Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1311

Strikes! Strikes merely. Xia Tian striking to fly Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. shit.” Xia Tian whole face inconceivable looks at own left hand. His unexpectedly one hit to fly Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, this hear was too really inconceivable, he is a little unable to believe. He wears the monster king mask now, the strength obtained the addition, in addition a moment ago he transferred the strength of Heavenly Connection, can therefore create such in a big way one attacks. Strength of unexpectedly Heavenly Connection is so terrorist.” Xia Tian has not thought that strength of unexpectedly own Heavenly Connection is so fierce. He transferred merely the strength of his Heavenly Connection, striking to fly Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, this strength too exaggerated. Puff! A blood full mouth spouts from the Earth Grade great-circle of that America. What?” On that Earth Grade greatly complete Expert face has written all over inconceivable. Although he not in heyday, but Xia Tian that makes him almost feel that really death, he has not thought that 20-year-old young boy unexpectedly has such formidable strength. „Do you name?” Earth Grade Expert of America looked that asked to Xia Tian. Monster king!” Xia Tian appears by monster Wang Shenfen now, therefore he has not acknowledged his real status. Monster king, I remembered your name, when I injured me to look again your.” Earth Grade Expert of America said that turn around opens runs away, his unexpectedly ran away, Earth Grade greatly complete Expert unexpectedly by a 20-year-old boy expelling. Words that this matter passes on perhaps, startled will fall down to spread open. Xia Tian has not gone to pursue.

After Earth Grade Expert of that America ran away far, Xia Tian single Xi knelt on the ground directly, his back all was the sweat. Puff! A blood spouts from his mouth. Good overbearing strength.” Xia Tian is also first time uses the strength of Heavenly Connection, he has not thought that strength of unexpectedly Heavenly Connection can so overbearing, one struck to fly Earth Grade greatly complete Expert of America. Similarly, Xia Tian also suffered backlash of strength of Heavenly Connection. It seems like I now have not been able to control this strength.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Reason that a moment ago he has not gone to pursue that American greatly complete Expert is because he was receiving backlash of strength of Heavenly Connection. Although Xia Tian bore the backlash pain, but this was in the true sense and Earth Grade complete greatly Expert has also fought. After this war establishes him, facing the Earth Grade Expert courage. Earth Grade greatly complete Expert is unattainable in the eyes of all people, invincible. Even if Xia Tian, in this fights beforehand Xia Tian not to have any energy at heart, he had fought with Lei Feng before, a move cannot receive, he burnt a oneself five years of life under to escape from Lei Feng. Otherwise that time he dies in Xia Tian. A move defeats Earth Grade to be greatly complete. This was also the legend. After five minutes, the uncomfortableness of Xia Tian within the body vanished completely. Whistling!” Xia Tian long expiration, passes the time that and Xu Wen they gathered now, he could not find Xu Wen they, therefore Xia Tian planned one alone.

Outside this time Heavenly Connection the tour of hole, he has not come really in vain. Actually now to obtain the strength of Heavenly Connection. He anticipated that now behind will obtain any treasure. It seems like thinks that means looked for the second entrance, otherwise has treated the words here, does not know when must wait, was only a pity that my Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll did not have.” Xia Tian now also in worried, it is said Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll enters the basic certificate of Heavenly Connection Neidong, now Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll did not have, he does not know how one must enter that Heavenly Connection Neidong. Xu Wen and the others waited for one hour after the approximately good place: We walk.” Must no longer wait.” The mouse said. Cannot wait, his said was very clear, the words that one hour he also had the matter to delay, we could not bump into . Moreover the Maoshan old ancestors they must come out immediately, if made them know that was we news that spread outside goes bad.” Xu Wen said. Good.” Saying that the mouse regrets. Was right, has remembered, ordinary man innocent talent can arouse jealousy, that several false Spirit Tool hides, does not arrive at the life and death crisis time to use, yes?” Xu Wen said. Em.” Several people also nodded. Now actually regarding our several, the treasure that obtains has surpassed our estimates, everyone three false Spirit Tool accessory and a false Spirit Tool weapon, these many treasure are I have a dream cannot think that if to consider safely, we leave now are wisest, but I know that you are not definitely willingly.” Xu Wen looked at people one eyes: Continues to inside walks, but you must promise me, our time does not go for the treasure, only to grow in experience, otherwise greedy will make us lose one's life.” Good, I agreed.” Mouse first raises hand to approve. Em!” Several other people also nodded. They know, right that Xu Wen said that they obtained the treasure of superhigh imagination now, the treasure that now they obtain is not, if they who they can protect continue greedily. That can only loses finally life. This time Xia Tian is leisurely, his foot steps on Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, the hand with the liquor bottle gourd, seems seems the immortal descends to earth general.

Is joined to his monster same face again. The person of communication saw thinks he is the monster immortal. This is true pleased Jianghu.” Xia Tian at this time very excited, regarding him, really enjoys now. ! Is drinking advance Xia Tian to feel suddenly has hidden weapon to raid to him. Afterward he has anchored his footsteps. Here does not allow to pass.” More than ten people stand in the Xia Tian front, but some surroundings also many people there. Why?” Xia Tian very optional asking. Snort, depends on us is the blood blade gate person.” Expert of blood blade gate walked from front. Blood blade gate.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, he remembers that this school, initially in the desert, he had bumped into this blood blade gate Expert. Right, the blood blade gate handles matters here, wants through to walk from side that channel, otherwise. Ahem!!” That blood blade gate saying of Expert coldly, here has more than 300 blood blade disciples. Each is Expert in Expert. Although here many people are also unwilling, but does not have any person to dare to go forward. Saw that they so intense appearance knows here had certainly any treasure to appear. „Can I be must walk from here?” Xia Tian facial color one cold, said directly.