Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1304
The Maoshan old ancestors felt suddenly front person is a little familiar. But suddenly he could not have thought that is where to be actually familiar. Good!” North Korean crown prince unexpectedly complied. Hears North Korean crown prince to comply, Xia Tian is also relaxed, simultaneously he also understood North Korean crown prince definitely had not planned goes all out with him, otherwise is impossible to let off Xu Wen and the others. Xu Wen hears Xia Tian these words time, a brow wrinkle, he as if understood the meaning of Xia Tian. He looked up Xia Tian, happen to saw that Xia Tian also visited him, they have not spoken, but he understood the meaning of Xia Tian. This is a smart person. Xia Tian likes the smart person, especially Xu Wen such person, he believes that Xu Wen can understand his meaning. We walk!” Xu Wen waved to that several people. The mouse frightened the leg hemp a moment ago a little, this heard Xu Wen to say suddenly that he almost fell down, was good held his because of Xia Tian, simultaneously Inner Strength entered his within the body, his leg was all of a sudden good. He feels grateful looks to Xia Tian. One line of five people left. Their five bring false Spirit Tool to leave. First. Their five are only one team that brings the treasure to leave. Remember, my famous monster king.” Xia Tian looked that said to North Korean crown prince. Hears the Xia Tian name, North Korean crown prince deeps frown, he turned head a moment ago saw the Maoshan old ancestor's villainous smile, he understood the Maoshan old ancestor's intention immediately.

The Maoshan old ancestors are hope that he is mutually wounded with this monster king, then he seizes the chance to sneak attack. He does not think that the Maoshan old ancestors will miss such good opportunity. Monster king, I remembered you.” North Korean crown prince said. Xia Tian has not worried to get rid, he in the protracted time, he wants to give Xu Wen and the others escaping to delay a time, reason that North Korean crown prince has not worried to begin is trying to find the solution, he is thinking that does not use the means of hitting has not lost face. They were also happen to hold the same view. Everybody runs away quickly.” At this moment suddenly the sound conveys, hears this sound the time together, the scene was chaotic immediately, these people open directly run away, especially leaves exit / to speak near person, North Korean Expert encircled Xia Tian a moment ago, therefore there has the neutral gear. Chaotic! Scene chaotic. The Xia Tian corners of the mouth have shown the smiling face. Those words were he shout. Is he uses the abdomen language to shout. Let him and Earth Grade greatly complete person fight, naturally is impossible, only if he burns the life, the life is his, burns a point he little live, he has not sufficed exactly, does not want such untimely death. Reason that he a moment ago displayed to be so strong, was because he was fooling North Korean crown prince. He knows North Korean crown prince and Maoshan old ancestor's relations, but these two people the speed, is impossible to achieve the permanent cooperation, if North Korean crown prince is injured, that Maoshan old ancestor will certainly get sick to want you to assign while you, cuts to kill North Korean crown prince directly. Therefore Xia Tian fits out Earth Grade greatly complete Expert intentionally, such North Korean crown prince really will regard Earth Grade to be greatly complete him. Xia Tian in gambling!

He believes the coming face to face with an adversary formidable victory! So long as he ships out the Earth Grade greatly complete strength intentionally, appearance that then does not fear death, that North Korean crown prince definitely will be weak, he is weaker, Xia Tian is stronger. If makes North Korean crown prince know that he by a Profound Grade greatly complete person fooling, him perhaps will directly irritate. Xia Tian has not planned to remain same place, he while directly uses the hidden rest/breath technique randomly, afterward quietly walks toward inside, he must seek for that hauling to feel, although he does not know that actually there has anything. However can feel from the Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll hauling feeling, there definitely has the secret. Perhaps with the Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll related secret. That side one chaotic, North Korean crown prince also had the excuse, he had the person the person who directly started to chase down these to escape. „! This can also avoid a tribulation.” Saying that the Maoshan old ancestors are not feeling well, he also planned directly to kill North Korean crown prince directly here, was fight unexpectedly between North Korean crown princes and that any monster kings such by neutralize. Well, that monster king?” A Maoshan old ancestor brow wrinkle, he has not thought that monster king unexpectedly in does not know when left. Here continued less than ten minutes to be suppressed randomly, approached the Maoshan old ancestors and North Korean Expert their strength was too strong, therefore these people obedient has handed over the treasure, probably after a half hour, these talented people walked from here. Snort, person of half.” The Maoshan old ancestors have put out a Chu bag, the space of this Chu bag is not very big, is their Maoshan the treasure, usually he may not give up toward inside has the thing. This time Chu bag had the opportunity finally. He had also come before several times, but almost cannot obtain any treasure each time. Has not bumped into auxiliary hole opportunity. After all here several million people, but auxiliary hole possibly is less than 20. This time his luck was good, entered this auxiliary hole, these many treasures enough Maoshan has rallied, although these treasures could not have compared by these that Xia Tian stole away, but the most minimum Maoshan had the respite opportunity finally.

Otherwise in less than five years, Maoshan must dismiss. Snort!” North Korean crown prince is also cold snort one, he has also put out a Chu bag, has installed another 50% treasure, but his Chu bag most precious object of North Korea, moreover is not his. If not this time comes out mission, that above person will not give him Chu Wudai. After they assigned the treasure, just wants to leave. ! In the cave has heard giant roar. Bloodthirsty demon beast, inside has the person.” A Maoshan old ancestor brow wrinkle. „Do you want to go in? In the auxiliary hole is dangerous, this does not need me to remind you.” North Korean crown prince does not worry the Maoshan old ancestor in good intention, because he does not want to go , the degree of hazard of auxiliary hole is 80%, but he was also worried after the Maoshan old ancestors go, obtains any treasure from inside. Therefore he said. Has the bloodthirsty demon beast, that proves not to have the poisonous insect, the bloodthirsty demon beast and poisonous insect cannot coexist, since does not have the poisonous insect, that danger has been short, if you had feared you walk, I must go to have a look.” Maoshan Lao Zu said that leads his subordinate to walk toward inside directly, bumps into the auxiliary hole is once in a thousand years, bumps into does not have the auxiliary hole of poisonous insect, that is difficult, he guessed that outside entire Heavenly Connection in the hole, altogether should have less than 20 auxiliary holes, this inside does not have the auxiliary hole of poisonous insect should not over three. Now made him bump into one, how he possibly walked. North Korean crown prince clenched teeth: We also go.” Afterward both sides collaborated once more. Just caused is not others who the bloodthirsty demon beast roared, was Xia Tian, Xia Tian planned to use hidden rest/breath technique past quietly, this was also all the way smooth, but he has not walked far, has bumped into a big fellow, that big fellow unexpectedly can discover him. Hateful!” Xia Tian has been surrounded now in the bloodthirsty demon beasts.