Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1321

Afterward the blood blade in Xia Tian hand starts greatly gathers greatly, every time cuts to strike can present Inner Strength manifestation. Is impossible, this is how possible, this blood blade blade skill and Movement Technique Realm completely is the blood blade disciple cultivation over 40 years may achieve.” Blood blade old ancestor surprised saying. Although Xia Tian this time blood blade blade skill is also very fierce, but has not created the unexpected attack, therefore he has not surrounded Expert of America. dāng! The blood blade in Xia Tian hand by American Expert interruption. Snort!” Saw such situation, blood blade old ancestor cold snort. He has not a little been feeling well, why Xia Tian uses Northern Army and Eastern Man Unique Skill can cause that big stir, but when uses oneself blood blade gate blade skill, the blade was actually pinched by the enemy. This has clarified i.e. their blood blade gate blade skill not others Eastern Man and Northern Army is fierce. Snort, your this broken blade skill also wants to win me, has a dream simply.” Saying that Expert of America disdains. Hears his words, the blood blade old ancestor has almost not come up to ask him to go all out directly. Anything is called broken blade skill. Is Xia Tian has not learned their blood blade gate true deep meaning obviously, otherwise possibly to be grasped how the blood blade by others. extraordinary, used we three Martial Arts separately.” The Eastern Man appreciation said. Snort!” Blood blade old ancestor unusual not being feeling well, hears the Eastern Man words now, he felt that Eastern Man is taunting him to be the same probably, therefore he was not feeling well. At this moment. Xia Tian there style once more changed. His right hand flings, in the hand presented a long sword. This long sword is only the false Spirit Tool rank, is not the sword, but this sword instance, the body of Xia Tian vanished in instantaneously same place, the sword blade flew directly. Ticktack!

The blood drops in the sound of ground. American Earth Grade greatly complete Expert has traced own face. He was injured. The Xia Tian that sword sheared a small wound his face. Ha Ha Ha Ha, interesting, was really too interesting, unexpectedly was beyond the Yin Nie day the flying immortal, this boy hid oneself main family way probably intentionally, therefore intentionally will use we several Martial Arts.” Eastern Man laughs was saying. This fought he to look is getting more and more interesting. He has not thought that some unexpectedly people can the body hide various Martial Arts, moreover what each studies is decent. After using up this sword, Xia Tian has taken back the false Spirit Tool long sword. This boy received the sword, what does he then want to use?” Eastern Man very anticipation looks to Xia Tian, he also very much anticipated that actually now Xia Tian can use any Martial Arts. Hateful, your unexpectedly dares to make me be injured.” American Earth Grade greatly complete Expert felt that Xia Tian probably is playing with him to be the same, he is angry now, he must retaliate, he is Expert of Earth Grade greatly complete Expert this world Pyramid most peak. Bang! His words just said that his body flew once more. He in same place stands for over three seconds, therefore Xia Tian used the technique of second deep meanings eight Qi to throw him once more. This move was really too overbearing, but should have the limit, words that otherwise he has thrown, even if were Earth Grade greatly complete Expert also plunges to death.” Saying of Eastern Man appreciation. Expert of that America stood up directly to clash to Xia Tian. This Xia Tian left hand double refers to stretching out. Has shown a very charming posture. Finger of Consonance, is Xia Tianlong Finger of Consonance.” Eastern Man a little surprised saying, because Finger of Consonance cultivation is strict, therefore he has not thought unexpectedly that Xia Tian this time uses is Finger of Consonance.

Instance that the Xia Tian left hand double directs, he transferred the strength of Heavenly Connection once more, at the same time a pure strength enters his left hand double to refer to instantaneously. Expert of America attacks to Xia Tian. This Xia Tian sees clearly. Ha Ha, originally is this, originally Earth Grade is greatly complete is this.” Xia Tian already prepared all, a moment ago therefore was fighting he opens the X-Ray Vision eye to the maximum degree instantaneously, although this consumes Spiritual Force, but power of observation actually compared with before ten times. In this state, he looked finally the clear opposite party attack why he could not avoid. Is a slightness. This slight change probably about five centimeters, in other words in these five centimeters, the Earth Grade complete greatly Expert attack must, Xia Tian want to shunt the attack of opposite party to be very simple, so long as he shunted six centimeters to be OK. Naturally, he has not thought that all Earth Grade greatly complete Expert have five centimeters. However Expert of this America slight truly has five centimeters. The strength of Heavenly Connection: Finger of Consonance. Xia Tian Finger of Consonance direct above the fist of opposite party. Ka! Sound of bone break reaches in the ears of all people. Ah! A pitiful yell sends out from the Expert mouth of America, the strength stronger person bone is harder, but Xia Tian unexpectedly selected the bone of American Expert directly, these all people were surprised. Because his Finger of Consonance might has almost been able to compare favorably with past Xia Tianlong. Thump! The Xia Tian left hand turns, monkey liquor gets into the stomach, this little alleviates on him the illness, at this time his within the body has a tearing feeling, but he must endure, cannot display, otherwise they were seen by the blood blade old ancestor reveals the secret.

I do not kill you, but has remembered, later sees me to go round, otherwise sees you one time to hit your one time.” Xia Tian said that has drunk monkey liquor once more. Nearby these people is a face worship looks at Xia Tian. Usually, the Earth Grade greatly complete Expert fight, hits for several hours to be normal, some will even hit several days several nights, but Xia Tian unexpectedly such quickly Expert of America defeating. This simply was too strong. Moreover Xia Tian at this time also leisurely is drinking the monkey liquor. One generation of Grandmaster! The imposing manner completely is one generation of Grandmaster imposing manner. Eastern Man and the others have not thought completely result will turn into this, he is planned makes Expert of this America probe the Xia Tian way, but Xia Tian unexpectedly so relaxed has defeated Expert of America. Moreover what uses is the styles of different person. Therefore he cannot look at the Xia Tian main family way. Northern Army has not spoken. The blood auspicious day is panic-stricken of face, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly is so fierce, now he also feels a little fear, if not his father catches up, he definitely will die in the Xia Tian hand a moment ago. Blood blade old ancestor also deeps frown, he has not thought that front this seems 20-year-old boy unexpectedly can display this grade of strength, this has definitely been able to describe with the monstruous talent. Moreover he and Xia Tian matter have not ended. At this time the Xia Tian vision looked suddenly to the blood blade old ancestor.