Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1292

Treasure. Is the weapon. Sees these weapons time, the surrounding these people started to snatch insanely. These weapons are Xia Tian the Rank 1 weapon that takes from Witchcraft Sect, rank lowest weapon, although the rank is low, when the surrounding these people see the weapon that blots out the sky, thinks the matter treasure. Therefore they open snatch. Chaotic! Scene thorough was chaotic. The person who here saw a play a moment ago added to have over ten thousand people, now heard that outside Heavenly Connection the hole opened, in addition these weapons, these over ten thousand people became thorough are chaotic immediately. Xia Tian, interesting!” In crowd leads the man of mask to say. Ha Ha Ha Ha, Jiang Tianshu, aren't you person are many? Kills me.” Xia Tian laughs was saying, their here only then six people, but Jiang Tianshu there has the going forward person, moreover there is over a hundred true Expert and Quicksand people. If spells hardly, Xia Tian they absolutely are not the matches. However all these in Xia Tian and Zhuge Wanglang planning. Hateful! Hateful!” Jiang Tianshu must be wild with rage simply, he built up these many people to probably kill Xia Tian, but Xia Tian has actually used the method of this being opportunistic. Chaotic, Xia Tian has created the confusion. Chaotic, their these over a thousand people of teams washed out directly, mixes their battle efficiency in the crowd basic on the display.

They do not dare to attack blindly, are worried to make a mistake the person. Today all people on the scene listen to me, wanted to kill my person I to remember a moment ago clearly, after entering outside Heavenly Connection the hole, to me carefully, I will try hard to make your one live does not have.” Xia Tian said that complete individual has mixed in the crowd. Outside Heavenly Connection can the hole open ahead of time? Naturally cannot. This is just Zhuge Wanglang to make chaotic and said. He has used humane greedy becomes here chaotic, then created the opportunity of escaping to them. The Xia Tian sound was very loud, lets present all people to hear, especially before these, must encircle kills the Xia Tian person. Waits for crowd disperse, Xia Tian they had already disappeared. Words that our several same places move, the goal is too big, especially I, this, your several put on ********, is divided into several batch to walk together, this can reduce the goal, although this type ******** could not deceive these true Expert, but most at least can little go to many troubles.” Xia Tian the ******** steals the day to prepare to him. Good, such does naturally is good.” Zhuge Wanglang nodded to say. That continues according to the beforehand minute, Mr. Zhuge and Hongwu, the Great General and Fire Cloud evil god, master walked, I walked.” Xia Tian such divides reasonable. Yin Nie walk, nobody can leave behind him, nobody can injure he, therefore he is safest. Next is Zhuge Wanglang. By the head of Zhuge Wanglang, wants to fight with him, the person who can win perhaps had not been born, Yu He is not his match, that also has any person to be able with him to compare the brain.

Finally is the Fire Cloud evil god and Great General. The Fire Cloud evil god takes the compounded drug that Xia Tian has given, the edge that in addition he continuously broken through, after Xia Tian changes magically, is broken through to Earth Grade late stage directly, but the Great General in the unceasing growth, after Xia Tian has given his necklace, increased him to build up the speed of corpse air/Qi. Later has absorbed the massive corpse air/Qi in the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, after these days building up, although Great General not completely corpse air/Qi absorption, but his present strength has been able to destroy completely Earth Grade greatly complete Expert fully. Naturally, this has not meant the Great General with the Earth Grade greatly complete person to fighting. The Great General is just the strength can kill the Earth Grade greatly complete person, the words of normal life and death preying, who will stand in that makes the Great General hit, but the Great General can actually while the opposite party general idea time to person unexpected strikes . Moreover the defensive power of Great General is terrorist, besides the [gold/metal] blade, almost does not have what weapon to other party to become the injury. He is joined to the Fire Cloud evil god, so long as does not bump into Wei Guang, even if Earth Grade greatly complete Expert is not willing to provoke them. Finally is Xia Tian. The words of Xia Tian go it alone, solely cannot better hides itself, moreover can sneak attack these people, since Xia Tian said that must kill these people, that absolutely will deal with these people. He is not cracking a joke. Since these people must kill him, that Xia Tian will not be softhearted, he must launch his retaliation. Takes care!” Zhuge Wanglang looked at their several people of one eyes. Em, Neidong entrance set.” Xia Tian nodded. Xia Tian master Yin Nie is words least people, moreover he will not participate in the matter between junior people, looked like came across the crisis to be the same before, he thinks that Xia Tian had certainly own being convinced. Like today's must die the bureau, gave neutralize by Xia Tian and Zhuge Wanglang such youngster.

He is first under Heaven Swordsman, but is his such Expert is not willing to provoke Yu He and Zhuge Wanglang such person, because their brains were too poisonous, Yu He suffices the toxin, his strategy successful words, Jiang Hai City will fall into the sea of fire thoroughly. However Zhuge Wanglang method is not worse than Yu He. One line of six people have been divided into four teams. Xia Tian their six people may be the celebrities now. Because that fights over ten thousand people to watch, these people are Expert in Expert, they cannot want the famous metropolis to be difficult, luckily they brought the mask, will otherwise certainly suffer Jiang Tianshu their influences to chase down crazily. Game started.” The Xia Tian left hand wields, a mask wears appears in his hands, after the mask appears, Xia Tian wore directly on the face, put on Xia Tian of mask to have the mutation. The appearance becomes beautiful, the stature of whole person also becomes thin. Puts on him of mask, vanished instantaneously one year of life, 14 years, Xia Tian lost 14 years of life. Does not know how long really I can also live.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, this is the road that he chooses, he will not regret, he rather only remaining several years of lives, does not hope after one, regretted. Jiang Tianshu they , if not die, that Xia Tian family member and friend cannot be inescapable, once these people have had an accident, that Xia Tian really died with injustice unredressed, therefore Xia Tian rather burns own life. Western Hidden, is my father's title, after this time matter, Western Hidden is inherited by me.” Xia Tian has gotten hold of own fist, embarked, Xia Tian opened outside his Heavenly Connection officially the tour of hole. After Xia Tian leaves, was away from him a moment ago position not far away, wore the person of mask to walk: Monster king mask, interesting.”