Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1312

Some surroundings also many people here watch the fun. Reason that they have not walked, is hopes to fish in troubled waters. But did not have impulsive person to work as the person who takes the lead. Now they noticed that Xia Tian unexpectedly dares to stand, walked. „Do you do? Draws back to me, otherwise do not blame us not being impolite.” That blood blade gate saying of Expert coldly. By them also several corpses, obviously are the beforehand some people want to take a look are any treasures, finally was cut to kill by them. Earth Grade late stage, five Earth Grade intermediate stages, 12 Earth Grade Initial Stage, other is above Profound Grade late stage.” Xia Tian start to talk slowly said: Good, sufficed me to kill a meeting.” You court death.” After Expert of that blood blade gate Earth Grade intermediate stage hears the Xia Tian words, facial color one cold. Happen to I just broke through Earth Grade, tries my present strength to be also good with these people.” Before Xia Tian, although with Earth Grade greatly complete Expert of that America to fighting, but with the person of that rank to the war, the Xia Tian majority of skills cannot use. Now was different. ! The blade air/Qi shot at Xia Tian together. The speed of blade air/Qi is fast. Expert of that Earth Grade intermediate stage has gotten rid, his body vanished at the same time same place. Saw that blade air/Qi arrived at the Xia Tian front, Xia Tian unexpectedly does not dodge does not hide, all people think that Xia Tian must die without doubt. Puff! The blade air/Qi pasted the body of Xia Tian to pass. Chopped crookedly?” All people all surprisedly look at Xia Tian, has Xia Tian moved to the present from start, was that blade air/Qi so is crooked. Dies.” At this moment, Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert of that blood blade gate also killed the Xia Tian front. This blade is vigorous and resolute.

Speed quickly to inconceivable. Instance that the blood light dodges, that blade of opposite party has chopped his front. Quite slow.” Xia Tian felt the own present all become well slow, that blade of opposite party in his eyes compared with the speed of ant quickly many. Bang! When that blade chops Xia Tian immediately, a Xia Tian right hand fist hit directly on the temples of that Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert. Bang! That person of body hit above stone wall, has not stood again. Insta-kill! Strikes merely, moreover is very ordinary strikes, Xia Tian on Insta-kill Expert of Earth Grade intermediate stage. Well!” Xia Tian strange looks at own fist, he discovered that one unexpectedly used Inner Strength manifestation a moment ago, Inner Strength manifestation that but he can use only then Finger of Consonance and day strike the technique. Moreover he casually had hit a fist a moment ago. unexpectedly will have this situation. What?” Surrounding person has all opened mouth. Earth Grade Expert of that blood blade gate was a moment ago fierce, the person wanted to overrun hardly is broken out by his blade, but his unexpectedly is killed a superficial fist now. The disciples of these blood blade gates were also shocked. Revenges for the teacher's younger brother.” Dozens the disciples of blood blade gates have fired into Xia Tian. The Xia Tian right fist wields casually. Bang! Inner Strength manifestation. A giant fist directly flushed, hitting maliciously to in the forefront several people, his both hands has made an effort to grasp in the air afterward. Technique of Second Layer deep meanings eight Qi.

Attraction! When Xia Tian uses this move, he can feel that the surrounding air had the change, front that dozens the disciple of blood blade gates as if instantaneously had been locked by him, escapes without any person. Fly! Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward that dozens people of body pounds directly to surrounding stone wall. Bang! Flesh and blood flying in all directions. Originally is this.” Xia Tian this time understood finally, after breaking through to turn into a monster to Earth Grade him thoroughly. Uses Inner Strength manifestation no longer to consume Inner Strength, wields conveniently can be Inner Strength manifestation. Meanwhile his all styles obtained enhancement. Technique of Second Layer deep meanings eight Qi have stiffened, the range has increased, but this Second Layer deep meaning still requires the time, the time is two seconds, so long as within two seconds, the match has not escaped from his attack range. That attraction can play role. Puts on the monster king mask, in addition my strength breaks through Earth Grade, present I was true Earth Grade greatly am perhaps complete below do not have the rival, moreover this time was I bumps into Earth Grade greatly complete Expert not to have the person of strength to hit back.” Xia Tian this time has really understood own strength. He does not have to think own unexpectedly will have such big change. Present he simply is a monster. Living monster. Move of Insta-kill dozens blood blade disciples. Such big sound has brought in other blood blade gate people, that blood blade gate Earth Grade late stage Expert saw after these blood blade disciples, died has pulled out own blood blade directly. All disciples obey orders!” That Earth Grade late stage blood blade gate Expert shouts loudly. These blood blade gates standing of disciple entire simultaneously there. Only then our blood blade gate bullies others' share, the person who no one can bully our blood blade gate, this old ancestor leads us to come to here to let other influences experiences our blood blade gate strength, person who now some people dare to kill our blood blade gate, what to do did you say should?” That blood blade gate Earth Grade late stage Expert shouts. Kills!” These blood blade gates shouting of disciple simultaneously.

Good, who regardless of the enemy is, even if only the remaining last people, we must kill.” That Earth Grade late stage blood blade gate Expert said that directly flushed, what he behind is several other Earth Grade Expert. Imposing manner is good!” Xia Tian light saying, if before is he facing Expert that these many do not fear death, will think very thorny, but is now different, now his strength had the qualitative change. Meanwhile, his right hand has gotten hold of the air/Qi mercury. The left hand has shown a very strange posture, five fingers and make three. Seizes dragon! Meanwhile, Xia Tian also used technique of Second Layer deep meanings eight Qi. Seizes the dragon + air/Qi mercury + technique of Second Layer deep meanings eight Qi. Three ability adding together. This is Xia Tian first time uses this style. Air/Qi the mercury the surrounding air current change, all approaches oneself here front enemy motion path, afterward technique of Second Layer eight Qi attractions lock front region. Meanwhile. Seizes dragon to grasp to the front air in the Inner Strength manifestation form. These kill to the Xia Tian blood blade disciple got angry, they now only then a goal, that is kills front that to dare to the person who the blood blade gate gets rid. Dies.” These Earth Grade above Expert have killed the Xia Tian front. These people also get rid. Mammoth. Seizes Dragon Bi to kill the technique!” The hand of Xia Tian grasped instantaneously in one.