Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1293

The person rushes to the black bat mountain in the presence of everyone time they discovered one were deceived. Outside Heavenly Connection the hole has not opened. Before robbed these people of weapon also to discover one were deceived, the weapon that Xia Tian threw was some ordinary weapons, but they actually gave Xia Tian, when the (spear|gun) caused. At this time here battle is unceasing. Personal enemy originally meets here starts, the person who surroundings these watch the fun also divides the gang, the people of major influences have, at this time here Earth Grade Expert has found at everywhere. Expert quantity, innumerable. Xia Tian saw Zhuge Wanglang and Hongwu in the crowd, but has not seen the Great General and Fire Cloud evil god, obviously they hid, but best his master Yin Nie. One stand there, anybody does not dare to move. Even if Xia Tian these enemies does not have any to dare to go forward. This is true Expert. Stands does not dare to move his finger there anybody, Wei Guang is not willing to carry on the showdown with him, because his today's goal is not and Yin Nie carries on the life and death showdown, but is enters outside Heavenly Connection the hole. At this time here gathered various countries' Expert, the population has reached as high as several thousand people, this also merely is only an entrance, other entrances have various countries different Expert, the population will be definitely more. Although outside Heavenly Connection the hole is dangerous, but this has not blocked them to ask the heart of wealth. Looked quickly that side that young girl is good.” At this moment Xia Tian some side people said suddenly. Is good, was too what a pity cold.” You understand anything, this is called elegantly beautiful, conquers this woman most to have the sense of achievement.” You go.” I did not have the opportunity, you had not noticed that that side some people went, but that person Patriarch of Wen, over 30 years old on cultivation to Expert of Earth Grade intermediate stage, this person will definitely have the opportunity in the future becomes peerless Expert.” Xia Tian following the time that the vision of that person looks, stares slightly, because that female is not others, is Wen Ya. Today Wen Ya puts on is very attractive, her attire is not participates outside Heavenly Connection probably the hole, but is more like attended the banquet.

At this time Patriarch of that Wen has arrived at the Wen Ya front. beauty, do you name?” Patriarch of Wen asked directly. Wen Ya has not spoken , to continue to walk forward. Introduced oneself, I was Patriarch of Wen, today 32 years old, cultivation of Earth Grade intermediate stage is.” Patriarch of Wen directly from exploding main house gate, he also intentionally said own age and strength, the goal that he such makes is to attract the attention of Wen Ya. After all has the person of this strength not to be many in this age. But he again was disregarded by Wen Ya. „Becoming friends.” The Patriarch complexion of Wen is not a little good, after is in front of these many people disregarded, this does not have the face matter. Wen Ya still forward walks, as if has not seen him to be the same. Snort!” Patriarch of Wen kept off in the Wen Ya front directly, afterward coldly looked to Wen Ya: You being concerned about face.” Anchored. This Wen Ya has anchored the footsteps. But then actually occurred has made all people think terrifying one. Sees only the fingernail of Wen Ya to lengthen suddenly, afterward inserted Wen Patriarch heart position on this slowly, Patriarch of Wen is motionless, on his face has written all over panic-stricken. Puff! The blood flowed following the hand of Wen Ya. Thump! The surrounding these people cannot help but swallowed saliva, afterward their fast retreat, the position centered on Wen Ya emptied immediately, these juniors of Wen also look at each other in blank diamay do not dare to go forward. Terror! Such scene was really too terrifying.

Puff! Wen Ya hand, a bright red heart appears slowly in her hands. This time also nobody quart she was again elegantly beautiful, because all people all regarded her are the monsters. Bang! Wen Ya pinches to explode that heart directly, the blood scatters, in the face and clothes of Wen Ya is the blood, the appearance is really the terrifying. Here scene has alarmed many people. Wen Ya, here.” Jiang Tianshu also saw Wen Ya. Jiang Shao!” When Wen Ya arrives at the Jiang Tianshu side saying slowly. Xia Tian had not died, making him give to run away.” Jiang Tianshu said. Happen, dies in your hands, whom I ask to revenge.” Saying that Wen Ya unemotionally. Looks at the Wen Ya of whole face and whole body blood, the Jiang Tianshu knitting the brows head of: You change the body clothes, familiar one.” Does not use, will turn in any case into this finally.” Wen Ya said. As you like.” Jiang Tianshu said. Bang! At this moment, on the black bat mountain has sent out a fierce sound, hears this sound moves, all people all look up. Dark cloud. In the sky unexpectedly presented the dark cloud. „Can the good day, how suddenly will present a moment ago the dark cloud fortunately, rain? Outside Heavenly Connection the hole must open immediately, now will rain to delay the hole speed.” „It is not right, probably will not be the dark cloud, the dark cloud to be how getting bigger and bigger, moreover you will listen, what will these sounds be?”

Bat, is the bat, black bat, that dense is not the dark cloud, but is the bat, is the bat.” Hears the bat time, all people have all been shocked, such bat of Freshman piece, how many this must have, 1 million? 10 million? 100 million? Cannot count. They came, a bit faster hides.” At this moment suddenly some people shout. heavenly that dense piece of bat has all divided. I force to go, is this is making the movie? These many bats that an end movie, which comes, this how much grain can support them.” Xia Tian was also shocked by that dense piece of bat. He looked for a giant stone directly has been regarded as a bunker. At this time all people have all messed up, they are seeking to hide the place of person, but can hide place such several of person, here has several thousand people, finally these people have to be the same with Xia Tian, start to seek for the bunker, some look for the stone, some look for the trees, but also some people have composed the formation in groups. Came! The bat group flushed. Bang! The bat group hit rock trees have exuded the huge sound sound. The right hand of Xia Tian flings, the day cold sword appears in his hands, at the same time, the day strikes the technique perfectly was shown by him, all approached his bat all frozen to be lived, his speed was quick. Before long, Xia Tian side presented a Bianfu Shan of freezing. Bang! At this moment, Xia Tian looks up, he saw a three zhang (3.33 m) big bat is throwing to him, obviously is the strength that he showed a moment ago is excessively strong, therefore has brought in this everybody. „Does lying trough, have to make a mistake.”