. Person are many, is useful?” Saying that Xia Tian disdains, although these people are almost the Profound Grade above strength, but the person of this rank regarding Xia Tian radically is not anything. Is only the person are really many?” Jiang Tianshu shows a faint smile, afterward the Xia Tian ground had the change, a ray of light curtain their several has surrounded Xia Tian. Formation.

Sees Formation time, the surrounding person is all startled. Because Formation is the thing in legend, already vanished for several hundred years, but Jiang Tianshu unexpectedly already here prepared Formation, this simply was too inconceivable. Incite! When the hand of Xia Tian moves light screen, his hand unexpectedly has fired, although was only the flash by his neutralize, but on the finger of Xia Tian was somewhat burnt. Because Formation is too big, therefore Xia Tian their side some people of watching the fun were also curled. Puff! A person wants to go out of the light screen, but his body changed into the flying ash directly. What?” Sees the Formation might, the surrounding these people have all been shocked, these Earth Grade greatly complete old monsters backs have flowed out the cold sweat, they have not thought that Jiang Tianshu unexpectedly has such terrifying Formation. Has put us, has not related with us.” In Formation these innocent people shout immediately. Snort, no one want to walk from Formation.” Jiang Tianshu cold snort said. Xia Tian deeps frown, he has not thought that Jiang Tianshu unexpectedly also has such one, this Formation might was too big, he believes that is he directly outward clashes also must die without doubt. Present Xia Tian their four, fell into one to die the bureau. Formation inside present was also closed over a hundred people, these people have made the desperate sound, some of them even start to cry, outside their Heavenly Connection the hole has not gone, finally must die in this not well-known mountain. Shuts up to me.” Xia Tian shouted to clear the way loudly, his voice was very loud, immediately frightened these people to jump. You shouted anything, if because of you, we did not need to be closed here.” Immediately some people of discontented saying. Who shouted again that I have killed anyone now.” The Xia Tian right hand wields, the day cold sword cut a gulf the ground directly, saw that such scene also nobody dares to say anything again.

Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Jiang Tianshu has exuded the excited laughter: Xia Tian, you cannot think that you will have today.” Truly cannot think.” Xia Tian light saying, on his face does not have any appearance of being panic-stricken. This makes Jiang Tianshu extremely discontented. He hopes to see the Xia Tian desperate facial expression. Xia Tian, I had a very interesting matter to want with you to say.” At this moment Yu He opens the mouth to say suddenly. Said!” Xia Tian stands in Formation, has the Expert style, even if all people thinks that he died, he did not have any startled. True hiding everywhere is not here, but in Jiang Hai City, I thinks that present Jiang Hai City should start, dozens teams, more than 50 Earth Grade Expert, more than 800 Profound Grade Expert, more than 2000 Yellow Grade Expert, the toxicant, the bomb wait / etc., I want more than enough the half-day time, your any Xia Family armed forces should end.” Yu He shakes the feather fan in oneself hand to say gently. very ruthless! Hears here time, surroundings these people felt Jiang Tianshu and his side Yu He very ruthless. Jiang Tianshu to kill Xia Tian, causes such Formation to come, making that many artificial Xia Tian be buried along with the dead, now family member and friend of Yu He unexpectedly to the Xia Tian gets rid, and has made that many Expert in the past. This is simply shocking. That many Expert have been able the relaxed draw any sect Men. Well good, good that this cow B blows, I like.” At this moment, walks two people from the rear area of crowd, one of them claps while applauds.