Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1317
The Xia Tian these words sound is not loud. But all people on the scene all hear clearly. Hateful!” The blood auspicious day has not thought that own subordinate unexpectedly round was given KO by Xia Tian one, this also too exaggerated. Now all people think that Xia Tian was really good B sparkles. Yeah! Not much.” A Xia Tian foot kicked out Expert of that blood blade gate directly, the position of goal blood auspicious day. Bang! Three Earth Grade late stage Expert kept off in the front of blood auspicious day instantaneously, that person was the air admission were few, air vent are many, now is dying cannot die again. The blood auspicious day thinks a moment ago Xia Tian is just one ordinary 20 -year-old boy, he sends out the Earth Grade intermediate stage Expert definitely to strike to kill, but he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly can be so fierce. A fist on KO the person of Earth Grade intermediate stage. He does not believe Xia Tian has this strength. What special Spirit Tool you have certainly used, I think that your this Spirit Tool definitely has use, is one time, twice, three times?” The blood auspicious day as if saw through all was the same. He since childhood has the Spirit Tool lord. What Spirit Tool has experienced. Naturally also knows has that type to be able sufficiently Spirit Tool, looks like peacock plume that type. Idle talk are really many, since you have installed such a long time B, can put out your act high and mighty capital to make me have a look.” The Xia Tian right hand wields, the day cold sword appears in his hands. He had planned that started to attack on own initiative. Hateful, your unexpectedly dares to despise me, on, gives me on together.” The blood auspicious day shouts directly. He is one does not have the principle, person who does not have the bottom line, he is leading these people, regardless of the match has many people, he by his person on all, together will cope with the opposite party. At this time the person of following not far away Kongtong gate happen to passed by here, when they see Xia Tian stopped there.

Father, is that person.” Few hosts said. Really is he, what his opposite is the blood blade gate, the blood blade gate is not the affable person.” The gate lord of Kongtong gate said. Father, do we come up to help.” Few advocated unexpectedly to say such a few words. When hears his words, the gate of Kongtong gate main saw an own son slightly surprisedly, he has not thought that his son unexpectedly has such big progress, they can affirm that before Xia Tian absolutely is a extraordinary person, even if the Xia Tian present strength has not transcended the mortal world, he sooner or later also will stand most peak in Pyramid. Therefore this person must be on good terms. The opposite party is not but affable. Although the blood blade gate does not have any too big fame, but the blood blade gate sends to be the same with Maoshan, is the large amount gates in legend . Moreover the blood blade gate be better than the Maoshan Faction, what Maoshan sent recently 20-30 years of walking was the downhill. But blood blade gate these 20-30 years are suitable more and more. You thought that we should help?” Kongtong gate the matter of gate commanding general blood blade gate said. Gang!” Few hosts said one. Good, that listens your, gang.” The gate lord of Kongtong gate said that his these time has given own son the destiny of Kongtong gate, although on him does not know that this decision is right. But he also knows one cannot help oneself son for a lifetime. Monster Brother Wang, we met.” The gate of Kongtong gate main called Xia Tian for the brothers directly, this was raising the Xia Tian rank without doubt. „, Is you, I remember that Kongtong gate is right.” Xia Tian said that his leading the way stone must come from their here. The gate lord of Kongtong gate has not said anything, but has arrived at Xia Tian side directly, his behind over a hundred people also walked, this had indicated their standpoint, his action Xia Tian also a little hoodwinked. Xia Tian with the Kongtong gate also merely is a reason. Not any too many friendship, but Kongtong gate unexpectedly is willing to stand in his here now. Facing blood blade gate such powerful enemy, their unexpectedly also dares to stand in oneself here.

It seems like my this time owes them a favour, although I did not need anybody to help, but they can stand that have been are really not easy.” The Xia Tian innermost feelings said. Snort, person were many a point, can that be what kind of?” The blood auspicious day most does not fear is the opposite party person are many. Although suddenly presented a Kongtong gate now, but Xia Tian their population add altogether also more than 100 people , compared with his here population radically is not anything. I think that you misunderstood.” Xia Tian looked that said to the blood auspicious day. Em?” Blood auspicious day puzzled looks to Xia Tian. From beginning to end is I, they are just come to see lively.” Xia Tian said. Monster Mr. Wang.” The gate lord of Kongtong gate wanted to say anything. I have sufficed, thanks.” Xia Tian looked that shows a faint smile to the gate lord of Kongtong gate. You plan a person.” The mouse goes forward to say hurriedly. One group of small fish small shrimp, you look on the line.” Xia Tian said that the right hand flings in the air gently. The cold air projects together directly. Be careful.” Opposite three Earth Grade late stage Expert shouts hurriedly, although the majority of people have shunted, but 78 Profound Grade late stage people cannot shunt, frozen was lived by the day cold sword all of a sudden. Ice piece. 78 ice pieces appear in the front of people. Hey, you how?” A disciple of blood blade gate wants to go forward to inquire. Puff! When his hand bumps into the ice piece, the ice piece crushes directly.

What?” Saw that such terrifying scene blood auspicious day also a little hoodwinked. He first time sees this method. In his hand is grasping a sword, an invisible sword, moreover is cold attribute.” Blood blade gate Earth Grade late stage saying of Expert coldly, heard his words all people to look to the right hand of Xia Tian, this time Xia Tian right hand grasps the posture of sword probably. ! Xia Tian chops a sword once more. This wielding chops regarding him a difficulty does not have, even does not consume Inner Strength. Thump. Xia Tian drank monkey liquor, afterward his right hand pointed out forward. I am afraid troublesome, you on together.” Xia Tian looks like a sword immortal is now same, leisurely. Chatted then kills people. Expert! All people are all sighing with emotion, this is the true Expert style. Hateful, hateful! On, gives on me, I want him dead.” Blood auspicious day already thorough could not bear, act high and mighty is his natural disposition, now bumps into one compared with the good person who his act high and mighty thinks, he was unable to endure. He must destroy this person , to continue maintains he King status on act high and mighty this road. The day strikes unparalleled. The Xia Tian right hand flings, these before the move that used also to take time are used by Xia Tian directly, handy, without any burden . Moreover the might was bigger. Flash 50 cold light shoot directly forward.