Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1298

These many people are staring at this false Spirit Tool. Regardless of Xu Wen has given anyone it, several other people cannot happily. The team that such this forms temporarily may disperse very much directly, even if has not dispersed, that can also various bosom thoughts, when the time comes, this team same must end. Beforehand stated that this thing I first do not certainly want.” Xu Wen first few words. Hears Xu Wen these words, everybody admired his person of this lead, because he said that he wanted first, everybody did not have any means that he said him to opportunity on the scene. I planned gave us here only woman Zhao Xiaoxiao it, but afterward thinks, although false Spirit Tool was good, but she not with gauntlet (glove) . Moreover the gauntlet (glove) was the man uses, therefore after us, found directly to her who the female used, if really if no , can only to the deviation in the masculine weapon, deep and clear, you did think how is it?” Xu Wen looked that asked to Zhao Xiaoxiao. Em.” Zhao Xiaoxiao nodded, truly so, although she also wants false Spirit Tool, but this gauntlet (glove) truly does not suit her. If Xu Wen came up to speak these words directly, she will be naturally unsatisfied, but Xu Wen coming up first few words were I do not want, therefore she has also understood Xu Wen difficulty. Afterward Xu Wen looked to the remaining several people: Brothers, if no mouse, we are impossible to gather together, I proposed that false Spirit Tool is what kind to the mouse, the good treasure of following acquisition still first to give everybody, my last takes.” Hears Xu Wen words, other two's nod of slightly, this result they are also satisfied. „After actually I can also , wants.” Mouse awkward saying. Was good, mouse, let alone, without your everybody was unable to gather together, I believe that our six people definitely will have a better development, we did not kill including Earth Grade Expert, so long as after us, careful, by the discretion of Xu elder brother, we can obtain more treasures absolutely.” The forest said. Right, if not mouse, I wander here do not have a sense of purpose, that present has not known that what will turn into, the mouse, should not be impolite.” Zhou Runcai said.

Was good, the mouse, do not decline, natural.” Xu Wen very heroic saying. Northeasterners. Xia Tian looked appearance that Xu Wen knows he was a northeasterner, because on him had Bing Chuan that heroic imposing manner. Good, the brothers, I first were taking, I ensure the following fight I put certainly out 120 the strength, if I dare to steal act slippery deceitfully, I cannot live the hole from Heavenly Connection am leaving.” The mouse is also the earliest possible time pledged that has indicated the standpoint. Good, we continue.” Xu Wen said directly. Listened to the words of mouse, several other people are also at heart warm, assigns goods originally i.e. many, now after Xu Wen's the indication standpoint of atmosphere and mouse, everybody is very as before harmonious. Moreover assignment spoils of war, be only first time is easy to have the dispute, later will again not have anything to dispute. Present Xia Tian is excited, this is the encrinite . Moreover the encrinite of such big head is equal to the thousand years saussurea involucratas, this type of thing cannot take directly, the strength that because in contains was really too big. If the average people swallow directly, that strength will explode in his within the body to a missile equally directly. However Xia Tian is different. His body had already used Superman to be first-grade, moreover by his present strength, so long as took the properties of several compounded drug neutralization encrinites to be OK. Therefore his quietly took the encrinite, under after clothing encrinite, he has taken several compounded drugs, and drinking monkey liquor.

Brother Tian, how your person drink in that also did not fear that got drunk.” The mouse asked. Relax, my alcohol capacity is good, are more, my exceed that drinks can hit.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, his present within the body very warm, the property of encrinite is not overbearing, but in contained very big energy, Xia Tian first time takes the encrinite, therefore affects is very big. He can feel that obviously his Inner Strength increased, the body also became strong, the encrinite superimposed with function unexpectedly of monkey liquor. That matter touches may not and thin film also started becomes transparent. Good sign, if I take several encrinites again, perhaps I also really can break through present Realm.” Xia Tian excited saying, he made a breakthrough to feel finally. Such long, he must break through to Earth Grade finally. Xia Tian also anticipated after own breakthrough, what will turn into, after all now he could contend with Profound Grade late stage Expert, after he broke through? Xia Tian do not dare to guess their change. However he believes after one broke through, wants to break through once more will be also difficult, the road of his cultivation has been more difficult than others. „Aren't you cultivation Chinese boxing featuring unpredictability?” The mouse cracks a joke to say. Slightly understands!!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he meets Heaven Absolute Wake, is the techniques of eight Qi, he can imitate any Martial Arts, the Chinese boxing featuring unpredictability naturally is also a cinch, but he said that slightly understands. Had not said one are very fierce.

He discovered that the person of this team also good, everyone has own characteristics, especially their Captain Xu articles, his power of observation is careful, only if Xia Tian opens the X-Ray Vision eye, otherwise he cannot achieve Xu Wen this power of observation. Therefore Xia Tian planned that they follows some time Xu Wen, moreover he just took others encrinite , must have morality and justice. Was good, left modestly, had the opportunity to make everybody experience.” The mouse said. Xia Tian their this teams are uneventful, among this also had a minor matter, was they have bumped into people of the 30-40 people of school, the person in this school was extremely arrogant, each one was nostril hosts upwards. Because they the mouse looked at their one eyes to attack brutally, finally Xu Wen went forward to apologize, this matter was the understanding. Through this time matter, Xia Tian admired Xu Wen management ability, this was the genuine real man, was adaptable to the situation. The average people will impulse in that situation a moment ago, but the opposite party strength is not impulsive can cope obviously, therefore the fate of that person can only be the death finally. Here is outside Heavenly Connection the hole, nobody will pity you. Brothers, careful, here person were getting more and more, should better avoid with others having the conflict, otherwise we will win are also sneak attacked by others.” Xu Wen said directly. Now the person in this region obviously be more than beforehand place person. Probably has any treasure to appeared same.