Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1295

In Xia Tian infiltration crowd quietly he shouts suddenly loudly: Looked quickly that the right has treasure.” Xia Tian shouted that hid own body on the technique of first hidden rest/breath techniques use eight Qi. His shouted that immediately attracts many people to come here person to come for the buried treasure after all, they hear some people to shout has the buried treasure time, to miss how possibly. Immediately a person of important goods overran to that direction. Although they and Jiang Tianshu are one group, but this is only also restricted in looks for the treasure together and copes with Xia Tian together. Does not represent them to listen to Jiang Tianshu. Especially this treasure presents time, the people are everyone do not manage. They do not think that the treasure took by a Jiang Tianshu person. Outside Heavenly Connection the hole is named the Heavenly Connection tower. In first of Heavenly Connection tower Spirit Tool absolutely not over 20, false Spirit Tool not over 1000, but outside Heavenly Connection the hole has dozens entrances, naturally in some personal, after is some Expert occupied an entrance, that entrance appropriates to oneself, is not public. Now in the world the public entrance has 18. The people who each public entrance enters are no less than China the entrance, after they come, on first of this Heavenly Connection tower, in other words at this time first of this Heavenly Connection tower has close 2 million people. 2 million people are divided 20 Spirit Tool. Who shouted.” Jiang Tianshu stares immediately, was the present crowd was chaotic, who he could not find is shouts. Jiang Shao, possibly has the strangeness, if some people have discovered the treasure, how he possibly shouted.” Yu He said directly. „It is not right, there really has the treasure.” A soldier master brow wrinkle. In the past had a look.” Jiang Tianshu said.

Bang! At this moment to was hit to fly in forefront dozens people directly, the casualty are innumerable, outside, they had been killed dozens people by these hateful bats, in addition is injured, lost over a hundred battle efficiencies, but unexpectedly round 70-80 people lost the combat capability now. One group of idiots!” Jiang Tianshu cursed angrily one. To forefront these person of hurried retreat. They saw a monster. What fellow is this?” The soldier master stares slightly. Bloodthirsty demon beast, in the Heavenly Connection tower monster was called as the bloodthirsty demon beast, their striking power are strong, the appearance is also specially strange, but generally speaking, so long as there is a bloodthirsty demon beast guard place to have the treasure.” Hole of Jiang Tianshu outside to Heavenly Connection understood. Has the treasure, we find the way to kill this monster.” The soldier master said. Simplicity that said that this fellow is not easy to cope.” Jiang Tianshu said. That what to do? Cannot look at the treasure, but doesn't want?” Soldier master depressed saying. Naturally wanted.” Jiang Tianshu said that is shouting to these people directly: All people listened, this fellow was the bloodthirsty demon beast, its speed and striking power were terrorist, but it was the demon beast of protection treasure, here had the treasure, it will not leave this region, all Earth Grade above Expert with the Inner Strength manifestation attack, will attack with hidden weapon with the hidden weapon person.” Hears the Jiang Tianshu words, these people nodded, they think right that Jiang Tianshu said. Moreover from the Jiang Tianshu words they can listen to Jiang Tianshu to be about right that here knows, therefore they choose the hear of Jiang Tianshu words, after all the person like Jiang Tianshu moves together, many several points will safeguard. Attack that these people start to keep immediately, they had not discovered that presented Gold Thread in their behind two pillars, Gold Thread is very thin, if carefully does not observe, is unable to discover. Explodes after the crazy bang of these people randomly, that bloodthirsty demon beast really could not halt. Although the striking power and speed of that bloodthirsty demon beast are very strong, but its defensive power was too weak, therefore on the useless five minutes it collapsed, saw the bloodthirsty demon beast death, these people rushed immediately.

Opened snatches. For the common enemy, they may listen a moment ago to the Jiang Tianshu words, but the common enemy died now, they will not respond Jiang Tianshu. Now their in the eye has treasure. Hateful, this ungrateful fellows.” Jiang Tianshu said that also rushed, his speed is quick, in an instant arrived at the bloodthirsty demon beast behind, there should be the treasure site. But when Jiang Tianshu arrived here he was shocked. The person who surroundings these catch up with was also shocked, because here writes several characters, Xia Tian to this tour. Treasure unexpectedly was taken away by Xia Tian. Xia Tian, is you, I will certainly not let off your.” Jiang Tianshu has exuded angry whooshing sound. Behind also has the treasure.” At this moment some people shout once more. Hears and has the treasure, the following person starts to run fast. In quickest will of the people that these run specially excited, they think that this treasure certainly was they, but during was running they to feel the waist suddenly coolly one. How I noticed that own body and leg separated.” Puff! More than 30 the quickest people of running were dismembered by Gold Thread directly. Stops! Stops quickly.” Jiang Tianshu shouts hurriedly. Any situation.” These people hoodwinked, they look helplessly the good person such was dismembered a moment ago fortunately.

Is [gold/metal] Dao and Gold Thread, the Xia Tian treasure, inspects there carefully.” Jiang Tianshu shouts. ! Xia Tian has taken back Gold Thread instantaneously, afterward opens runs away: Ha Ha Ha Ha, Jiang Tianshu, many thanks your help, the treasure I have carried off.” In the air is flooding the Xia Tian laughter. Indignant! Jiang Tianshu almost by Xia Tian irritating. They have taken such big effort, finally treasure unexpectedly also by Xia Tian robbing, how this makes him be able not to be angry, moreover here enormous and powerful big team to the present unexpectedly casualty more than 200 people. Xia Tian escapes, he has put out that treasure, truly is Spirit Tool, is a snare, but this Spirit Tool is only preliminary Spirit Tool, therefore Xia Tian throws into the small cauldron directly, has not cared. Regarding present Xia Tian, the Advanced following Spirit Tool function was not big. However this after is Spirit Tool, in others eyes is existence of most precious object, after Xia Tian takes, happen to can give own these brothers. After running has met, Xia Tian discovered that here is very big, cannot see the boundary completely. „It is not good, words that such runs, looks like a headless fly is the same, even if there is any treasure also by my wrong past.” Xia Tian does not think outside Heavenly Connection in hole, only then Spirit Tool and false Spirit Tool, in this case, that will not bring in several million people. Hey, Brother, forms a team?” Suddenly some people arrived at the Xia Tian side to ask.