Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1318

These cold light look like sharp sword same direction of fire front. Shunts, do not resist hardly.” Earth Grade late stage Expert shouts hurriedly. ! The disciple of hurried blood blade gate wants to break out the cold glow, but they discovered that broken out cold glow unexpectedly divides into two, the lethality has not been weaken. Flash, 30-40 disciples directly by day cold sword frozen. Hateful, the attack, should not be passive.” The blood auspicious day shouts hurriedly. He has not thought that Xia Tian person unexpectedly can make them present such big casualties, this just started, his person presented such big death base number, although he does not care about the casualty. But he does not hope that his person died too. The flash, the disciples of these blood blade gates all flushed. Thump! After Xia Tian has drunk liquor, the whole person rushed directly. Whiz! The Xia Tian foot steps on Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, the whole person fine dust servant servant. Ten steps kill one person, thousand li(500 km) does not keep the line. The Xia Tian left hand is taking the monkey liquor, raises head, does not look at enemy, but he gets rid each time, must some people die under his sword. This. This also too exaggerated.” Person who surroundings these before prepared to see a play has opened the mouth, they were to prepare to look at the Xia Tian joke before, but now they actually by the Xia Tian strength deep shock. Father, I have not misread, he is the immortal descends to earth to be the same probably.” Kongtong gate inconceivable of few main whole face. Has not misread, I also saw.” The gate lord of Kongtong gate said. His unexpectedly is so strong.” Xu Wen and the others also hoodwinked, they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly was so strong. This time Xia Tian is super Expert. How can like this.” Shaking the head that the blood auspicious day keeps, he cannot believe what he sees is real, this simply was too unthinkable, he has not seen such Martial Arts. This time Xia Tian immersed in good wine completely.

He does not need to look at the surrounding person, but he can actually feel periphery the aura of person, this Realm Earth Grade late stage has the skill that although now Xia Tian is only Earth Grade Initial Stage, but he had this skill similarly. Nice wine!” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, he felt that own present has been full of the strength, has drunk that many monkey liquor, his within the body gathered a formidable strength. Immerse! At this time here all people all immerse in Xia Tian Movement Technique. They had not seen this Movement Technique before, this swordsmanship. So chic and smooth. Before their in the mind did not have a concept to Expert, they think Expert all of a sudden can kill people are Expert. But now they finally understand. Present Xia Tian is true Expert. Whiz! The body of Xia Tian draws back backward, afterward he changed above day cold sword in the right hand the left hand, now the conditions were ripe, drinking monkey liquor that reason that a moment ago he has kept to save strength. Moreover he uses the day to strike the technique also to release the cold air in day cold sword. Now the conditions were ripe. Wan sword returns to the birth family. Flash several thousand Sword Light have shot from the Xia Tian surroundings directly, at the same time, the body of Xia Tian to retreat one step, he has stood firm own body directly, the consumption that Wan sword returns to the birth family was very big, even if after is Xia Tian is impossible to use this move, is without turning a hair. However now his condition was much better compared with before. Whistling! Xia Tian big mouth is panting for breath. All people all saw that several thousand cold glow. Presented all people all surprisedly to open the mouth, their whole face inconceivable looks at these cold glow, this has gone beyond the strength category of humanity, several thousand cold glow, actually this needed big Inner Strength to release. Moreover what Martial Arts is this?

Has heard from nobody. No, this is impossible.” On the face of blood auspicious day presented the fear. He saw the death from these cold glow. This, their here people will be annihilated. Death! All people of blood blade gate all saw the death. Em?” At this moment, a Xia Tian sudden brow wrinkle. Bang! Intense fresh breeze raids, afterward the blood light dodges, the Xia Tian cold glow was swallowed completely. Expert!” The first response of Xia Tian came Expert. Bang! The formidable fresh breeze flies the surrounding all volumes, the mist and dust rises from all directions. All people all in same place. They do not understand that had anything, after one minute, mist and dust dissipation gradually, they saw a whole body braves on the enthusiastic look face the red white hair old man to stand there, on the old man shoulder carries a blood red broadsword. Blood red color on his face is dissipating gradually. Father.” The blood auspicious day saw that own father came, on the face had the happy expression. He thinks at that moment a moment ago really one died. Welcomed the old ancestor.” Disciple respectful saying of these blood blade gates. This chapter of all people understand that a moment ago what happened. Originally was blood blade gate Boss, the blood blade old ancestor came, he used some Martial Arts to return to the birth family Xia Tian Wan sword a moment ago breaking. At this time Blood Qi on blood blade old ancestor face diverged, the body did not brave the steam.

Em.” Blood blade old ancestor nodded, afterward his vision took a fast look around one on Xia Tian: Why under Assassins to my son?” He has hit my brother, therefore these person of I must kill.” Xia Tian said. Snort, extremely arrogant.” Blood blade old ancestor cold snort. Hits extremely arrogantly has known.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Tashita, ok.” Xu Wen goes forward to console to say hurriedly that he does not hope Xia Tian spells with the blood blade old ancestor really hardly, after all the blood blade old ancestor is figure of this world Pyramid most peak. Spells with him does not have any advantage. Finally will only annoy to trouble to Xia Tian. Father, he had killed a moment ago almost me.” The blood auspicious day complained hurriedly. Was good, has been all right, has the father in this, nobody can injure you.” Can see blood blade old ancestor to spoil own son, possibly is in old age the child reason. Blood blade old ancestor. figure in legend. Xia Tian that seemed like invincible Wan sword returned to the birth family a moment ago is also broken by him. The atmosphere coagulates instantaneously, even is a little peaceful, all people felt that tranquility before storm gather. Giant storm at any time will as if appeared same. Blood blade old ancestor VS Xia Tian. Blood blade old ancestor is one becomes famous for a long time figure, existence of this world Pyramid most peak, a Xia Tian mysterious beautiful youth, the strength is immeasurably deep, Martial Arts descends to earth to be the same with the Movement Technique as if immortal. The scene also has blood blade gate that many disciples, how regardless to see that the balance of victory cuts the diagonal blood blade old ancestor them. If I do want to kill these people?” At this moment, Xia Tian opens the mouth to say.