Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1315
Xu Wen! Xia Tian does not want to pay attention to here, but his vision sweeps has actually discovered Xu Wen and the others. Person Xu Wen and the others who lies down on the ground plunder. Go away!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward the entire body just likes the shell same has projected, his both hands make an effort to grasp in the air, afterward one throws to the two sides. Air/Qi the mercury to add technique of Second Layer deep meanings eight Qi. That several person bodies that plundered flew directly. Tashita!” The mouse saw that the Xia Tian that moment tears must fall. Let alone words.” Xia Tian feeds their to take the next therapy compounded drug, now these compounded drugs are Xia Tian snatch from corrupt wolf there, restores with the compounded drug effect is good. Surroundings these people see such scene all are one startled, they first time noticed that some people fly high grasp can throw to fly 78 people. After ten minutes, their several person wounds had changed for the better, Xia Tian also all joined their bones. Who does?” Xia Tian asked. Ok, is we are not careful.” Xu Wen does not want to annoy troublesome to Xia Tian, after all the person of blood auspicious day was really too many, moreover top all was Expert, the strength that although Xia Tian showed at that time was very strong, Earth Grade Expert can cope, words that but compared with the blood auspicious day, but also was really not anything. Mouse and the others also lowered the head. They do not want to annoy troublesome to Xia Tian. Therefore no one had said. The Xia Tian vision saw that sign on wall: Blood blade gate.” No, Tashita, you cannot look for them, they were really too fierce, person also that many.” In the situation that the mouse is panic-stricken shouted directly.

His shouted that a moment ago was also not very definite Xia Tian, these time determined completely. Yeah!” Xu Wen helpless shaking the head. Was good, a person eats up this compounded drug again, then revenges with me together.” Xia Tian threw to their five person compounded drugs once more: Don't womanishly fussy, got up to walk with me, my brother, nobody can bully.” Good!” Xu Wen did not have the means that he can only pray now blood auspicious day and the others walked a bit faster, they left bump into blood auspicious day and the others. „, unexpectedly is also thinking revenging, others blood blade gate that many Expert, person of spit sufficed to be drown to death their.” I thought that they also casually said that here is so big, which they go to look for others, but says the sufficient scene.” I said that is also this, they said that will appear will have the face very much.” Saying that surroundings that several people disdain, they think that Xia Tian boasting sufficient scene, after all they may be has experienced the blood blade gate fierce, blood blade gate not only person are many, but also top Expert. Walks!” Xia Tian has not gone to pay attention to them, since the opposite party is the blood blade gate person, they certainly will follow this road to walk forward, in front of this road is the direction that the leading the way stone refers. Xu Wen and the others nodded. They know that they cannot convince Xia Tian. Therefore can only they follow Xia Tian. Walks, with has a look, I must have a look at his how circle have spoken the words but actually.” Surroundings these people all followed in behind. These people completely had been disregarded by Xia Tian, in the Xia Tian eye, they is just the clumsy mischief-doer. Has to say blood auspicious day really very good B. His looked all the way who is not feeling well hits anyone, the corrupt wolf also planted in his hand, after the corrupt wolf Xia Tian defeated, is just thinking how to revenge, but unexpectedly has bumped into the blood auspicious day.

The blood auspicious day saw that corrupt wolf that callous appearance is not feeling well. The corrupt wolf is also an anger big person. They have pinched directly. After pinching, because the corrupt wolf has the wound, is overwhelmed by sheer numbers, finally can only escape. The following was their dialogs at that time. Hey, opposite that your very good B, my auspicious day has most disliked these to think very good B person.” I was used.” Yo, but also is very wild, the auspicious day did not mind that accompanies you to play.” Do not compel me to kill you.” Ha Ha, you really comedy, the auspicious day is a local area, here my person are many, the brothers, give on me, called me him remnantly.” Naturally, the corrupt wolf is not the person of only point back, compared with he selects the person, that is Jiang Tianshu, Jiang Tianshu has been accustomed to keeping aloof, moreover under his hand also has No. over a hundred brother. These many people usually arrive at the appearance that which is also gains ground to throw out the chest. However because bumped into several false Spirit Tool to drink on the blood auspicious day bar. He had not planned and blood auspicious day struggle, after all the team of blood auspicious day seems does not know affably, overwhelms with numerical strength, but the manner of blood auspicious day was really makes him not be feeling well. How? Do you refuse to accept?” The blood auspicious day looks at Jiang Tianshu saying that he is one is not afraid of getting into trouble the big person, saw that the Jiang Tianshu person are many, he felt that a little has challenged, therefore he planned that sweeps the Jiang Tianshu face. Refuses to accept to be also what kind of?” Saying of Jiang Tianshu coldly, he can look at the opposite this fellow is a second ancestor, he most looks down upon is this second ancestor. Auspicious day most likes is a little matter of challenge, you think that you can do with the auspicious day?”

SB that lying trough, which comes.” Jiang Tianshu could not bear again. Oh I go, your unexpectedly dares such to speak with the auspicious day, did you believe the auspicious day to have a person of minute of minute to put down you.” Jiang Tianshu has not bumped into this type not to press the person who the repertoire plays a card, the appearance that opposite obvious is fearless, must come one dead to knock with anyone, does not haggle over the loss to be the same obviously. Normally, here the average people do not want to hit with other person of many influences, once because battle, both sides definitely will have the loss. For example currently blood auspicious day here has more than 400 people, lost 100 300. 400 people of deterrent effects certainly strive to excel compared with 300 people. Jiang Tianshu does not think that the opposite party this is frightening him, now definitely did not fear compared with the ruthless opposite party, therefore he did not speak on the contrary, this did not speak, the face lost, moreover lost in a big way. But the face compares, their lives are more important. He now only then less than 100 people, if dies again, that will not be here convenient. Hateful, if the beforehand over a thousand people of teams, I will definitely not fear him.” After Jiang Tianshu clenched teeth, suppresses a character from the mouth: Walks.” His time acknowledged that the punishment is deserved. Moreover was thorough planting here. „Did auspicious day ask you to leave?” At this moment the blood auspicious day opens the mouth to say suddenly. Hears his words, Jiang Tianshu has almost not irritated, when he has received this vexation: I, if insists?”