Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1308

His these under also fast made way. That person overran from the middle directly. The Yin-Yang that fought protector to see that some people clash . Moreover the speed is fast, their simultaneously gets rid to go to stop. Bang! The body that flash of fighting, the Yin-Yang protector has flown upside down. What?” The surrounding person is one startled, that several North Korean Expert also hoodwinked, the strength that the Yin-Yang protector they have experienced, but their unexpectedly has not caught including one of the opposite party now. This has a reason, the opposite party is Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. In instance of their god, following person has killed. Collapse. Their defenses collapsed. Hateful.” Protected buddhist law to sound the signal positive. ! After the signal soars to the heavens, they start retreat. After is being fought the Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince saw the signal, stares, afterward their looked at one mutually: Cannot keep the hand again, otherwise the thing did not turn over to us.” Is having this intent.” They understand, the enemy who this time comes is not definitely simple, otherwise is impossible the Yin-Yang to protect buddhist law is not the match, now the Yin-Yang protector the rout, they also can only leave fully. Now reason that their can unite in together because of benefit. Is the benefit they true union in together.Yeah, must start finally. „ Xia Tian stands up, quietly walks toward them, he walks is very slow, moreover walks in the condition of hidden rest/breath technique. Although Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince this time attention on that big monster, but Xia Tian still does not want to be negligent.

Bang! This time two looked like insane were the same, with the bloodthirsty demon beast hit, the bloodthirsty demon beast also retreated in defeat again and again, although it was powerful, but was impossible to shoulder these two Earth Grade greatly complete Expert also to attack. ! In the mouth of bloodthirsty demon beast has sent out the pitiful yell. At this time his wound was getting more and more serious. The Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince also fiercely compete and successfully compete. Saw that bloodthirsty demon beast must die in they hand. Kills Ah! They can hear the war cry, at the same time the Inner Strength outside raids together from they back of the body. They resist hurriedly. Bang!Earth Grade is greatly complete! „ The brow of Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince simultaneously a wrinkle, they understand that Expert came. Regarding the Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince Expert of this rank, can truly to them the person of pressure, only then Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, now sudden the Earth Grade greatly complete Expert is not definitely good to cope. Such the multi-thread bloodthirsty demon beast, actually here has any treasure.” That Earth Grade greatly complete Expert excited saying, he is Expert from America. Hateful, is so little on the difference.” The Maoshan old ancestors deep frown. He understands with North Korean crown princes that this time absolutely is an extraordinary buried treasure, they bump into this rank with great difficulty the buried treasure, but unexpectedly kills Earth Grade greatly complete Expert now. They have abandoned such big strength, now some unexpectedly also people must slice. How this makes them be able to comply.

Words were not many said that this time thing must divide my one.” Earth Grade greatly complete Expert of that America said. Snort, we hit, you said that must divide one, you did not think aren't one too concerned about face?” Maoshan old ancestor cold snort said that now they have abandoned such big strength, for this final buried treasure. The people in Maoshan and North Korea presented the loss here. But Earth Grade greatly complete Expert unexpectedly of this America came to divide one. That starts, looks at your relations perhaps is not very good, if I gave up on a person to hit, that person and I was definitely mutually wounded, finally that person certainly will kill other that person, I said right.” This Earth Grade greatly complete Expert observed the relations between Maoshan old ancestors and North Korean crown princes from the detail is not very good. In other words, if he comes with the Maoshan old ancestors mutually wounded, that North Korean crown prince definitely will get rid to the injured Maoshan old ancestors, but he fights with North Korean crown prince, that Maoshan old ancestor similarly will also get rid to North Korean crown prince. After hearing words that this American Earth Grade greatly complete Expert spoke, North Korean crown princes and Maoshan old ancestors all is a brow wrinkle. They really have this small thoughts. How is it? I can give among you to work as a balance point.” Earth Grade greatly complete Expert of America said. Their several understand that this time treasure certainly is the super treasure, if they do not seize this opportunity, that possibly is regret matter for a lifetime, like present this treasure is. They possibly for a lifetime only bump into one treasure of this rank. Hey, do you agree?” North Korean crown prince looked that asked to Maoshan Lao Zu. Did not agree.” Saying of Maoshan old ancestor coldly. With is the same, I who I think rather made you take have not wanted to be eaten by others ready-made.” North Korean crown prince said. Good, our two this times on true agreement alliance.” The Maoshan old ancestors extended their right hand. ! The hand of North Korean crown prince and he grasped in one.

Shook hand. Their unexpectedly has shaken hand, this simply was too inconceivable, two generations have shaken hand for person unexpectedly of enemy, this time they achieve the union truly, this time they will oppose the enemy together. You may, if wants, our three to the war, that final who will be the winner not to be uncertain.” Earth Grade greatly complete Expert of that America a little worried, he also wants to use the gaps between these two people to negotiate. But now their unexpectedly achieved union. Kills!” They give a loud shout, afterward they flush away directly forward. Speed very quick. In an instant arrived at that American Earth Grade greatly complete Expert front, the surrounding person withdrew hurriedly was very far, Earth Grade greatly complete Expert the war of life and death, the remaining prestige can kill people. Bang! Suddenly, in the entire auxiliary hole is the sounds of fight. Breaks to pieces Shiheng to fly, the slow person who these run away, was cut to kill by the crushed stone instantaneously, on some people arms and legs had the wound. Hits, hits.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings smile, afterward walks toward inside directly. Puff! [gold/metal] Dao dodges, cuts to kill that huge bloodthirsty demon beast directly quietly. Outside two people at the war of life and death, but Xia Tian is sits enjoys to gain at another's expense, the last giant bloodthirsty demon beast died, now in front of Xia Tian was the final buried treasure. Buried treasure, I came.” Xia Tian entered that giant bloodthirsty demon beast following light screen.