Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1325

Xia Tian has not thought that second unexpectedly had to kill Earth Grade to be greatly complete this rank existence. He is curious, is actually any thing. Blood corpse insect, a palm of the hand size, but the blood corpse insect never alone appears, they are form groups in the event of that the speed is fast, the lethality is high, once makes them approach in your 300 meters, almost cannot escape, if spells hardly, the death probability was 100%.” Eastern Man said. Good terrifying fellow.” Xia Tian also thinks a little terrifying. Relax, in second should as far as I know, only then two groups of blood corpse insects, so long as is not the luck difference to the extreme, cannot bump into them.” Eastern Man answered. „.” Xia Tian nodded, if there is blood corpse insect really everywhere, that may really be the large-scale death crisis. Enters the third person is almost above Earth Grade, because after entering there, will consume Inner Strength, once the Inner Strength consumption emptied, the person also died, Earth Grade following person Inner Strength cannot preserve many, insufficiently consumes radically, naturally, third also had to restore the Inner Strength spirit pond, so long as found the spirit pond rapidly to restore Inner Strength.” Eastern Man said. Spirit pond!” Xia Tian silently this name in heart. As for the Heavenly Connection Neidong that you said that this was very simple, was fourth, so long as entered there person to live, can definitely bring to come out Spirit Tool, moreover might be high-grade Spirit Tool, but entered fourth not to have is so simple, the fourth entrance only then, moreover was the bright beast protection, only then carries the Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll talented person not to come under the god beast attack.” Eastern Man said. „!” Xia Tian nodded, he was about to understand the pattern of Heavenly Connection tower now. To put it bluntly. Here is a mysterious tower, the person world attracts to enter here, then every time enters a difficulty to increase, however the quantity of treasure will be also more. Here is also very big, wants to see that other Expert are not easy, but after entering third, must be careful, because there everywhere is Expert, will consume Inner Strength in the event of the war, the Inner Strength consumption did not have, the person will die on third.” Eastern Man said. Many thanks Senior reminder.” Xia Tian understands that Eastern Man this is in raising selects him, after telling he arrived at third, leaves is too wild, outside person some people of one should always strive for better. Three people travel together.

This could be said as the strongest team. Although in their teams has three people. But these three people are monstruous talent same existences. One is China of Eastern Man four big Expert \; One is of Northern Army China four big Expert, one is monstruous talent same Xia Tian. Xia Tian they enter here later three hours, that entrance was broken through. What first getting rid is the blood blade old ancestor. He could not bear, he has thought one are Northern Army also has existence of Eastern Man rank, he also wants to haul in itself as far as possible and subtle disparities between these people, now Northern Army and Eastern Man entered second, that were more than him a opportunity. This is not he can tolerate. Therefore he got rid. He gets rid, other Expert have also gotten rid, because they want to enter second. Jiang Tianshu had looked the blood auspicious day is not feeling well, but he does not dare to go to look for the trouble of blood auspicious day directly, after all blood auspicious day person are now many . Moreover the blood blade old ancestor is not affable, therefore he can only be angry secretly. He is also trying meanwhile to find the solution, how has a look to remove the blood auspicious day. „Can Yu He, find the way to remove the blood auspicious day.” Jiang Tianshu asked. Jiang Shao, do you also believe me?” Yu He this is all the way depressed, because his hiding everywhere failed, he has lost to Zhuge Wanglang, this is his present big worry.

He does not have this frustration, therefore he now is a little not self-confident. Said anything, how I possibly do not believe you.” Jiang Tianshu said. But my hiding everywhere failed, but also harms Shan Yunzong to be destroyed in a moment.” Yu He the worry is very big. I said that you how all the way depressed, the hiding everywhere lost is because you in bright, opposite party in dark, the opposite party clarified must cope your, you did not have the protection therefore to lose, this was very normal matter, you did not need to think as for the mountain Yun sect matter, did not have me to reconstruct, moreover Shan Yunzong was not I wants, what I wanted unifies Hidden Sect directly, Shan Yunzong regarding me has not been only the small loss, if you, because this time, but dispirited, that is my this whole life biggest loss.” Jiang Tianshu very earnest looks at Yu He to say. Heard Jiang Tianshu these words, kneels down on the ground that Yu He direct puff passed. Enlightened ruler! Regarding Yu He, Jiang Tianshu is his enlightened ruler, he is willing to pledge to fight to the death to follow Jiang Tianshu for a lifetime. He thinks Jiang Tianshu will blame him, but Jiang Tianshu not only has not blamed him, but also advises him. Was good, quickly gets up, you and I are brothers, among us does not need to come this set, how quickly helps me think means that blood auspicious day.” Jiang Tianshu said. Good,” the head of Yu He starts the fast thinking. He must prove itself. He must display in front of Jiang Tianshu well, this reports back the Jiang Tianshu best means. First he has analyzed, strength disparity. Afterward he fast decomposed a disposition of hemorrhaging auspicious day.

Jiang Shao, I had the means.” On the face of Yu He presented the self-confident table again, he spoke a few words near the ear of Jiang Tianshu low voice. Good, worthily is Yu He, such means you also want to obtain.” On the face of Jiang Tianshu has shown the joyful look, this time he can revenge finally. Enormous and powerful one group of people also entered second. However they enter is also orderly, but does not enter casually. The person of blood blade gate is first enters inside, because the blood blade old ancestor is first gets rid to cope with the bloodthirsty demon beast the person, next is other enters to the team of person of bloodthirsty demon beast getting rid. Jiang Tianshu they are the last batch enter inside person. In second. Xia Tian their buried treasure has not bumped into, but has actually bumped into the legend the monster beast, this is Xia Tian first time sees the monster beast, is a blood wolf, the wolf is the blood red wolf, compared with normal wolf Freshman time, is divulging the formidable imposing manner from top to bottom. This is the monster beast.” Xia Tian careful is sizing up blood wolf. „The strength of this blood wolf is ordinary, but if not careful, Earth Grade Expert will also die in its mouth.” The Eastern Man reminder said. Earth Grade will Expert die? That makes me try the fierce places of these monster beasts first.” The affection discussed that has pinched the fist, he has prepared to go all out.