Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1314

Second entrance altogether nine, what the distance here is recent is in the left front, this is the leading the way stone, but in front of each entrance has the bloodthirsty demon beast protection, wants not so to be simple.” The gate lord of that entrance has not gone to pay attention to his son, but is said with Xia Tian directly. Father, the leading the way stone is we went all out to snatch.” Shut up.” The gate lord of that entrance said. Thanked.” Xia Tian received the leading the way stone, then vision swept that few to advocate one, said to the gate lord of that entrance: This calculates that I owe you a favour, has the opportunity to give back to you.” Obsolete Kongtong all trades lord.” The gate of Kongtong gate main cups one hand in the other across the chest to Xia Tian. Xia Tian has not spoken, but is turn around, left directly. After he walks, the gate lord of Kongtong gate saw an own son, afterward shook the head: Yeah, you could not take over my duty for a lifetime.” Father.” Let alone, if you do not want to make our Kongtong gate perish earlier, that are few to me annoys an enemy, especially the person of this monster rank.” The gate lord of Kongtong gate said. Monster rank? He seems over 20 years old, to be how possible.” Inconceivable of few main face. Receives your to despise others' look, thinks again he presented the time a moment ago the appearance.” The gate lord of Kongtong gate said. Suddenly the appearance, does not have the indication.” Few hosts said here time, on the face presented the surprised color. How does he walk?” The gate of Kongtong gate main asked again. One step draws five steps, shrinks to become Cun, how is this possible?” Few main do not know that should with any adjective describe own this time mood. Anything is impossible, the world is so big, definitely is the crouching tiger , hidden dragon.” The gate lord of Kongtong gate said that he does not know, because his today's decision and these words completely changed the Kongtong gate later destiny, the Kongtong gate is also because this time matter turns into the top school.

Xia Tian after obtaining leading the way stone. The direction that main refers to Kongtong all trades walks directly. This thing unexpectedly is so advanced, can point at the second entrance in my control.” Xia Tian looks at the leading the way stone in hand to say with emotion, he was also enters here several days, how not to have bumped into leading the way stone type of thing. Bumps into this Kongtong gate words, he must such blind walks. First of Heavenly Connection tower is strange. Some places are great \; Some places are exceptionally narrow \; Some places are bright \; Also some places are dark. To look for the second entrance in such big place, that is simply more difficult than to look the auxiliary hole. Meanwhile, in first of Heavenly Connection tower. Calls me, so long as does not kill, at will.” Man rampant saying. Dozens people are gathering round five people to beat. These dozens people of uniform Earth Grade greatly complete strengths, what is main is their is also standing 15 Earth Grade Expert, that man who spoke a moment ago is standing in front of 15 people at this time. Had to plant you to kill me.” Mouse face angry shouting. At this time hit five person Xu Wen their five, Xu Wen was all the way careful, but they bump into the person who could not offend, at this time their front these people are the people who they cannot offend. Now in front of them the person is blood blade gate few hosts.

Here not solely only then this person, blood blade gate few main behind also more than 500 Expert is coping with the bloodthirsty demon beast, more than 500 people of strength formidable, Earth Grade late stage Expert has three, Expert 15 of Earth Grade intermediate stage, Earth Grade Initial Stage Expert 40. These many Expert places any place to be able proud. Even if in Hidden Sect biggest sect Men does not have these many Earth Grade Expert, moreover here these Expert are also only blood blade gate few people, the blood blade gate this time enters here person reaches as high as more than 4000 people, uniform Profound Grade late stage above Expert. They have been divided into ten teams! Must develop the blood blade gate reputation. Naturally, is not in each team so many Earth Grade Expert, reason that in this team so many Earth Grade Expert is because they protect blood blade gate few main. You said that makes me kill you, I kill you, I do not have the face very much, the father person are many, after believing the father exited , a minute of minute to put down your family.” Saying that few of blood blade gate main disdain. Sooner or later some people will tidy up your.” Xu Wen is also the whole face hate few hosts who looks at the blood blade gate. I most like thinking that to your the ability outstanding person has gotten rid, calls me.” The few hosts of blood blade gate issue an order, these people hit was more ruthless, but they do not hit vital point. Obviously is suffering Xu Wen and the others. Monster Wang to come will certainly have helped us revenge.” Mouse angry saying. Monster king? If he dares to come, I did not mind that plays with him.” Few of blood blade gate main lift the hand, these people have anchored the movement in hand: Remembers my name, I called the blood auspicious day.” The few main blood auspicious day of blood blade gate has the golden key to grow up, in his life, does not have any roughness, all the way running free with the current, regardless of he wants to obtain anything, some people will go to snatch to him. Regardless of he wants to make anything, some people will spread the good road for him.

He has been accustomed to was wild, because he does not need to respect anybody. Also does not pay attention to anybody. Once Earth Grade late stage Expert because only disrespected to him, finally made him ask the person to extinguish that Earth Grade late stage Expert entire clan. Few hosts, had found, is Spirit Tool.” Expert respectful saying of Earth Grade late stage. „, Low Rank Spirit Tool, trash.” Saying that the blood blade gate few main blood auspicious days disdain, Low Rank Spirit Tool regarding him are the trash, he very small time played greasily. Surroundings these people noticed that his appearance not to mention had envies the envy to hate much. Why they hate themselves not to have the fathers in others legend. We walk.” After the blood auspicious day walked two, turned head to look at one to fall on ground Xu Wen and the others said: Although on your several false Spirit Tool are not much, but these things are very probably precious to you, I one and has carried off, I do not kill you am wish make you ask me to revenge.” Looks that blood auspicious day and the others left directly. Nobody goes to pitiful Xu Wen they. Because of here, like their this injured serious people was really too many, if were not because these people noticed that Xu Wen and the others the treasures were taken away, they definitely can also come up to plunder. After a half hour. Yeah, front some people were plundering the injured person.” Xia Tian saw this situation, but when he wants, his vision saw several familiar forms suddenly.