Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1319

You try!” Saying of blood blade old ancestor coldly. All people think that blood blade old ancestor side the influence suffices, so long as Xia Tian were said that perhaps several words of praise, the blood blade old ancestor will let off Xia Tian, but they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly lit the flames of war once more. Blood blade old ancestor has not gone to ask him to trouble time his unexpectedly to look for the blood blade old ancestor's trouble on own initiative. This. The atmosphere was tighter. Xia Tian forwarded one step. Although he only walked one step, but was actually similar 56 steps to be the same. Shrinks to become Cun?” A blood old ancestor brow wrinkle. Xia Tian does not want actually with the blood blade old ancestor internecine strife, but he understands a point, if he recognized has instigated, that blood blade old ancestor certainly will not let off him, but he, if displayed strong, making the blood blade old ancestor unable to find out his details. His weaponry does not need to hit. Present society this. The weak trend that if you display, who sees you to trample your several feet. But you display the strong words, especially makes the opposite party unable to completely understand that your details words, that absolutely nobody dares to offend you, especially this type not awfully. Since the ancient times, weak fears horizontal, horizontal fearing stares, fears not awfully. When Xia Tian thinks all during he grasps. Monster king, has not thought that can also meet you in this, is really the enemies often cross each other's path.” Whiz! The form fell in battlefield together immediately, his body was sending out very terrifying strength, sees that moment that he presented that all people understand that this absolutely was Earth Grade greatly complete Expert.

Comes is not others. American that Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. This person opened the mouth to indicate the standpoint, the enemies often cross each other's path, obviously he and Xia Tian were not friends, but was the enemy. Now in this situation are suddenly many a Earth Grade greatly complete enemy, this regarding Xia Tian absolutely is very disadvantageous matter, Xia Tian also a little has had a headache, the appearance of this fellow has disrupted his plan. However he braces oneself looks to Earth Grade greatly complete Expert of America: Defeated.” Although Xia Tian only said four characters. But how this has indicated among them the enmity to come. Originally this Earth Grade greatly complete Expert has lost to Xia Tian. Can win the Earth Grade greatly complete person, is Earth Grade greatly is definitely complete. Therefore at this time on -the-spot all people think that Xia Tian definitely was also Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, the blood blade old ancestor was also instantaneously greatly complete Expert Xia Tian and Earth Grade equated in own mind. Snort, the monster king, should not be too wild, on previous time me has the wound to lose to you.” What Earth Grade greatly complete Expert of America wants to explain is he loses to Xia Tian to have the reason, but his such saying everybody understood, a moment ago what Xia Tian said is real. His Earth Grade greatly complete Expert truly has lost to Xia Tian. „A previous move, in this two moves I can still make you escape.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. A move! Xia Tian unexpectedly said that his previous move has defeated Earth Grade greatly complete Expert of America. This simply was too terrifying, a move defeated Earth Grade to be greatly complete, this strength has surmounted the legend. Earth Grade is greatly complete the strength disparity is also very big, once were greatly complete to Earth Grade this Realm, that competion is not Realm, but is Martial Arts and sensibility, whose Martial Arts is strong, is deep to the sensibility of Martial Arts, the experience is rich, who can be slightly better.

Therefore is among Earth Grade greatly complete Expert the disparity also is very big. China Earth Grade greatly complete Expert may be many. But four big Expert on such several people. Even if were Xia Tianlong died such a long time, still nobody can substitute for his position. Hey, you are also his enemy, how our two do collaborate to cope with him?” American Earth Grade greatly complete Expert remembers themselves by the Maoshan old ancestor and North Korean crown prince the scene that collaborates to cope with, he believes that adds on the blood blade old ancestor by his strength again, they can certainly defeat Xia Tian. But he has forgotten a point. The China people have the strength of spirit. Although the blood blade old ancestor is not the good person, but he has the strength of spirit similarly, if not the dangerous opportunity, he will not collaborate with others, moreover collaborates to cope with one seems the 20-year-old boy. If this matter passes on, after him, is unable to gain ground to cultivate the behavior. „To hit you on, had feared stands to watch the fun.” Saying that blood blade old ancestor disdains. You.” American Earth Grade greatly complete Expert has not thought that blood blade old ancestor unexpectedly is this response, reddening all over the face that he is mad: Good, I did not manage you, when you suffered a loss in his hands, knows that he is not simple.” American Earth Grade greatly complete Expert remembered Xia Tian then that finger. That finger made him feel the crisis of death. Therefore he felt that Xia Tian is dangerous. Really is lively.” At this moment two old men never the distant place walk, although the distance is very far, but that sound as if appears near the ear of people are same. The vision of all people all looked to that two old men.

And wears the military uniform, country character face, does not get angry from the prestige, stands gives people there a feeling of withstanding great pressure. Another putting on optional of , even is a little broken, bringing a broken bamboo hat, on the bamboo hat also to be short of several pieces of full leaves. Shout! Sees these two people time, the person who Xia Tian long expiration, comes is not others, is Eastern Man and Northern Army, these two people came, were safe, at the worst cast off the monster king mask directly, their to ignore will not be killed by the blood blade old ancestor. Two Senior are good.” Xia Tian respectful bowing. Really is the hero has the youth, I think the Xia Family boy is the talent in talent, it seems like you be more outstanding than him.” Eastern Man appreciation looked at Xia Tian one. Xia Tian understands, Xia Family boy in opposite party mouth. Blood blade old ghost, our 15 years has not seen.” Northern Army looked that said to blood blade Lao Zu. Snort!” Blood blade old ancestor cold snort, has not said anything. Also bore a grudge the past enmity, 15 years you have not forgotten.” Northern Army helpless shaking the head. How he possibly forgot, if in the past were not you make into the severe wound him, perhaps he also had the opportunity to impact the China four big Expert positions.” Eastern Man said. Snort!” Blood blade old ancestor once more cold snort, has not said anything, but he acknowledged obviously one truly are placed in the hand of Northern Army has gotten up, his vision places the body of American Earth Grade greatly complete Expert: Do not make war with him? You hit, if you can kill him, I ensure on him all things are your, moreover makes you leave here safely.” „Do this words take seriously?” American Earth Grade greatly complete Expert most fears after is Xia Tian spells is mutually wounded, others sneak attack.