Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1305

Xia Tian planned going in secretly, but he has not thought that inside unexpectedly had a big fellow to discover his hidden rest/breath technique. Its this attack, Xia Tian position on violent Lou. He entered to inside secretly, this violent Lou situation may not be good, surroundings these bloodthirsty demon beasts all saw him, he already by this crowd of bloodthirsty demon beast surrounding in the middle. Then troubled.” Xia Tian deeps frown, now the surrounding these bloodthirsty demon beasts are also too many a point, 40-50 heads, how even if he can hit again is impossible to be victorious these many bloodthirsty demon beasts, moreover inside that head one looked that is not affable. ! Nearby bloodthirsty demon beast directly flushed to Xia Tian. „It is not good, cannot hit hardly.” The Xia Tian left hand has gotten hold of the air/Qi mercury, afterward he runs directly to outside, these bloodthirsty demon beasts are the protection here, so long as Xia Tian escapes from their lethality scopes, they took Xia Tian not to have the means. Bang! The Xia Tian surrounding ground starts shatter. Air/Qi the mercury is the trick! Many number of people several attacks will be mad mercury misleading, say nothing was the bloodthirsty demon is beastly . Moreover the Xia Tian speed was quick, his Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step has evolved, now he had the one of the confidence in the speed and Bai Yu high gets down. Bang! The surrounding ground and stone wall crush innumerably, but Xia Tian has not turned head, he knows, once turn head, perhaps that will have any special situation. Now he must do runs away. Quick. Xia Tian ran away from inside.

Whistling! Xia Tian big mouth is panting for breath. „It is not good, such goes is impossible, here sound should attract the Maoshan old ancestors a moment ago they, then they came to lead the way to me on.” Xia Tian has drunk big monkey liquor, afterward used the hidden rest/breath technique, the body hides in side. He hides the goal here to be very simple, here distance bloodthirsty demon beast is very far, so long as he does not see the Maoshan old ancestors desirably, that Maoshan old ancestor should not discover him. The hidden rest/breath technique initially Lei Feng also had deceived, that say nothing of Maoshan old ancestors. However Xia Tian does not dare to move heedlessly, moreover does not dare to stare at the Maoshan old ancestors they to look with the vision, otherwise by the Maoshan old ancestor's strength, definitely will immediately discover his. Really, after crossing for a half hour, the Maoshan old ancestors they have caught up. These many bloodthirsty demon beasts?” The Maoshan old ancestors stare slightly, before they had also bumped into the bloodthirsty demon beast, but generally is also 1-2 heads, but currently here unexpectedly has multi-thread such. Before treasures of 1-2 protections were good, now such is the multi-thread bloodthirsty demon beast protection here, in the super treasure?” North Korean crown prince at present immediately one bright, he thinks super treasure time, could not control own mood. The treasure that such multi-thread bloodthirsty demon beast together protects, that affirmation did not miss. Hey, this time should be the good thing, the cooperation!” The Maoshan old ancestors looked that said to North Korean crown prince. Is having this intent.” North Korean crown prince excited saying. This time treasure is very likely the person who links their this ranks to obtain crazy existence, after all they are also first time noticed that such multi-thread bloodthirsty demon beast protects a place. They also very much hope to obtain the treasure. North Korea was not wealthy, the cultivation resources are less, Maoshan old ancestor's there situation is not good, the resources soon, after now by Xia Tian pill Medical supply store has looted, are poor dingdong sound.

They noticed that now the treasure is two shines. Especially this super treasure. Which Earth Grade greatly complete person does not hope to meet the super treasure. They now are definite, this cave absolutely is in entire first only treasure most caves, moreover is the most special cave. The first inside several million people, altogether less than 20 caves. Can find more than 20 caves Expert, that luck is good was serious, but in more than 20 caves has three to four dead holes, the dead hole meaning is in anything does not have, is the poisonous insect. Although other inside have treasure, but in also has the poisonous insect similarly. In one cave does not have poisonous insect, that is the cave that the present Maoshan old ancestors they are. It seems like this time met the treasure.” Maoshan old ancestor excited saying. Starts, before not having other Expert catches up, our two a bit faster start, otherwise one will bring in other Expert to trouble.” The meaning of North Korean crown prince is if came other Earth Grade greatly complete person, they must divide families one cup of thick soup. They may be Zhou Bapi, gives up apportions others the treasure. Good, outside your several go to stand sentry, if some people came to send the signal.” Maoshan Lao Zu said. Your several also go.” North Korean crown prince also said to his several subordinates. Meanwhile outside. Has not thought, his unexpectedly is so fierce.” The mouse remembers the Xia Tian strength to think now inconceivable, their unexpectedly forms a team with such fierce Expert.

Yeah!” Xu Wen sighed. How?” The mouse asked. He truly hid part of strengths, but he also absolutely is not Expert of Maoshan old ancestor that rank, reason that he a moment ago shipped out a Expert appearance to come, to shake the opposite party, quite made us leave, now we were run away, was he.” Xu Wen thinks feels sorry, when he and Xia Tian looks at each other one, he saw the firmness in Xia Tian eye. Therefore he agrees to walk. What? You said that his strength was to install.” Mouse surprised of their several whole faces. Right, did you forget? He had said the Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince are old enemies, therefore he used two small thoughts of people to perform in this play, he understands that the Maoshan old ancestor or North Korean crown princes do not dare to go all out with Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, so long as otherwise were injured, another person will get rid to strike to kill the opposite party directly, therefore he has used this point, pretended very strong appearance intentionally, therefore the opposite party really believes that he was Earth Grade greatly complete Expert.” Xu Wen said. That said that he does have danger?” The mouse complexion changes, afterward he clenches teeth: „It is not good, we must go back to save him.” „It is not good, he gave my look to be explicit at that time, he to let us preserves the life first.” Xu Wen said. But we cannot, when instigates the package, clear(ly) knows that he has the danger not to rescue, my mouse cannot do the matter of this non- morality and justice.” The mouse shouts loudly, his now is excited. Well, you look.” At this time in the team the only female with pointing at has referred to Xu Wen pocket, inside has a note. Xu Wen turns on the note looks, on face immediately one happy: Walks, manages proper business.”