Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1322

Saw that the Xia Tian vision looks to oneself, the blood blade old ancestor's vision is also one horizontal. He does not fear Xia Tian. Although Xia Tian had won Expert of that America a moment ago, but Expert of that America led by the nose by Xia Tian obviously, belongs passively, moreover his not familiar China Martial Arts. Therefore is confused by the style that Xia Tian that is dazzled. But he cannot. Although the Xia Tian body hides various Secret Art, but bites off more than one can chew, he does not think the Xia Tian skill is every kind strong, but he dreading, are Xia Tian from beginning to end have not used relative with same surname's Martial Arts. Therefore he could not have found out the Xia Tian details. „After your accounts, calculates again.” Xia Tian looked that said to blood blade Lao Zu. Snort!” Blood blade old ancestor looked at Xia Tian, afterward looked at Eastern Man and Northern Army, cold snort leaves directly. „Does kid, you name?” Eastern Man asked that he had not asked why Xia Tian will use their Secret Art. Monster king!” Xia Tian also wants to continue to walk here with monster king status, such did has the enemy, the opposite party only will also ask the monster king to revenge, but will not look for Xia Tian and his these brothers revenges. Naturally, Xia Tian has not feared these enemies, the enemy but who he behind also one group of brothers, he here provokes possibly is the Earth Grade greatly complete match, his these brothers may unable to block these many Expert. Monster king.” Eastern Man has thought deeply about a meeting, has not thought that with this name concerned any celebrity, finally also can only be helpless shaking the head. Follows me.” Xia Tian turned head to look at these people of Xu Wen and Kongtong gate said. They are willing to come out in that situation next station a moment ago, has indicated their standpoint. Good!” The gate of Kongtong gate advocated one hear of Xia Tian saying that let walk with him, that naturally was very excited, because Xia Tian had indicated a moment ago his strength, Earth Grade greatly complete Expert he can easily defeat. Follows Xia Tian, that nobody dares to bully them here. The enormous and powerful team left directly. Northern Army has still not spoken, but he actually shows a faint smile: Interesting.”

„Do you know him?” Eastern Man looked that asked to Northern Army. Northern Army had not answered, they also stand forth. Xu Wen and the others to the present understand actually one have how luckily, their unexpectedly has become friends with a Earth Grade greatly complete Expert friend, moreover person who Xia Tian that type is loyal. Person who for they dare to go all out with blood blade gate these many Expert. This fights is lucky, if American Expert that Xia Tian wins is a dauntless man, what that final result not necessarily was. Xia Tian uses the side effect of strength of Heavenly Connection to be very big, therefore he does not dare to use the strength of Heavenly Connection easily, but does not use the words of strength of Heavenly Connection, he can win the Earth Grade greatly complete Expert probability , is less than 30%. This is after he looked clear Earth Grade greatly complete Expert true ability can have 30% that. Slight! Each Earth Grade greatly complete Expert should have slightly this ability. In this slight range, they have the absolute attack. It looks like the slightness of American Expert, his slightness is five centimeters, you think that you have shunted the attack of opposite party, in fact you have not shunted, because you also in the attack range of opposite party. The enormous and powerful more than 100 people walk toward the second entrance together. Has saying that outside Heavenly Connection the hole first treasure are many. But not enough to go around. In 1000 individuals has a person to obtain the treasure, naturally, in this also had very big casualties, before these people come, somewhat brought the treasure and best weapon. Here dies, the thing naturally was also plundered by others. As the people are thorough to inside, person were also getting fewer and fewer. The majority of people could not find the second entrance, is loafing on this first, many people were injured, some conceal, some withdrew from outside Heavenly Connection the hole.

Person who at this time can arrive at the second entrance, is elite in the major team and elite. Xia Tian their this teams went forward one day later, arrived in the second entrance. At this time the person of second entrance are many. Outside entire Heavenly Connection the hole first nine entrances, each entrance will gather the elites in many elite. The Xia Tian vision took a fast look around, he had not discovered that Zhuge Wanglang and Great General they, Yin Nie does not have here. He does not believe these people had not found the second entrance. Among Xia Tian delayed long time, otherwise he possibly also already found the second entrance. Now he does not have to see Yin Nie here they, that was they went to other entrance obviously, their these people all separated. Eastern Man and Northern Army this follows all the way in Xia Tian behind them, therefore also and Xia Tian arrived at a crossroad. However Xia Tian has bumped into some acquaintances here. Jiang Tianshu team. Blood blade old ancestor's team. Jiang Tianshu has suffered a loss in study auspicious day, therefore his team intentionally in distance blood blade gate very far place rest. Snort!” Blood blade old ancestor sees Xia Tian time cold snort one, has not spoken. Thump! After Xia Tian has drunk monkey liquor, provocation sees the blood blade old ancestor, you refuse to accept our two greatly on the dry meaning, saw the Xia Tian appearance, the blood blade old ancestor is not feeling well. However he has not said anything. Now here situation is unclear, he does not want to work as the person who takes the lead.

No matter what everyone can look, protects is not affable in that bloodthirsty demon beast of second entrance. Nobody is willing to attack on own initiative. Boy, I thought you to drink together, drank my glutton, can divide me to select.” Eastern Man shouts to Xia Tian. Xia Tian right hand, two pot monkey liquor threw directly to Eastern Man and Northern Army. Buzz! The speed of wine pot was too fast, has made humming sound the sound. Now these two wine pots as if turn into hidden weapon to be the same. The Eastern Man right hand wields in the air, steady falling in his control, above the right hand of Northern Army presented one to freeze the armor, the wine pot falls above his armor has not gone forward. Thump! Eastern Man liquor drinks, afterward his complexion changes: „The monkey liquor, unexpectedly is the monkey liquor.” Northern Army has also drunk one hurriedly: Really is the monkey liquor.” Boy, you get rid really naturally, the casualness gives us two pot monkey liquor, do you know this liquor the value?” Eastern Man such as regards the treasure same looks the monkey liquor in own hand. Drank up with me said.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Young fellow.” Saying of Eastern Man appreciation. We walk, go to second.” Xia Tian said with behind person. Goes to second? Hears his words, the surrounding person all hoodwinked, they came to be so long, did not have any person to be willing to cope with that bloodthirsty demon beast, therefore also here waits to present this group of people.