Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1299

At this moment, one line of more than 20 individual teams moved toward Xu Wen directly they. „The small team that your several also temporarily form, your several will listen from now on our, otherwise we extinguished your six now.” In a that team person comes out to say. A Xu Wen brow wrinkle. He does not want to stir up trouble, but he also knows that cannot be afraid of getting into trouble absolutely, currently obvious neighbor has any treasure to appear, reason that this team must incorporate their six is wish makes them when the time comes take the lead. The result of taking the lead generally only then, that dies. Standing by.” Xu Wen said directly, after he said that their six people exhibited six to say Formation. Xia Tian appreciated this Xu Wen really more and more, Xu Wen was an organizing faculty very strong person, power of observation, leadership, moreover murdered decisively, such person absolutely was a talented person. Now in Xia Tian brothers on actually this kind of person. Although in the Xia Tian brothers the people in any aspect have, but lacks Xu Wen such lead figure only, now all are Xu decide, but to put it bluntly, Xu was old, has a little lacked the ability to do what one would like, Xia Tian did not plan that makes him so tired. Xu has thought does not have his today without Xia Tian, regardless of he tired, he will not say with Xia Tian, but actually Xia Tian understands Xu busily, tired. Em? Do you also dare to revolt, do believe us to extinguish your six now?” That person depends their people many, therefore wants to incorporate forcefully Xia Tian their six. Isn't breaknecks? We dare, even if dies, the father must draw in several pad backs.” Xu Wen said loudly, suddenly, his imposing manner is full, the opposite people had a scare by him. Because Xu Wen appearance is terrorist at this time, is the stance that must perish together. Sees such situation, these people suddenly a little hoodwinked. Dies must draw several pad backs.” The mouse their four also shouts, Xia Tian has not spoken, but he actually forwarded two steps, has proven his intention with the fact.

Several people simultaneously such shouted that the momentum is big. Since the ancient times, the person fear to stare, fears not awfully. Now Xia Tian their six not awfully. Surroundings many people looked to here, this made that more than 20 people of team be unable to back down, if they let off these six people, that obvious face has lost completely, who did they then find the person also to fear them? But if on, even if has killed these six people, their more than 20 people of teams do not feel better, if after all these six people breakneck, the effect is very big. Hateful, you court death.” That more than 20 planned to set up prestige personally, the person who therefore took the lead waved directly. On. Their more than 20 started to attack. Brothers, went all out.” Xu Wen shouts, afterward they start to fight with more than 20 personally in the same place, more than 20 individual majorities are Profound Grade late stage, only then two are Profound Grade is greatly complete, the strength of this kind of team outside was also good, here did not have the Earth Grade Expert team, can only be in the team of subordinate strength. However their people are many. Xia Tian they have six people, but the opposite party has more than 20 individuals. However six clouds that Formation is truly fierce, the both sides battle starts, their six obtained the situation. ! The Xia Tian more than 20 silver needles project, his technique Advanced, presents nobody to look, nobody discovers his movement, but these six people on such as chopped the melon to cut the vegetable equally directly more than 20 individual Insta-kill.

Right. Is Insta-kill. Litigant Xu Wen they also hoodwinked. They think can be a war, but after opposite party these people crash in their kill zones, the unexpectedly god, this god has all given them six opportunities. Humph!” Surroundings these people all looked silly. They are the whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian their this small teams, all were really too the magical instruments, more than 20 individual team unexpectedly were given Insta-kill by six people. Are that these six people Earth Grade Expert? The person who these watch the fun hides distant. Although Xu Wen does not understand actually they how win is so relaxed, since has won, he must be used to deter other people: Our six do not want to stir up trouble, but we are not afraid of getting into trouble absolutely.” With Xu Wen's these words, surroundings these people silently their six at heart. Afterward Xu Wen starts to plunder in these people, this plunders also really to make many good things, although does not have the treasure of what false Spirit Tool rank, but also was the good things. After Xu Wen the thing divides, their stand forth. Actually Xu Wenzhi took some small parts, because they have not stored the bag and so on thing, therefore many big-ticket items do not bring on, otherwise these weapons took to sell the good price. Chu Wudai is scarce in this world, even if the Earth Grade greatly complete person also few personally has.

The person who only then these luck go against heaven's will have this type of thing. Also must carry the words of these weapons without the Chu bag, is courting death, first will stare by others, the next body brings these things to fight is not convenient, therefore they have not gone to covet these weapons. Mouse, inquired in the past, inside what happened.” Xu Wen asked that this matter mouse was most adept. Good.” The mouse said directly. Before long the mouse came back. How is it?” Xu Wen asked. Inquired, was two groups of people hits, two groups both were Expert in legend, a side was the Maoshan Faction, another side was North Korean Expert, it is said that they were the mortal enemies, now front presents a mysterious cavern, they think that in first, hit.” The mouse answered. „Does everybody think how is it? We this turbid water?” Xu Wen solicited everybody's suggestions. Xia Tian continues to drink the liquor in his hand, very optional saying: Naturally must go, they two are the mortal enemies, does not die continuous that they will not place in our small roles the eye, so long as when the time comes we were not sneak attacked by others carefully are all right.” „? Have you heard these two side influences?” Xu Wen looks at Xia Tian surprisedly, after Xia Tian since joins the team, the words are few, generally few initiative speeches, unexpectedly on own initiative speaks now. Em, Maoshan sends to be situated a large-scale school under Changbai Mountains, the Maoshan old ancestors are existence of China four big Expert ranks, they with the contradiction of North Korea are because the previous Maoshan old ancestors had scolded the Boss in North Korea, the enmity had from that time.” Xia Tian answered. Hears the Xia Tian words, several other people all surprised looks at Xia Tian.