Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1297

Xu Wen they have not waited extremely in the happiness, heard a voice of person. Array!” Xu Wen shouts instantaneously. Meets the enemy's first response is puts forth six to say Formation, Xu Wen is a very discrete person, therefore he match, no matter meets any rank, so long as the discovery is an enemy, he will let the people instantaneous array. Their six stood in their position instantaneously, the preparation has opposed the enemy. Snort, six kid unexpectedly also dare to contend with me.” The form of opposite party appeared, is a white hair old man, on this old man face has shown the self-confident expression. Earth Grade Expert! All people from his imposing manner can look, this old man is Earth Grade Expert. After confirming this point, Xu Wen was ready in full battle array: Brothers, are not concerned about face, believes itself.” Depends on your six?” That old man was obviously impatient, afterward his right fist wields. Inner Strength manifestation. Inner Strength manifestation pounded directly to Xia Tian their six. This is the Earth Grade Expert common failing, they deal with the Earth Grade following person use Inner Strength manifestation, directly creates Insta-kill, because the Inner Strength manifestation speed is fast, the attack is high, so long as has not arrived at the Earth Grade above person, that basically was Insta-kill. This move is Earth Grade Expert act high and mighty adept Unique Skill. Can make others feel that the user is good, gets rid to be able casually the Insta-kill match. After that old man has used Inner Strength manifestation, he has prepared to enjoy the victory. Bang! The Inner Strength manifestation direct hit above stone wall, has made small pit stone wall.

Hasn't hit?” That old man has doubts looked to Xia Tian their six, he a little cannot believe that own eye, his Inner Strength manifestation unexpectedly person has not hit: Coincidence, certainly is the coincidence.” The old men have brandished his fist once more. Bang! An old man fist rumbles. Inner Strength manifestation. Bang! Inner Strength manifestation of old man hit once more above stone wall. How is this possible?” The old men a little cannot believe that own eye, this was really too mysterious, already a little superhigh his expectation, he has not thought that his Inner Strength manifestation unexpectedly has not projected on the opposite party one after another twice. Counter-attack!” Xu Wen shouts loudly. Afterward six people started to attack. Hateful, your several person unexpectedly also dare to counter-attack.” The old men felt that this is to his insult, he is Earth Grade Initial Stage Expert, in his opinion copes with several Profound Grade boys is also not the easy matter. But now opposite party unexpectedly fought back, this simply is to his insult. Puff! Just launched the counter-attack, on the arm of old man had the wound, this made him more inconceivable: Has the strangeness, what's the matter, not to be actually good, must run away first.” The old men decided to run away. He felt that these Profound Grade boys have the strangeness, he must leave here first, otherwise he possibly is really in danger.

Six clouds Formation, although the striking power and fends is very strong, but actually cannot retain the person. If Earth Grade Expert wants to escape, they do not have the means. ! At this moment, that old man unexpectedly has anchored the footsteps, he felt that own body probably by any thing anchorage, is this time, his head directly was cut. Head high flies. Death! Earth Grade Expert unexpectedly died in the hands of several Profound Grade boys. How didn't he run away a moment ago?” Asking that Xu Wen has doubts, he thinks very strange, the old man has been able to escape a moment ago obviously was right, but old man unexpectedly was freezing finally, this was also too mysterious. First flips his treasure.” Xia Tian said directly that this is shifting everybody's attention. Hears the treasure, Xu Wen nodded, afterward he touches directly to the old man, this touches, but also touched many good things, several compounded drug and a false Spirit Tool gauntlet (glove), saw false Spirit Tool time, everybody very happy. They do not have to think own unexpectedly can kill Earth Grade Expert, moreover snatched Earth Grade Expert false Spirit Tool. That encrinite.” Xia Tian said. Em, I pick the encrinite now.” Xu Wen nodded. Xu Wen very careful has picked encrinite, he has picked for five minutes, the entire process he is cautious and solemn, obviously was worried to destroy the encrinite. Brothers, I had thought before, has the treasure everybody minute, when sufficed to divide, I took the minute, now I think that these things enough have divided, how then everybody studied to divide.” Xu Wen said. The Xu Wen beforehand meaning is the treasure suffices six to open divides, insufficient six first put his.

Now treasure obviously already enough six. Nobody spoke, they were waiting for Xu Wen assignment. Actually at this time most needed the discrete time, because assigns , if there is little problem, that this team the situation that may have is split up. First said the encrinite, the value of this thing, I did not say that everybody also understands, our six people who took the encrinite, then outside to Heavenly Connection finished from the hole of present, what treasure regardless of we obtain, he divides is less, naturally the treasure that if we obtain has exceeded the two times of values of encrinite, that can assign again, if has not surpassed the encrinite, that this person has gained, this is gambling, do some people dare to bet?” Xu Wen asked. The people remained silent. If before, they see in encrinite the treasure, that definitely wanting without hesitation. However now everybody understands that their this six people of squads have the development very much, perhaps, also will bump into any treasure, moreover then also false Spirit Tool, encrinite, although is good, but the encrinite wants to use is troublesome, but false Spirit Tool is different. False Spirit Tool brings can use. Although the function of encrinite is bigger, but everybody nobody spoke, person who because obtained the encrinite was almost impossible to obtain other thing, for does not know the encrinite how to take gave up outside entire Heavenly Connection the hole treasure. It is not cost-effective. Sees nobody to speak, Xia Tian raises hand: I wanted.” Good, Brother Tian wanted, our Mr. respectful Yoshida.” Xu Wen said that afterward he has taken up false Spirit Tool: Second was false Spirit Tool, I think that everybody wanted it was right, that this, who has attained false Spirit Tool, so long as we did not obtain compared with the false Spirit Tool high-grade treasure, that this person cannot divide anything again, naturally, if our every false Spirit Tool, he also has been able to continue to assign with us.” Hears Xu Wen words, several people all raise hand. They want false Spirit Tool, although the condition is also very harsh, but they have not been willing to think that the following treasure, false Spirit Tool may with not be possible to ask regarding anybody.