Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1306

Unusual was just careful, afterward he who started Xia Tian also to hide simply did not hide, stood in the corner directly starts to drink the monkey liquor. For the time-saving, the Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince go forth to battle personally. They bear the brunt. Has killed, therefore basic notes Xia Tian here on nobody now. Strength unusual formidable of these bloodthirsty demon beasts, the time of but with the Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince this strength comparing, was not anything, the Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince this was the great strength. The subordinate who they bring is also strength formidable. However the quantity of bloodthirsty demon beast were too many, therefore the Maoshan old ancestors they cannot take in a short time. Hits, hits, intensely is better.” Xia Tian leisurely and carefree drinking. The Maoshan old ancestors they are discrete, because they do not want to cause the too big casualties, similarly they also anticipated that inside treasure, is the treasure that such multi-thread bloodthirsty demon beast protects actually what? They are also very curious, if can make them have the opportunity of promotion strength, that is makes them risk neck, they will also do. To their this Realm people are this. To promote the strength once more, is difficult such as to ascend to heaven simply, many person 40-50 years old on cultivation to the Earth Grade greatly complete strength, but finally they to dying cannot break through, because in this world, only if they bump into any fortuitous encounter, otherwise they are for a lifetime impossible to break through. Regarding them, outside Heavenly Connection hole is the fortuitous encounter. They only then can find the breakthrough here the opportunity, once breaks through, that is Heaven Grade in legend, although Heaven Grade and Earth Grade are greatly complete the disparity to have a rank, but Heaven Grade and Earth Grade are greatly complete is a day and place. The disparity of both sides is not tiny bit. That is disparity essentially. After Heaven Grade, can the short flight . Moreover the Heaven Grade Expert method is also very many, Heaven Grade Expert wants to kill the Earth Grade greatly complete person, that conveniently wielded simply is OK.

In these Earth Grade greatly complete Expert eyes. Heaven Grade is a legend. That legend that they most yearn, they hope one one day also promote Heaven Grade. This is they vainly hoped for together. Here bloodthirsty demon beast compares probably outside is fiercer.” The Maoshan old ancestors frown to say. Truly wants to be fiercer.” North Korean crown prince nodded. Such hits is not the means that our two kill,” Xia Tian leisurely and carefree is treating, but Maoshan and North Korean Expert there may not so be good, they presented the casualties now . Moreover the casualty figure is not small, especially Expert of North Korea. The pursuing soul masters in Maoshan have the maintaining life skill, but these Expert of North Korea may be the flesh and blood, Maoshan there pursuing soul master severe wound five people, minor wound 20 people, but the North Korean that side died now three people, the severely wounded ten people, the minor wound more than 30 people. „It is not good, cannot such hit, otherwise our people must confess this, our main attack.” North Korean crown prince proposed that he has damaged does not get up. Good!” The Maoshan old ancestors also thought that a little must get rid fully. Military universe stick uses extremely instantaneously. Bang! A bloodthirsty demon beast directly the smashing that was patted by the Maoshan old ancestors. Bang! North Korean crown prince is also the same time gets rid, a fist kills a bloodthirsty demon beast.

They get rid are the unusual violence, that several want to sneak attack their bloodthirsty demon beast was also all massacred by Yang Hufa and the others. Does really does not understand why this group of Expert like keeping up appearances, oneself on were not earlier good, is not worthwhile the deceased person.” Saying that Xia Tian disdains. The Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince they just started, although has also gotten rid, but is the pieces of work, at this time saw own made your casualty serious, they thought fully. The present was fully, but the brothers also died much. Has the Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince joins the fight, the fight became relaxed, although also had the wound, but died did not have. They fiercely compete and successfully compete, is less than one hour, these bloodthirsty demon beasts on processing was similar. Good play must start finally.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one evil. The Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince fiercely compete and successfully compete, their had not discovered that is having a super bloodthirsty demon beast to wait for them. Bang! When they fire into inside, a bloodthirsty demon beast directly flushed from inside, his speed is quick, hit directly on the Maoshan old ancestor's body. What thing?” A Maoshan old ancestor brow wrinkle, if a moment ago were not he responded that quick, now has been injured, although now has not been injured, but the situation was not good, that impact of bloodthirsty demon beast let his within the body vitality tuck dive a moment ago. Ha Ha.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings laugh wildly, he knows that the Maoshan old ancestors they affirm at the meeting the move, if before were not his X-Ray Vision arrives at this everybody shortly, he will fear the situation not to compare Maoshan to be old ancestor to be good, even if were so. Such big fellow.” North Korean crown prince looks at front bloodthirsty demon beast surprised saying. At this time the Maoshan old ancestors discovered that this bloodthirsty demon beast actually big, such big physique he unexpectedly had not discovered a moment ago that this made him shock simply. Such big fellow, certainly is the good treasure.” On the Maoshan old ancestor's face unexpectedly presented the joyful look. Right, it seems like that this time our has gotten rich, perhaps our time also has the opportunity to break through to that Realm.” North Korean crown prince is also an excitement of face.

He had also entered outside Heavenly Connection before east, but has not bumped into such big bloodthirsty demon beast. Obviously this bloodthirsty demon beast in the protection any extraordinary treasure, thinks of here, North Korean crown prince was more excited. ! At this moment, some outside people have transmitted the signal. Some people came.” A Maoshan old ancestor brow wrinkle. A bit faster begins, was not late cost-effective, if made other Expert come, our must slice!” North Korean crown prince does not want to wait again, he worried that has Expert to come. Here, Earth Grade was greatly complete the loathsome appearance to be little abundant since birth. Once has met the treasure, they also can only divide one. However this time treasure is obviously different, North Korean crown princes and Maoshan old ancestors do not want to divide. Do not lose the time, on.” The Maoshan old ancestors nodded. ! At this moment, outside signal crazy transmitting, hears these many signal sounds, the Maoshan old ancestors orders directly: Yin-Yang protector, goes to have a look what's the matter, outside resembled many people, otherwise they will not send these many signals.” Maoshan Lao Zu said. Yes, old ancestor.” The Yin-Yang protector to outside hurries.