Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1313

Bang! The air has sent out the fulmination. Aha! Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward his left hand grasped directly in the air, these attacks to the Xia Tian person, the body gathered in one instantaneously, they felt that they probably were involved in the tornado to be the same. More than 200 bodies pounded in one, their bodies were deadlocked by the class all at once in the same place. Afterward the Xia Tian left hand the shoulder has been falling to air one. Expert of that more than 200 blood blade gates like this was pounded above the ground. The ground was pounded a three meters deep pit. Death that more than 200 people of dying, wound wound. Shouted!” Xia Tian long expiration, puts out a liquor bottle gourd to drink up afterward directly. Peaceful! Scene very peaceful. Surroundings these watch the fun person who the preparation fishes in troubled waters to stand there do not dare to move, they saw a moment ago most lets their inconceivable one, they have a dream cannot think blood blade disciple who also made a tyrant side a moment ago. Now turned into this. Old ancestor.. Certain.. Will not let off. Your.” Expert difficult saying of that Earth Grade late stage. I am waiting.” Xia Tian direct stand forth, when he arrived at a moment ago the positions of blood blade gate these people, he saw, here had two bloodthirsty demon beasts. The after disciples of these blood blade gates were wanted to strike to kill the bloodthirsty demon beast, took the treasure a moment ago obviously. Xia Tian looked at that two bloodthirsty demon beasts.

Afterward gets rid directly. His speed quickly to inconceivable. Moreover his power of observation also became compared with before more fearful. Before these bloodthirsty demon beasts can also sneak attack him. However at this time. Two bloodthirsty demon beasts simultaneously attack to him. Quite slow.” The body of Xia Tian dodges, has evaded the attacks of two bloodthirsty demon beasts directly, afterward his both hands press to below. The heads of two bloodthirsty demon beasts were pressed under the ground by him directly. Once more Insta-kill! The surrounding all people all do not know that should say anything, a moment ago blood blade gate that many people to cope with the bloodthirsty demon beast have also abandoned very big strength, was present Xia Tian unexpectedly all of a sudden on Insta-kill these two bloodthirsty demon beasts. Xia Tian arrives at inside, took Spirit Tool, is an ordinary Spirit Tool wrist|skill, does not have what use to Xia Tian, therefore he took in the small cauldron directly. Law of the jungle, this world invariable truth, if I am weak, I will be killed by them a moment ago.” Xia Tian has not gone to pay attention to injured these blood blade disciples, he knows that some people will process their. Since strength breakthrough of Xia Tian to Earth Grade, he discovers himself graces can release Inner Strength manifestation. Moreover is small regarding his own consumption. After obtaining the strength of Heavenly Connection, he discovered that he looked any speed probably slowed down, before , that American Earth Grade greatly complete Expert gets rid he also to see, but he cannot defend at that time. Does not know actually really the second entrance is at where.” Xia Tian takes the liquor bottle gourd of monkey liquor to continue to drink, stepped on Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step to vanish along with the posterior crus in the fields of vision of these people. Expert!

This is true Expert. Surroundings these person of face admirations looks at Xia Tian. They today finally were true experience to anything are Expert. However after Xia Tian leaves, they will actually focus in these blood blade gates Expert, the wound of casualty now these people die, their weapons, the rare book and treasure may probably turn over to here person. Snatches Ah! Does not know that was who shouted, all people all have fired afterward into these blood blade gates people. A moment ago the person of blood blade gate was a rampancy, the appearance of being insufferably arrogant, but can also stand now reluctantly besides that several Earth Grade Expert beside, other people have become has treated in the lambs. Xia Tian told them with the fact, person cannot be too rampant, nobody can guarantee one were for a lifetime running free with the current. They bullied this group of people a moment ago, now this group of people bully them. Kills! The blood blade gate does not have the coward.” The person who the blood blade gate can also stand starts to counter-attack. These stations with the hand catches the enemy, the tooth active with the tooth bites the match. The person of blood blade gate truly is a dauntless man. But their styles extremely in overbearing, this will set up many enemies. Even if they have not bumped into Xia Tian, they similarly will also bump into other powerful enemies. Surroundings these people may not have politely, they to strength high person on. That Earth Grade late stage Expert has been cut off more than ten bones, by a moment ago Xia Tian that falls the lane, now here his strength is strongest, his treasure are also most, therefore fires into his person is also fiercest a group of people. Everybody wants to kill him, then captures his treasure.

This war, the blood blade gate 300 disciples died. Yeah, here was really too big, such walked not to know really when can find the second entrance, must try to find a solution.” Xia Tian has such loafed for two days. Spirit Tool snatched two, false Spirit Tool snatched more than 20, has not seen the second entrance. Front person of many, give a try can ask anything comes.” Xia Tian sees front has over a hundred people of team, the strength of this team is good, seems like sect Men. The Xia Tian footsteps dodge, arrived at their front directly. These people noticed suddenly some people block their footsteps, a little hoodwinked, all was a face strange looks at Xia Tian. Hey! You know where the second entrance is at?” Xia Tian looked that to is that person of head asks. „Who are you?” Is that person of head obviously is the gate lord of this entrance. Monster king!” Xia Tian light saying. The monster king mask does not start, he will have one day also to reduce one year of life, now the Xia Tian life altogether has been short for 16 years, reason that he has led monster Wang Mian to have two reasons \; first, because Xia Tian to hide identity, his enemy was really too many, when he guaranteed not to permit to stare \; Second, because here everywhere fills crisis, is bringing the monster king mask, he can hide these momentarily possible crisis. I manage your anything monster king, a bit faster makes way.” Saying that the young man of gate main side is not feeling well, after all looks like Xia Tian this type to block others way to make inquiries directly is not a very polite matter. Child is innocent, no wonder.” The gate of that entrance main said hurriedly that his manner is good. Father, you so are why polite with him, have him to ask the person question like this?” Saying that few main is not feeling well. Was good, the second child, leads him to behind.” That gate advocates saying of coldly. No, I to behind, the father, you did not fear that he does do.” Saying that few main is not convinced.