Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1296

Form a team! Outside Heavenly Connection in the hole is the quite common matter, the person who because here comes were too many. Although also has to organize a group, but also has these powder to cultivate similarly. The powder cultivates is that cultivation person, they do not have Master, nobody instructs, but is the luck is good, has found out the access, therefore stepped the road of this leading a pious life, after stepping the road of leading a pious life, they start to try to find out the advance. Naturally, another powder has repaired, reason that they are not willing to communicate with the person are because their disposition is eccentric. This person are actually many. After all the true large amount big faction can look up, looks like China, besides Hidden Sect, can call the name truly on such several large amount gates, Eastern Man and Northern Army this kind of person also can only be called the powder to cultivate. Because they do not have their sect Men. The person who now here forms a team everywhere is these powder cultivates. How is it? The strengths of our team of people are good, what lead is a Profound Grade greatly complete person, so long as our several work as one, certainly can obtain the good treasure.” That person of infinite expectation said. Good!” Xia Tian nodded, he such walked somewhat has truly flaneried, can perhaps have some different discovery with these people. After all the luck of everyone is different, the Xia Tian drop is impossible continuously well, moreover is also easy to hide own identity with these person Xia Tian, his personal enemy may be many. If were discovered good by these average people, once were discovered by these Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, that may be miserable. Draws an analogy, the Maoshan old ancestor, Thai first Expert, Marshal Island Country, North Korean crown prince, these people, they may think that Xia Tian dies.

Xia Tian does not know that now the monster king mask can hide own aura, moreover he does not know that actually Earth Grade greatly complete Expert has any method, they have anything to induce the aura the ability, once when the time comes were discovered by them, the Xia Tian day may not feel better. Boss, I looked for one.” That person excited saying. That Boss has sized up Xia Tian up and down, later satisfied nodded saying: Good, was counted your our team to have six people, I gave you to introduce that first was I, I was called Xu Wen, was the Profound Grade greatly complete strength, incurred named Chen Hao who you came a moment ago, we called him the mouse, this seemed the coldly named forest, here was long quite charming was Zhou Runcai, last, was in our team an only female, was called Zhao Xiaoxiao.” My name was Tashita!” Xia Tian has also made simple self introduction. Good, from now on, everybody was a person of team, I hope that everybody do not have the selfishness, discovered after the treasure, we found the way to take together, regardless of obtained anything finally, our equal distributions, I pledged here, if I embezzled everybody's treasure, I died like a dog, cannot live absolutely the hole from Heavenly Connection is exiting.” Person of Xu Wen lead said. Hears him to pledge that Xia Tian nodded, but several other people anything too had not responded greatly, obviously they are not first time hear Xu Wen to pledge. Xia Tian very satisfied Xu Wen procedure, because Xu Wen pledged that outside the hole with Heavenly Connection pledged, if he spoke frankly dead like a dog, then almost nobody meeting believed him, but he used outside Heavenly Connection the hole to pledge that everybody believed. Because they place outside Heavenly Connection now hole. Therefore outside Heavenly Connection the hole with words that pledged, will be more persuasive. This is just like is the fishermen in sea pledges with the sea is the same, this is authoritarian. Good, since now we were also many brothers, the just right six people, we can compose this Formation, this Formation is I obtains accidentally, I have studied, so long as our six act in harmony, that is Earth Grade Expert is not our matches.” Xu Wen said. Xia Tian then understands why they must look for itself. Because this Formation has been short of a person.

Xia Tian looked at one. Six Yun Zhen! This Formation is not difficult, is six people stands in six different positions, forms cloud, the time of fighting, the mutual connection, can confuse the field of vision of enemy side, making the place unable to find out them, moreover changes also has several types. These changes are used to escape. Truly good, so long as is not Earth Grade late stage Expert, should unable to discover this Formation mystery.” Xia Tian nodded, his silently this Formation in the heart, this Formation he can teach his these brothers after going back. When the time comes six people form a team to cope with Earth Grade late stage following Expert, truly is very marvelous. Their six people have practiced for a half hour. Among this also had the small matter. Was this Formation requests six people to all use the sword, Xia Tian to put out a sword from false Spirit Tool directly, this did not take importantly, other five people have all been shocked, because in Xia Tian hand, but false Spirit Tool. This regarding them is most precious object, because outside false Spirit Tool, only then Earth Grade Expert can have. They even all with envying vision looks at Xia Tian, they think that Xia Tian certainly was the luck good here to obtain false Spirit Tool, this reached the sky in a single bound regarding them simply, if they obtained false Spirit Tool, their strengths will turn time of growth. Why this is these people for the treasure can reason not awfully. But they do not know that false Spirit Tool Xia Tian here is just the casual goods, usually Xia Tian radically disdains in the use, if makes them know that perhaps this matter, will envy dead.

After practicing six Yun Zhen, their six. Xu Wen is discrete, which him regardless of will arrive at to inspect carefully, after his careful inspection, the teams of these six people also will be the unusual securities. Well!” Xu Wen squats suddenly the body, then inspected the crushed stone of ground carefully, he has licked in the crushed stone: Is new.” Afterward he has lifted head slowly, when he gains ground, on his face presented the excited expression: Brothers, we got rich.” Hears his words, all people all look up. Encrinite. Is the encrinite! The treasure in legend, stone lotus flower, it is said the stone obtains world spiritual energy will moisten for a long time will have the subtle change, this type of change probability less than 1/100000000000, if will have the mutation to present the encrinite. The value of this encrinite is not weak in the Tianshan snow lotus. Moreover is different according to the size of encrinite, is also different from the year of Tianshan snow lotus correspondence, this time the encrinite is equal to the thousand years saussurea involucratas probably. Ha Ha Ha Ha, unexpectedly is the encrinite, was really too thank you several kids, my former unexpectedly had not discovered.” At this moment laughs wildly the sound to transmit together.