Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1307

Came, the opportunity was just good.” Xia Tian sits there leisurely and carefree saying, he knows that these people are Xu Wen they draw on. Before allow Wen they exit, Xia Tian has put the paper on Suwen. The content of paper is to let them passes on toward outside, said that in this cave presented the peerless buried treasure, it is said this buried treasure can let the Earth Grade greatly complete Expert breakthrough. After this news passes on, outside entire Heavenly Connection the hole person was all crazy. Nearby all people catch up to here, Expert of various ranks have, they come for the buried treasure. Such big buried treasure, how they possibly do not rob. Time soon was up.” Xia Tian light saying. At this time in the entrance of cave. Ha Ha, Tashita's move is really effective, now came little to say also several thousand people . Moreover the population was still increasing, this time looked how the Maoshan old ancestors they suppressed.” Mouse excited laughing said. Was good, now is also not the happy time, we continue to call the person, he said that does not make us go, we are waiting outside.” Suwen said. He believes that Xia Tian such does definitely has his goal. Who lets that fellows, was wild, this looked that they in end.” The mouse said. At this time cave entrance there was crazy. Everybody clashes, front has the buried treasure, the big buried treasure, it is said can break through to the Heaven Grade buried treasure directly, who snatched to be able directly to become in this world the strongest person.” I also heard that was the past best B entrance buried treasure, after some people obtained, the influence can surpass Hidden Sect all strengths to add instantaneously.” I also heard that in that has existence of magical instrument, the magical instrument you knows? So long as the hand grasps the magical instrument, Expert of any rank can cut to kill instantaneously.”

The surrounding these people fell into to crazy. They now are much more excited, after this is they enter outside Heavenly Connection the hole, heard the biggest buried treasure that after having this buried treasure, they can also reach the sky in a single bound. Kills person who these have been in the way.” These people shout. The pursuing soul masters and North Korean Expert in Maoshan all are retreat that keeps, the person who comes were too many, they could not block. At this moment. Bang! Who comes who dies.” Drinks from inside greatly transmits. More than ten forms appeared in the front of these people, four ground late stage, other all was the ground intermediate stage. Instance that these big Expert present. That large quantities of person presented the death, to was cut to kill by Yang Hufa and the others in the forefront person directly. „No one can.” Protector coldly positive looks that these people said. This time Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince they are fighting with that large-scale bloodthirsty demon beast, their does not want to go all out. But bloodthirsty demon beast is actually going all out. Therefore suddenly, the fight has been at a stalemate. Bloodthirsty demon beast speed is fast, strength is big. The Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince their style is exquisite.

They socializing gave the bloodthirsty demon beast to bring certain difficulty, but wants to end the fight in a short time is impossible. These two idiots, have still played the small thoughts to the present in that suits me, your hitting is slower, outside person comes are also more.” Very Xia Tian despises looks at the Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince. The Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown princes saw the thoughts of opposite party, but their no one has exposed. You all exit to support protector positive.” Maoshan Lao Zu ordered. You also go.” North Korean crown prince also ordered. They subordinate all hurries to outside. At this time here only remaining three people, Maoshan old ancestor, North Korean crown prince and Xia Tian. Naturally, the Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince have not seen Xia Tian. The Yin-Yang protector there to block outside person, but did not last forever, although their strengths were strong, however the opposite person were too many, although they can kill a person to frighten front that several Expert, however the following person could not see their frightening completely. They clash as before forward. But the forefront these people want to draw back are impossible, before the following person is pushing you, flushed. Hateful, such gets down is not the means.” Yang Hufa brow contraction. Um, how long we cannot block, now can only pray the old ancestor they a bit faster.” Protector to say cloudy. Kill! The Yin-Yang protector has heard war cry. Hears these sounds, on they several faces simultaneously one happy, they understood, own person came, these Expert of North Korea also came. Although the strengths of these people do not have Yin-Yang to protect buddhist law them to be so abnormal, but they join the flash of fight, the Yin-Yang protector their pressures to be also short. During fight of both sides fell into once more has been at a stalemate.

Jiang Shao, were we deceived?” The soldier master asked. No, we not only had not been deceived, but also that person said is very likely, here auxiliary hole altogether is less than 20, three to four dead holes, even if not dead hole inside also has the poisonous insect, you do have a look in this cave to have?” Jiang Tianshu said. Real, a here poisonous insect does not have.” The soldier master said.! Inside has transmitted a great roar. Is the bloodthirsty demon beast, ha, it seems like my guess right, here really has the good treasure, the bloodthirsty demon beast is the buried treasure patron god, outside Heavenly Connection in hole first, only then has the place of bloodthirsty demon beast to have the buried treasure, did you hear a moment ago the cry of that bloodthirsty demon beast? Then the big sound, absolutely is an everybody.” On the face of Jiang Tianshu presented the excited look. He just started not to believe these people saying that said here has the peerless treasure, but now Thaksin. He was only joined in the fun before, was now he was excited. Everybody everybody on together, who no matter front keeps off us is being, so long as we on can win together.” Jiang Tianshu shouts loudly. At this time around him that many people, after the fault of that buried treasure, these people had not trusted Jiang Tianshu, therefore they have been separated from the Jiang Tianshu team. Now also speaks the book from heaven, only then less than 100 individuals, but in this 100 individuals almost majority are Expert. Although the population of team has been short, but the quality came up. Had Jiang Tianshu their full joining, the Yin-Yang has protected buddhist law their there pressures to be bigger. Keeps off me dead.” At this moment, behind of team has broadcast a sound. Afterward the corpse flies horizontally. The blood light clashes together, place visited any people do not have place of gathering. Expert! The surrounding person resigned a channel immediately, they understood, the person who this time clashes absolutely is Expert in legend. Super Expert. Makes way quickly, he is Earth Grade greatly complete Expert.” Jiang Tianshu shouts hurriedly.