Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1291

Hears the words of this person, the Yu He complexion immediately becomes ugly. Two that at this time walks carries the broadsword, another person is also taking a fan, his fan actually in fan big compared with on Yu He hand. People of various Ge.” Yu He brow immediately a wrinkle. Xia Tian, you planned that winters in inside?” Zhuge Wanglang looked at one to be closed Xia Tian in Formation asks. How yeah, you come is so early, I also planned that makes them continue to install to meet B.” Xia Tian said the day cold sword in right hand to prick the front ground directly. Bang! The ground starts immediately shatter, but the surrounding that ray of light curtain also starts to vanish. Broke. Xia Tian unexpectedly this Formation breaking. What?” On the face of Jiang Tianshu has written all over inconceivable, he thinks this, Xia Tian must die without doubt, but he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly broke his Formation, must know that this Formation is he must come from Lei Feng there. Is the treasure of that world. But Xia Tian unexpectedly has broken this Formation. How is this possible?” On the face of Yu He has written all over inconceivable. Anything is impossible, this Formation was just ancient times simple Formation, although seemed the might is very big, but the actual going forth to battle base was simple, in Formation, so long as ruined a base, that Formation naturally broke, the gadget of your this deceiving three -year-old child also felt all right with.” Saying that Zhuge Wanglang disdains. Hears Zhuge Wanglang words, Jiang Tianshu reddens all over the face. Formation unexpectedly that he has been proud became in the opposite party mouth is not worth a red cent. Angry. Jiang Tianshu fell into the anger once more: Snort, even if you had to maintain a livelihood temporarily the opportunity is also what kind of? Your family member, your family member and friend must die without doubt, this is the bureau that must kill, I must make you die to regret.” A Jiang Tianshu face cloudy evil looks at Xia Tian. He hates Xia Tian.

Because Xia Tian can always break his plan, before he also thinks one can deter those present using Formation, making these people be afraid him, but now Xia Tian not only broke Formation. Moreover Formation that the Formation secret saying, his using energy untold hardships sought from Lei Feng there like this became is not worth a red cent. „, Was right, I forgot to tell you, your toxins and bombs made me make one to deliver to Shan Yunzong to go, calculates that the time should explode now, I think that many blasting explosive Shan Yunzong should be razed.” Zhuge Wanglang has given a hand signal of explosion with the hand specially. What?” The face of Jiang Tianshu turned into the sauce purple immediately. Shan Yunzong is his supreme headquarters, but Shan Yunzong unexpectedly is destroyed now. Also had been lucky you make that many blasting explosive and toxins, otherwise wants to ruin Shan Yunzong really is very troublesome.” Zhuge Wanglang said. Xia Tian has raised up the thumb to Zhuge Wanglang directly. Hateful, I want you dead.” Jiang Tianshu face angry shouting. Snort, the people of various Ge, I also so many Expert went to Jiang Hai City.” Yu He cold snort, he has not thought that own plan unexpectedly by the opposite party destroying, this simply was too hateful. „, What you said is your dozens teams, more than 50 Earth Grade Expert, more than 800 Profound Grade Expert, more than 2000 Yellow Grade Expert, your 2000 Yellow Grade Expert in the prison, 800 Profound Grade Expert should be cut to kill now, only then your 50 Earth Grade Expert, had half to be intercepted, moreover half should unable to baffle the Xia Family armed forces.” Zhuge Wanglang said. Meanwhile Jiang Hai City. „The Mo Li elder sister, this group of people anti- does not hit.” A female said. Also had been lucky Mr. Zhuge, otherwise we really has not known these people will attack from here.” Comes person Mo Li, SSS level Assassins Mo Li, just before present he, has very big difference, in the ground is lying down more than 20 Earth Grade Expert were killed by her relaxed cutting. We support Qi Huan.” The females said. Good.” Mo Li nodded. Qi Huan with a long sword, his opposite 30 Earth Grade Expert, Earth Grade late stage has three people, 17 Earth Grade intermediate stages, ten Earth Grade Initial Stage, he stands there has a one man guards the pass, the scene that Yorozuo opens. Secret: Lion Divine sword. The Qi Huan right hand wields, a giant lion attacked directly to that 30 Earth Grade Expert. These Earth Grade Expert use Inner Strength manifestation to resist the attack of Qi Huan together.

Meanwhile. Qi Huan, your movement was too slow.” Two females fell on the Qi Huan side. What you cope is the Earth Grade Initial Stage person, I cope is the Earth Grade intermediate stage and late stage, where is so easy.” Qi Huan said. Qi Huan, compares, has a look many that who we kill.” Mo Li shows a faint smile, afterward her hair flings, has projected dozens [gold/metal] needles directly, [gold/metal] Zhen the speed is fast. Rumbling! These people shunted. Qi Huan and Mo Li simultaneously got rid. Datura! Lion great sword. They also get rid. Bang! The war has continued for more than ten minutes. All extinguishes! This time attacks Jiang Hai City 50 Earth Grade Expert to extinguish, the surface that they have not seen the Xia Family armed forces, completely has died a violent death. Whistling! Qi Huan and Mo Li their three are also the big mouths is panting for breath. Their situations are not very good. „If not they were poisoned, our two deal with these many people also is really impossible.” Qi Huan said. In this time hills.

I did not believe your person to cope with my many Expert.” Jiang Tianshu angry saying. Forgot to tell you, before they embarked has taken the toxicant, this type of toxicant was colorless, after taking, the movement and strength sur- sensation are weakened two-thirds.” Zhuge Wanglang said. This is how possible!” Jiang Tianshu has opened the mouth. Is impossible, this is absolutely impossible.” Yu He does not believe the own careful design dead end unexpectedly like this was explained. Thanked.” Xia Tian looked that said to Zhuge Wanglang. Hateful, today our so many Expert, I thought how you run away.” Jiang Tianshu angry shouting. Should walk?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Zhuge Wanglang. Time was up, outside this year's Heavenly Connection the hole is 500 years borax, therefore two days, we will walk ahead of time.” Zhuge Wanglang said. What?” Hears Zhuge Wanglang words, presented all people to hoodwink, their unexpectedly does not know that also had a borax such matter. Outside Heavenly Connection hole unexpectedly two days opened ahead of time. All people understand that first enters outside Heavenly Connection the hole man-machine definitely to be bigger, therefore they heard outside Heavenly Connection the hole opens time all seethed with excitement. Chaotic! Scene all of a sudden chaotic, all people start hole that direction to Heavenly Connection to run. Has the treasure.” At this moment, Xia Tian shouts one, afterward his right hand wields, afterward over a thousand handle weapons threw to fly from his right hand directly.