Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1323

Just started also some people to think one misunderstood. Xia Tian unexpectedly said that must go to second, when they see the Xia Tian action, did not think. Because Xia Tian is walking toward the second entrance. This boy was insane, his unexpectedly wants to work as the person who takes the lead, now here these many Expert are not willing to get rid, is not willing to make the bridal clothes to others.” Perhaps everybody and other lunatics, making him go to a road to be also good, if he has killed that bloodthirsty demon beast, we can also go , if mutually wounded, person who when the time comes gets rid of were many, if an function if no, everybody will continue to get down.” Fool has year after year, it seems like today are also many.” Saying that surroundings these people taunted. Interesting.” Eastern Man shows a faint smile. „Can Senior, walk together?” Xia Tian looked at Eastern Man and Northern Army asks. „Can your boy ask us to help?” Eastern Man smiling asking. Helps?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Helps you cope with that big monster.” Eastern Man thinks that Xia Tian is playing the fool. It?” Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to the front that bloodthirsty demon beast. Em.” Eastern Man nodded. Does not use.” Xia Tian said that continues stand forth, hears the Xia Tian words, here person thinks that he was too wild, Eastern Man and Northern Army present time they knew that after all Northern Army and Eastern Man were really too famous. Even if has not seen the person, now looked coming out that the imposing manner also guesses. Eastern Man had indicated a moment ago must help, but Xia Tian unexpectedly said that does not need. All people think that he was too extremely arrogant, his unexpectedly takes a person to cope with that the Freshman bloodthirsty demon beast. Snort.” Blood blade old ancestor numerous snort. This sound is very loud, all people heard, obviously is he looked that Xia Tian is not feeling well. Good, I have drunk your liquor, owes you a favour, if your boy needs to help you to say.” Eastern Man spoke, Xia Tian has the need he to get rid.

Has the guarantees of China four big Expert. Xia Tian could be said as is exempted dead gold medal, this was Xia Tian finally is injured also nobody to dare to come up to take advantage. Xia Tian has not spoken. But is walks toward cave entrance directly, his step steps very slowly. But his taking time, was actually similar 56 steps distances. This all shook all people. Shrinks to become Cun. This is the masterstroke in legend, but in front of them the 20-year-old boy unexpectedly has achieved, this also too exaggerated a point. Is this move.” Before blood blade old ancestor, has experienced over one time. Good, this time is Xia Tianlong Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step.” Eastern Man saw the Xia Tian Movement Technique name. Xia Tian at this time Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step. Northern Army has still not spoken, his eye as if has seen through all. In all person surprised vision, Xia Tian has all arrived in front of that bloodthirsty demon beast of second entrance, this bloodthirsty demon beast height two zhang (3.33 m), casual toe compared with big of Xia Tian. ! Sees Xia Tian to arrive. That bloodthirsty demon beast has sent out a great roar. His voice is loud, moreover in the mouth is bringing the gale, the crushed stone of ground was blown to fly. Scene very peaceful, the vision of all people all gaze on the body of Xia Tian, actually they want to take a look at Xia Tian to plan how to cope with this big monster, after all of this big monster was really too big. Moreover also nobody knows that actually this big monster has any ability. !

The bloodthirsty demon beast bellows once more, afterward he has fired into Xia Tian directly. Its speed is quick, obviously wants these to hit Xia Tian directly crushes. Xia Tian stands in same place migration has not moved. Some people think that Xia Tian died. Eastern Man is also a tip of the toe point at any time prepares to get rid. Bang! In that bloodthirsty demon beast must hit immediately on Xia Tian, its pupil enlarges instantaneously, afterward its body has anchored, shivers, bloodthirsty demon beast unexpectedly looked shivered, saw that this time periphery all people hoodwinked. Can't? Bloodthirsty demon beast unexpectedly is shivering, it saw probably any inconceivable matter is the same.” „Is this possible? Bloodthirsty demon beast also as if went crazy a moment ago same must kill him, now unexpectedly has anchored the footsteps.” You looked quickly that the bloodthirsty demon beast can do?” At this moment, suddenly some people shout, then all people all saw inconceivable one, this Eastern Man and Northern Army were also shocked. Puff passes! Bloodthirsty demon beast unexpectedly knelt in the Xia Tian front directly. All these too exaggerated. All people have not thought that bloodthirsty demon beast unexpectedly will kneel on the ground, such kneeling stiffly in front of Xia Tian. This not real?” The surrounding person all hoodwinked. This also too exaggerated, such Freshman bloodthirsty demon beast unexpectedly like this knelt in front of Xia Tian, as if saw the king same bowed the head to profess allegiance, does not dare to lift. Can go in together?” Xia Tian looked at Eastern Man to ask. Your boy unexpectedly also has such skill, real extraordinary.” Eastern Man and the others also walked.

Xia Tian behind these people also hoodwinked, but saw that Xia Tian beckoned to them, they followed hurriedly. We go.” Xia Tian said that led the people to walk toward transmission directly, presents other to wait for the person of seeing a play this time to be dumbfounded, they a few words could not say. The present all were really too shocking. This has surpassed their cognition completely. Saw that Xia Tian their people entered second. Enters.” Immediately some people also directly overran to there. ! At this moment, the quickest that person who clashes was stamped by a bloodthirsty demon beast foot directly, sees such scene, other person hurried retreat, but some people died in the under foot of bloodthirsty demon beast. Hateful, why they can enter.” Immediately some people of discontented shouting. But bloodthirsty demon beast has not responded them. ! The bloodthirsty demon beast has again sent out a great roar, this time it rules the world. Restored aggressive side once more. Actually he how achieved a moment ago.” Blood blade old ancestor depressed saying, looks at front giant bloodthirsty demon beast, he does not have any means that but he such helplessly looks that own enemy entered second. Entered the second Xia Tian first feeling is here spiritual energy must be more than three times first. If here cultivation, so long as is a little person of talent, in ten years can definitely arrive at Earth Grade. Looked quickly that here has buried treasure.” After the mouse comes , the search, was everywhere quick he to find this buried treasure, this buried treasure was not covert, he very relaxed found.