Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1303

Has not hit. That North Korean Expert saw Xu Wen is in the way, wants to hit to fly Xu Wen first, but he has not thought that some unexpectedly people carried off Xu Wen, shunt him to strike. Your unexpectedly dares to hide.” That North Korean Expert behind several Expert also walked. I want to ask a question.” Xia Tian looks to that North Korean Expert. Any issue.” North Korean Expert impatient saying. „Do you want to hit my brother a moment ago?” Xia Tian asked. Right, I not only need hit your brothers, your several, could not have been inescapable.” That North Korean Expert said. Bang! At this moment. Stems from that all people anticipate. The face and ground of that North Korean Expert have made an intimate contact, sees such scene, surroundings all people all are one startled, hit the person, some unexpectedly people dare to hit North Korean Expert. This simply is live is impatient. North Korean Expert overwhelms with numerical strength here. Xu Wen and the others also hoodwinked, they have not thought that Xia Tian said the hand to get rid, moreover got rid so to be decisive, does not know the life and death that North Korean Expert hits directly. Saw that own person was hit. Behind that several North Korea Expert directly flushed. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! To four North Korean Expert by Xia Tian one fist one directly were also knocked down, sees such scene, Xu Wen their several has all been shocked, these North Korean Expert may be the Earth Grade greatly complete strengths, but they link one move unable to pass in the Xia Tian hand.

Such big sound has caused the attention of Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince. It seems like some people have killed your subordinate.” Saying that the Maoshan old ancestors disdain, although they collaborate temporarily, but he will not let off any meaning to taunt the opportunity of North Korean crown prince, so long as he will have the opportunity to say North Korean crown prince several. Snort, in the past has solved him.” North Korean crown prince under said to oneself Earth Grade Expert that person is Earth Grade Initial Stage Expert, it seems like copes with this small in North Korean crown prince, if also uses Expert to go, that very much will not have the face. That Earth Grade Expert gets rid instantaneously. A Inner Strength manifestation blade cut directly to Xia Tian, his whole person also directly has fired afterward into Xia Tian. Inner Strength manifestation and person simultaneously arrive at the Xia Tian front. Bang! The Xia Tian left hand wields, opposite party Inner Strength manifestation breaks immediately, afterward his left fist hit directly on the Expert face of that Earth Grade Initial Stage. Bang! That Earth Grade Initial Stage Expert fell on Xia Tian front ground once more. The life and death does not know! Insta-kill! Insta-kill again, this people all surprised close mouth on the scene, they noticed that the Xia Tian beforehand performance was surprised enough, at that time but Xia Tian overthrew after is only the Profound Grade greatly complete person. But a moment ago Xia Tian conveniently waved the Inner Strength manifestation thorough smashing of Earth Grade Expert Expert, actually this is the how terrifying strength. They had not heard some people can wave to break Earth Grade Expert Inner Strength manifestation. After all the person majority here are only Profound Grade and Yellow Grade strength, Inner Strength manifestation regarding their this people are the super formidable style, but unexpectedly by Xia Tian so superficial broke. What is main, Earth Grade Expert cannot shoulder the fist of Xia Tian.

Who refuses to accept?” Xia Tian looked that shouts to opposite these North Korean Expert. Hears Xia Tian these words, these North Korean Expert their several surrounded instantaneously Xia Tian. That several Expert of North Korean crown prince and his side also all walked, now Xia Tian is bringing the monster king mask, he hit the person not to use Finger of Consonance a moment ago, therefore North Korean crown prince has not recognized Xia Tian. My person you also dares to hit, in report given name.” North Korean crown prince coldly looks at Xia Tian, can see Xia Tian from the Xia Tian skill is Expert, therefore he has not gotten rid, but asks about the Xia Tian status. I called to lie to hit wildly.” Xia Tian said. Lies to hit wildly?” Deeping frown of North Korean crown prince, he is thinking, do oneself have to listen to this name, he worried that he meets one with Expert of same rank, if the opposite party is really Expert, he must give an opposite party face. After all two Earth Grade greatly complete Expert die the words that puts together, finally is not good. Right!” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face. Lies to hit wildly? I have not listened to this figure, the old monster, have you listened to the name of this person?” North Korean crown prince looked that asked to Maoshan Lao Zu. Has listened, naturally has listened, he said that he is your Sir, you also called real earnest, I have not listened how possibly.” Saying that a Maoshan old ancestor face badly smiles. Lies to hit wildly? My Sir! Lying trough!” North Korean crown prince listened finally, Xia Tian this was occupying him to be cheap. Hears the words of North Korean crown prince, surroundings some people smile to make noise immediately. Puff! The body of that person explodes directly. This time also nobody dares to smile again. Although I do not think, when your Sir, since you called such own, I also can only comply reluctantly.” Hears the Xia Tian words, after Xu Wen several people, carries on the back is the cold sweat. Xia Tian unexpectedly dares such to speak to North Korean crown prince, this really lives is impatient, what figure is North Korean crown prince? Existence of Pyramid most peak, but Xia Tian clearly knows his strength and status, but also dares such to speak.

This is courting death. Snort, you court death.” North Korean crown prince saying of coldly. Whom I asked to refuse to accept a moment ago, looked that your appearance does resemble you to refuse to accept?” Xia Tian looked that asked to North Korean crown prince. Wild. The Xia Tian words were really too wild, heard the Xia Tian words, all people think that Xia Tian was too wild. Only the Maoshan old ancestors stand there one look at the good play the appearance, he naturally hopes that this sudden person can get one with North Korean crown prince, if this person can come mutually wounded that to be better with North Korean crown prince. He when the time comes can remove them directly at one fell swoop, all takes away two people of treasures, this can also solve North Korean crown prince this future trouble. Your unexpectedly may I ask me to take to refuse to accept?” North Korean crown prince was really speechless, how long, how long nobody has dared such to speak to him. Since you refuse to accept, that starts.” Xia Tian has made the combat readiness, his appearance is one momentarily can start. Xu Wen and the others deeping frown. They are having doubts, with a oneself team such long Tashita can be Earth Grade greatly complete Expert? This also too legend. Good, I accompany you.” North Korean crown prince said. Hits to turn over to hit, first has reached an agreement, making their several walk first, otherwise by your my strength, they will be affected, if you do not agree, we come a mutual wounds, their several cannot run in any case, I first all kill off your subordinate.” Xia Tian vision stubbornly is staring at North Korean crown prince. Well?” At this moment a Maoshan old ancestor brow wrinkle.