Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1301

The Great General and Fire Cloud evil god was encircled. Snort, hands over Spirit Tool, I can let off your horse.” That Earth Grade greatly complete person cold snort said. Had the skill to graze a horse.” The Fire Cloud evil god said. He already knows here will have this killing a person and taking his possessions existed, but he has not thought that unexpectedly was Earth Grade greatly complete Expert organizes these many people to kill a person and take his possessions, although they have killed much, but front also had Earth Grade greatly complete existence after all. This fellow is the biggest threat. Since you court death, I help you.” That Earth Grade greatly complete Expert has prepared to begin. Come, our Jiang Hai City person has not feared dying.” The Fire Cloud evil god understood, he and Great General one jin (0.5 kg) had no place to go, although the Great General can contend with Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, but if Earth Grade greatly complete Expert socialized with him, he must defeat without doubt. At this time they want to run away unable to run away, because here enemy was really too many. Although these people are not big to their threats, but these people can constrain their several seconds, these seconds enough Earth Grade complete greatly Expert has blocked them. Jiang Hai City, are you China Xia Tian person?” That Earth Grade greatly complete person has anchored own footsteps suddenly. Right, that is my Boss, what's wrong? Do you have a grudge with my Boss? That today together considers as finished, I am die must gnaw off your meat.” The Fire Cloud evil god is also a dauntless man. Good, I am South Korean first Expert, tells Xia Tian, today I sell his favour, you walk.” That Earth Grade greatly complete person said that heard his words, the Fire Cloud evil god is shocked. Opposite party unexpectedly let off them.

He had heard before Xia Tian all over the sky under is an enemy, but he does not have to think own unexpectedly only mentioned Boss' name, the opposite party has put them to walk, this was also too mysterious, but opposite party Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. unexpectedly only hears Jiang Hai City, directly let off them. „Was Boss' reputation so when resounding?” Fire Cloud evil god innermost feelings doubts asked itself, he left was very careful, he worried that the opposite party such reached an agreement intentionally the sneak attack, until he disappeared, the opposite party has not overtaken. Senior, why has put them.” Person puzzled asking of Earth Grade late stage. Should hear Xia Tian this name by your strength.” Earth Grade greatly complete Expert of South Korea said. Has heard, person list second, that? The person list is just the talent, can he you be fiercer than Senior?” That person puzzled asking. No, he absolutely is not my match, but I do not want absolutely with him for the enemy, because he is a fearful person, people who these have offended his does not have the good end, I am a South Korean, simultaneously I am also the senior official in South Korea, I do not want to draw on his such powerful enemy to South Korea, moreover we looked up his status, General China, the Dragon Group chief teacher, with his mutual hatred was equal to that is in offending China, therefore before I, above on said that Xia Tian cannot offend one of the people absolutely, solely is not I, on. The influences of other countries also such told.” South Korean Earth Grade greatly complete Expert said. „, Cannot think that he has such strong background.” That Earth Grade late stage Expert said. Do not think that he is only background, Island Country was wild for these years enough, they think own strength formidable, the land , sea and air are invincible, but also has made the aircraft carrier secretly, because they offended Xia Tian, the Island Country air-defense base has destroyed, protected the soldier in air-defense base dead, the hat that Prime Minister Island Country was the continuation was attained China to work as the item on exhibit, moreover aircraft carrier of their secret construction also by Xia Tian destroying, warship dozens, soldier over ten thousand, live did not have, the atomic bomb was stolen away, you said that if traded to do is you, is willing to offend a such person.?” That Earth Grade greatly complete person said. Although his strength formidable, but he similarly is also the military officer in South Korea. He is not willing to go to set up Xia Tian such powerful enemy for South Korea. Present Xia Tian, the reputation has spread over the world, has the dead enmity person besides these with Xia Tian, Earth Grade greatly complete Expert of other countries ordered, anyone, so long as hears the Xia Tian reputation to acknowledge that the punishment is deserved.

Cannot absolutely with Xia Tian for enemy. The Xia Tian reputation was really too resounding. His success has spread over the world. Moreover China military power also in unceasing is increasing. This time Xia Tian vision has stared in that cave, he can feel the hauling feeling in that cave, has probably any thing to summon him to be the same. The Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince do not hit finally. However imposing manner actually not slight weakening of both sides. Snort, our Maoshan Faction must first advanced.” Kungfu that the Maoshan old ancestors act in a play is good. Is impossible, I rather do not go in cannot make your Maoshan advanced.” North Korean crown prince is also coordinating the Maoshan old ancestor, the play that they perform in was really more and more lifelike. Good, that everyone left advanced, making them advanced.” The Maoshan old ancestors said loudly. Hears Maoshan old ancestor's words, surroundings these people burst with joy immediately. They do not have to think own unexpectedly has opportunity to be advanced, starts to be ready to fight immediately.

These two people exercise to develop is really good.” Xu Wen said. Preparation, we are also advanced.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say. Em?” Xu Wen has doubts looks to Xia Tian, he does not understand that Xia Tian is any meaning. Believes me, I can feel that in has the treasure, the danger definitely also has, but the treasure exists absolutely, is not the dead hole.” Xia Tian plans to help these person one times, after all that encrinite has very major function to him, he is not that ungrateful person. Good, since is the brothers, we believe you, everybody is ready, went in later unable to avoid battle, our six should not be separated.” Xu Wen said. Several other people also nodded. Good, behind these people, start me to give you now five minutes, can go in many to calculate many, after five minutes, we go.” Maoshan Lao Zu said that his meaning is very simple, in five minutes, you can go to snatch the treasure casually, after five minutes, we must go. Hears this saying, the surrounding these people went crazy probably same flushes away to inside. Their speeds are quick. Because this regarding them is an opportunity, they most dread is the Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince such Expert, now these two Expert did not snatch with them, they naturally cannot let up this opportunity. „After one will go, saw that the treasure in some people of hands are good, kills to me.” The Maoshan old ancestors under have been giving a hand signal to person.