Almighty Student - Volume 13 - Chapter 1300

Their unexpectedly had not discovered. Xia Tian knows these many. Actually with words that they compare, the Xia Tian experience are truly many, moreover these people who he said were he personally have seen, the Maoshan old ancestor, North Korean crown prince, this was the person of fighting. Had not discovered that you are also a talented person.” Xu Wen looks at Xia Tian to say. He he.” Xia Tian awkward smiling of: Has heard some.” Em, good, person each in our team has the characteristics, cohesive force of mouse, is inquired that news skilled person, your experience was good, had you , our squad securities.” Xu Wen said. Other three people are also appreciations looks to Xia Tian, they have not envied Xia Tian. Good, we come up to try one's luck, everybody is careful, don't to watch the fun was sneak attacked, here definitely has part to exist by the person of killing a person and taking his possessions.” Xu Wen reminded. Em.” Several people nod in abundance. Where, so long as person are many, that definitely has the kind of person of being opportunistic. The person who these kill a person and take his possessions is the person of this being opportunistic, they seize the treasure to live by the murder, they think that they will exit to treasure hunt will be troublesome . Moreover the treasure will not be good to look, since this, they killed people, then robbed on that person all things, goes later to look for an auction to sell. Which lane auction farm will only then not manage your thing from, so long as there is a treasure, they receive. Xu Wendai their several is walking toward front, after walking for more than ten minutes, they saw the front war, both sides have more than 100 people respectively. Now battled is the Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince, in the hand takes of stick is being the Maoshan old ancestor, what in his hand is taking is Maoshan sends the Bao of military extremely universe stick that town faction, what his behind is the Yin-Yang protector, behind these people are Maoshan most famous pursuing soul masters, these pursue the body of soul master not dying, therefore the frontage resistance.” Xia Tian answered. Heard the explanation of Xia Tian, Xu Wen several people were more surprised.

Because the explanation of Xia Tian was really too sufficient, probably really saw these people same. „, Said resembles you to see these people same.” A nearby person very discontented looks at Xia Tian, he thinks that Xia Tian in showing off to talk nonsense, front these people may be figure in legend, how possibly who wants to see to see. What's wrong? Do you visit me not to be feeling well?” Xia Tian looked that asked to that person. How visited you not to be feeling well?” That person looks at Xia Tian in a threatening manner. All right, I also look one are not feeling well.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Hears the Xia Tian words, Xu Wen several people are helpless shaking the head, Xia Tian did not speak the time really does not speak, this speaks is really too classical. Snort, instigates the package.” That person noticed that Xia Tian recognized has instigated, continued to say. I, the merit are many, draws an analogy, won't I prepare food? I will eat \; Won't I speak? I anti- punch \; I lazily? I have the meat.” Xia Tian said own merit. Volume!” This time opposite person also collapsed: Brother, you have won, I made a mistake.” Conquered. Xia Tian thoroughly the opposite party conquering. This is conquering on imposing manner, conquering in language, defeating the enemy without fighting. Xu Wen several people gave the thumbs-up to Xia Tian, they have taken Xia Tian, Xia Tian unexpectedly stiffly by mouth person conquering, this simply was too extraordinary. Brother Tian, I have not looked, your eloquence was really good.” A mouse face admiration looks at Xia Tian.

Superficial knowledge, is the superficial knowledge.” Xia Tian very modest saying. These two people very strong, their fights my point cannot understand.” The forest looked at one to discover that own eye could not follow the rhythm of that two person completely, in his brain definitely is unable to react. This is the showdown between ultimate Expert, looks like probably was looking that the big piece is the same.” Zhou Runcai said. Really hopes that I can also turn with their same Expert in the future, afterward wields the rock avalanche.” Xu Wen worships sees the Maoshan old ancestors they, Xu Wen also has own pursue, he also hopes own future can turn into one generation of Expert, the direction landscape. They have not planned to go all out, otherwise the surrounding area in five li (0.5km) does not dare the standing person.” Xia Tian said that he knows these two fierce, initially Witchcraft Sect buried treasure time, Xia Tian with the Maoshan old ancestors to one, moreover almost dies in the hand of North Korean crown prince. They are tempting more people to come to here, then lets these person of roads?” Xu Wen has thought of a fearful suspicion suddenly. The front that cave is the auxiliary hole, outside Heavenly Connection the hole is named the Heavenly Connection tower obviously, these auxiliary holes are in the Heavenly Connection tower valuable holes, in this 90% are containing the treasure. Meanwhile also some in 10% was the death, went is impossible to come out. Even if has in the cavern of treasure, generally also has the bloodthirsty demon beast guarding, therefore these two old fogies are are not going all out, but finds a person of road in the plot. These two old fogies, unexpectedly also has this trick.” Xia Tian beforehand unexpectedly had not discovered that these two old fogies have this thoughts, although he discovered that these two old fogies have not hit, but he has not thought that these two old personal enemy unexpectedly can cooperate. This was really stems from his anticipation. In first of this auxiliary hole entire Heavenly Connection tower altogether over a hundred, each hole ** the present gathered many Expert, they not entry easily. Because here one step lives, one step dies. Before had Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, because after crashed in the auxiliary hole, stepped on above the poisonous insect, direct death, therefore this also gave other Earth Grade greatly complete Expert to sound the alarm.

Bang! At this moment, Xia Tian felt suddenly own necklace has stroked oneself. Anything!” Necklace unexpectedly active threat Xia Tian. Moreover these is very painful. Xia Tian a little hoodwinked immediately, necklace inside installed, but Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, four Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll has the change now, i.e. Xia Tian looks up to the front that cave entrance, he understood. Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll as if received the hauling of some strength. In other words, in this cave definitely has any treasure, moreover super treasure. Meanwhile, another. The Great General and in front of the Fire Cloud evil god has over a hundred corpses, but their surroundings also several hundred people, these people are Profound Grade above Expert, moreover is the person of head is Earth Grade greatly complete existence.