Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1320

American Earth Grade greatly complete Expert thinks before one, loses to Xia Tian is because on has the wound. Now his wound was good, he can put together with Xia Tian, even if lost, he can also escape once more, but won Xia Tian treasure to turn over to him. He with one's own ears heard Xia Tian saying that auxiliary hole inside treasure was taken away by him. Before he sought another reason that blood blade old ancestor got rid is he was worried after one have won Xia Tian, the blood blade old ancestor will get rid to sneak attack. Now some blood blade old ancestors' guarantees, he naturally is very joyful. Nonsense, who am I? The words that blood blade old ancestor, I spoke naturally take seriously.” Blood blade Lao Zu said. Hits, I also want to take a look at this young heroic strength to be what kind, if you can win, I also ensure you can leave this safely.” Eastern Man is one is not afraid of getting into trouble the big appearance. Reason that he agreed that actually this fight is to have a look at this sudden super youth is. This point is not difficult regarding him. So long as after he sees Xia Tian begins, can from the Xia Tian Martial Arts way discover the Xia Tian main family, actually has a look at Xia Tian is which Expert successor, can have such talent, naturally, he does not look at Xia Tian dead. How he possibly noticed that China this talent dies in the hand of American Expert. If presents the crisis, he will get rid to stop. Fuck! in the Xia Tian heart has raised up the thumb to Eastern Man. He understands that Eastern Man definitely wants to try his details, therefore intentionally will agree with him with that American Expert to war. However he has not exposed. Northern Army is still very dignified standing there, he has not said anything, however the meaning of Eastern Man has also represented his meaning. Saw that so many Expert guaranteed here, Expert of that America naturally also has felt relieved, he knows that China Expert problem, that is a gentleman word, cannot take back. So long as they have made the guarantee, after has won, absolutely can leave here safely.

The gate of Kongtong gate main and the others completely could not speak now, they do not have to think own unexpectedly can see figure in this legend, China four big Expert, Eastern Man and Northern Army. Xu Wen and the others are surprised. This figure regarding them is that unattainable, is for a lifetime impossible to appear in own assigns figure, is their unexpectedly can now so short distance figure in seeing legend. Although they are worried about the Xia Tian safety very much, but has not said anything, qualifications that because here they had not spoken. Complete retreat.” Blood blade old ancestor lifts hand. The disciple of blood blade gate starts retreat, their this is must resigns a fight to Expert of Xia Tian and America the place. Draws back.” Xia Tian looked at Xu Wen and Kongtong gate and the others said. The person of Xu Wen and Kongtong gate also approaches retreat to go. At this time here gave Expert of Xia Tian and America resigned the Freshman block open area. Snort, this time I thought how you die.” A Expert cold snort Voice of America said. Bang! At this moment his body flew directly, collision maliciously on nearby stone wall: Idle talk that many, this should not be give your lesson.” Xia Tian has put down own left hand. He a moment ago what used is the technique of second deep meanings eight Qi, the attraction. American Expert stands there for a long time, how Xia Tian possibly does not lock him. These hoodwinked all person lanes, because Xia Tian got rid too quickly, moreover way that he got rid of specially monster, he waved, Expert of that America flew, therefore nobody looked to understand. Eastern Man and Northern Army have not looked to understand.

Eastern Man lets Xia Tian and primary cause of American Expert fight is to search the Xia Tian way, is good to know the Xia Tian real status, but his anything has not looked, therefore they plan to continue to have a look. Expert of America by Xia Tian this lane a little hoodwinked. What's the matter?” When he stands up, stands is in-situ bewildered. But at this moment, he felt once more his body flew, his body hit once more above stone wall. The time of his god already over five seconds, five seconds already sufficed Xia Tian to get rid to cope with him: Hey, I said you to be able earnest, otherwise has not bumped into me dead.” Hateful, you court death.” Before Expert of America killed the body of Xia Tian, instantaneously. Xia Tian this time has not gone to dodge, he knows, oneself before have not found out this is any ability cannot shunt absolutely, hides can only waste the time the time and energy, therefore he transferred oneself within the body the strength of eight Qi in the flash. Cold ice armor. On half body of Xia Tian presented the cold ice armor. Bang! American Expert struck hits directly above the cold ice armor, afterward the cold ice armor was stave, but the attack of American Expert was also useless. Cold ice! Saw a moment ago that time, the blood blade old ancestor and Eastern Man simultaneously looked with the strange look to Northern Army. But Northern Army also hoodwinked. Because of a moment ago Xia Tian use the adept Unique Skill cold ice armor of style Northern Army. Is I ices juniors? But I ice do not have this figure.” Northern Army also a little hoodwinked. Also not waits for them to have too the surprised time the time, Xia Tian counter-attacked.

Xia Tian fought with the fists to American Expert. Snort, how such slow attack possibly hits I.” Saying that American Expert cold snort ten points disdain, is at this moment, he felt suddenly raids vigorously, his entire body was curled to fly directly. This time they looked to Eastern Man. Because of this Eastern Man Unique Skill. How is this possible?” Eastern Man surprised saying, Xia Tian used Northern Army Unique Skill a moment ago, now uses his Unique Skill, this also a little too legend. He is wanted to see the Xia Tian Martial Arts way, was the present Xia Tian unexpectedly long-term usage their Unique Skill. A Northern Army brow wrinkle, seems thinking anything. Hateful, how is this possible?” American Earth Grade greatly complete Expert had led by the nose by Xia Tian at this time completely. The Xia Tian right hand at a ground point, a blood blade appears in his hands. Sees this moment time, the blood blade old ancestor opened the eye. „Does he want blade skill of blood blade old ghost?” Eastern Man a little curious asking. Had a look to know.” Northern Army said. Is impossible.” Blood blade old ancestor deeps frown, eye stubbornly is staring at Xia Tian, does not dare to miss any detail. Expert of America has fired into Xia Tian, but the under foot of Xia Tian stepped on inexplicable Movement Technique, saw when his Movement Technique the blood blade old ancestor has gotten hold of own fist: This is impossible.”