Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1309

After entering the light screen, Xia Tian felt own front that necklace must pull out oneself simply. Xia Tian can only open the quickest speed to clash forward. Well!” Xia Tian discovered that was loaded with Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll that necklace unexpectedly to be motionless, was peaceful. When he gains ground looks, has discovered two statues. And a statue threatens, body is sending out the imposing manner of King, but side another person with three god beasts, a phoenix, a Qilin also has the coordinated process, their statues there to holding. Solely is only the statue, gives the feeling that Xia Tian one type was unable to look straight ahead. dāng! The necklace on Xia Tian neck was pulled. Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll flew from that bead directly, afterward fell on the below of that King statue, falling of four jade Jane Zhengzheng simultaneously there. „It is not good, my Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll.” The Xia Tian complexion immediately changes, he wants to snatch his Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, but Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll submerged in stone wall at this time. Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll enters the treasure of Heavenly Connection Neidong. Without it, Xia Tian they are unable to enter the Heavenly Connection Neidong. Bang! A Xia Tian fist hit in stone, was stone not any response. Hateful! Xia Tian puts out the [gold/metal] blade instantaneously, he wants to dig Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll using [gold/metal] Dao. [gold/metal] Dao is very sharp. Bang! The [gold/metal] blade cut directly above stone wall.

Incites! On stone wall sparks flying in all directions. Succeeded?” Xia Tian carefully looks. What?” Xia Tian whole face inconceivable looks at stone wall, his unexpectedly has not succeeded, [gold/metal] blade unexpectedly let slip, this simply was too inconceivable, he first time noticed that [gold/metal] Dao let slip. This is not the stone, unexpectedly can be so firm.” Xia Tian careful sized up stone wall. Since he has used the [gold/metal] blade, does not have the thing that the [gold/metal] blade cannot cut, but is [gold/metal] Dao also can only leave behind together the scratch above now. Bang! Flew the Xia Tian volume vigorously. My control, wields Heavenly Connection, being predestined friends person may result in the strength of Heavenly Connection, person surnamed Liu enters this hole to die without doubt.” Statue inside unexpectedly fluttered such a few words. „The strength of Heavenly Connection? Surnamed Liu, control? What meaning is this?” Xia Tian this chapter was thorough hoodwinking, was good is not surnamed Liu because of him, but he guessed that this anything controlled definitely with having a grudge surnamed Liu, perhaps his opposite was standing that statue was person surnamed Liu. ! Also not the time that waits for Xia Tian to respond. The black strength entered to his body in together. What thing?” Xia Tian is startled immediately. Bang! At this moment, that black strength directly enters in his dantian, at the same time, his dantian explodes directly, his Inner Strength vanishes instantaneously, the place of entire dantian turned into the incomparable confusion. Hateful, my Inner Strength.” The Xia Tian whole person hoodwinked, he has not thought that his Inner Strength unexpectedly vanished completely.

A strength in meteor tears starts to enter in his four limbs. Bang! In Xia Tian instantaneous feeling own dantian that strength starts to gather in together . Moreover the place of dantian were also many a bewildered feeling: What is this felt? It is not why uncomfortable.” Puff! That strength unexpectedly started the fast condensation in one. Finally that strength as if turned into a fingernail that big pillar, stayed in the body of Xia Tian. This what's the matter?” Xia Tian has hoodwinked completely, his whole person led by the nose, does not need him to do any matter, the strength of that Heavenly Connection has completed the matter of complete set. Well, I broke through.” Xia Tian had discovered finally first is worth the happy matter. That was he breaks through. Earth Grade! After such a long time change, Xia Tian finally broke through to Earth Grade. Ha Ha, is not the fault.” On face of Xia Tian immediately one happy, he does not have to think own unexpectedly such broke through, feeling of the happiness heads on. He looked at Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll helpless shaking the head of on stone wall fell, Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll he could not carry off, but he does not want to continue to stay here, he always felt here strangely. Moreover that anything controls probably is not the good thing. Should exit.” Xia Tian exited from that light screen directly, the light screen looks like a transmission gate is the same, after Xia Tian exits, light screen permanent sealed up. Vanishes there. Bang! Xia Tian comes out, that three Earth Grade greatly complete Expert still in hitting, but Xia Tian is quietly, bit by bit walks toward outside, after he got rid of the visible scopes of these people, he runs directly to outside.

He has not run the far time, heard the following scolding sound. Hateful, what's the matter? Why does not have the treasure.” The sound is the Maoshan old ancestors. He abandoned that big strength to kill these bloodthirsty demon beasts with North Korean crown prince, afterward collaborated to defeat Expert of that America, but unexpectedly did not have the buried treasure in the end, how this made him be able to accept. Fool, naturally did not have, the buried treasure is the strength of Heavenly Connection, now the strength of Heavenly Connection was taken away by me.” Xia Tian mumbled one, but he felt that does not vent spleen, therefore he stood in directly same place, was mad the sinking dantian to shout loudly: Maoshan is old, thank you helped me tidy up the monster, the treasure I took away.” The Xia Tian sound is very loud, he does not have to think one can make such big sound, obviously after is the strength promotes the advantage. He knows that the Maoshan old ancestors can certainly hear his sound, moreover can guess who he is. The Maoshan old ancestors who at this time gotten angry were shocked, North Korean crown prince was also shocked, they have looked at each other one mutually, said: Xia Tian.” Right. They understand finally why did not have the treasure. Is Xia Tian. Xia Tian unexpectedly collaborated to cope with American Expert while them a moment ago the time treasure stealing away. Hateful, Xia Tian, I must tear to shreds you.” Maoshan old ancestor angry shouting. He does not have to think one another was been cloudy by Xia Tian, his solemn Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, unexpectedly several times plant one after another in the hand of Xia Tian, this makes him feel the indescribable shame. This time Xia Tian already run did not know the trace. Xia Tian, snort, I will certainly not let off your.” The Jiang Tianshu vision in crowd one cold, he has not thought a moment ago the matter will turn into this, has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly will rob the treasure: Wen Ya, how many did you kill the Xia Tian probability to have?” So long as can make me be away from his 50 meters, has 80% opportunities, in 30 meters, 90%, in ten meters, 100%.” Wen Ya light saying.