Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1326

Xia Tian looked at a front monster wolf, afterward moved toward it slowly. Monster Wang Mulu ominous light, afterward fast runs to Xia Tian. When he rushes to the Xia Tian front, the entire body jumped directly, plunged Xia Tian. Whiz! The body of Xia Tian vanished in same place. Speed is good, the explosive force is very strong.” Xia Tian light saying, he is analyzing the ability of this monster wolf. Good, this time is the Eight Trigrams gate Eight Trigrams step, does not know really this boy then can also use any style to come.” Regarding present Eastern Man, the biggest interest is looks at Xia Tian to display the new style. He wants to have a look actually very much, actually Xia Tian can also use what Secret Art. The monster wolf does not strike, afterward turns head fast. ! The monster wolf exuded one to roar, afterward plunged Xia Tian once more. Xia Tian has still not moved. Saw that the monster wolf arrived at the Xia Tian front, this Xia Tian does not have the motion half minute, but is the right fist makes directly. Bang! The body of monster wolf was curled to fly directly. Shaolin vigorously diamond fist.” On the face of Eastern Man presented a surprised look: Really has not thought that Martial Arts of unexpectedly Shaolin his metropolis, the Shaolin disciples little take a walk in Jianghu continually, even if in Jianghu few people have also seen Shaolin Unique Skill.” The after body of monster wolf was collapsed flies, enough in place volume one three. !

Monster wolf time thorough was angry, in this case, it lost the last rationality, present it all by monster controlling, him now has wanted only to kill. Kills Xia Tian. ! The monster wolf has exuded a series of roars. Xia Tian both hands fling, the false Spirit Tool nunchakus presents in his hands, his both hands starts to wave afterward. The flash, his both hands are tigerishly create an incident. Meanwhile, around his body presented clock same Inner Strength manifestation. Shaolin Jinzhongzhao.” Eastern Man jumped these characters from the mouth. Sees only the body of monster wolf that moment of Jinzhongzhao in hit to start to retreat in defeat again and again, its bone starts breaks, afterward on its face presents the bloodstain. Finished.” Xia Tian drinks one pair greatly, the double stick simultaneously flings. The body of monster wolf was pounded to fly directly, this monster wolf could not stand again, moreover a point lived does not have. Obviously is dying cannot die again. Boy, has not looked, your unexpectedly also meets Unique Skill of Shaolin.” Saying of Eastern Man appreciation. I will use Shaolin 70 two Unique Skill.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Your boy, said that you were fat you also to breathe heavily, Shaolin 72 Unique Skill besides the Dharma founder, can grasp without any person completely.” Eastern Man has cast aside Xia Tian one. Xia Tian has not said anything. But continues, the speed that they go forward is not fast, this can avoid stepping on the poisonous insect, but second many insects, here insect has part is the poisonous insect, part does not have the poisonous insect.

But Xia Tian they do not think, because the general idea died. So long as is the insect they intentionally goes round. Hey, had that three fellows, seen person who called Xia Tian.” A skin swarthy man very impolite looks to ask. Hears the opposite party words, three people have all anchored the footsteps. Has to see.” That person very impatient asking once more. Mentioned strangely, how a point not to have the news of Xia Tian that boy, according to the high-sounding talk attitude of that boy, should be now makes noisily here was right.” Saying that Eastern Man does not understand. It seems like you were know Xia Tian, that cannot ask you to leave.” That black person facial color stares, afterward attacks directly to Xia Tian their three, the sneak attack, what he uses is the tactic of sneak attack. He is Earth Grade Expert, he thinks words that one sneak attack, that nobody is his match. Moreover in his eyes, Xia Tian their three are just a youth adds on two old men, three people, without any team, should be disperse cultivate, that is good to bully. If normally, even if will be Expert of Earth Grade intermediate stage his these is possibly sneak attacked successfully, but this time he has found fault the match obviously. Bang! When he most self-confident that moment, his face and ground have made an intimate contact. „Is this boy head sick?” Xia Tian seems was looking idiot same looks at the person of that falling to the ground. Hateful, Senior Brother was injured.” At this moment nearby person flushed hurriedly. Bang! A Xia Tian foot kicked on the body of ground that person, the body of that person flew directly to that several people of running over: Since you want him, that gives back to you.” Sending a message number, called Master.” After that person said that has sent the signal directly.

! The signal has sent together. Has not arrived for five minutes, the enormous and powerful dozens people flushed, this team of people all are Earth Grade above Expert. What happened?” Is the person of head is Earth Grade late stage Expert. Master, they have injured Senior Brother.” A disciple ran over. Dares to move the person in our Thailand, really live is impatient.” That Earth Grade late stage saying of Expert coldly, his vision took a fast look around on the injured that disciple afterward: What's the matter?” Master. Master that hit Thai Earth Grade Expert difficult saying: They know Xia Tian.” What? Knows Xia Tian.” That Earth Grade late stage Expert hears these words a time brow wrinkle, afterward his vision coldly looks to Xia Tian and the others: You knew that Xia Tian is right?” Volume, understanding.” Eastern Man very optional saying. Where tells me Xia Tian now, I can forgive you not dead.” Earth Grade late stage Expert of that Thailand said that his sound is cold, moreover in the body emerged infinite murderous aura, obviously he has killed many people. Does not know.” Eastern Man said. You dare to play me.” Earth Grade late stage Expert of that Thailand thinks that Eastern Man is playing him. Plays you to be also what kind.” At this moment, Xia Tian opens the mouth saying that he was unable to continue watching, Earth Grade late stage Thai unexpectedly dares such to speak with Eastern Man, this had no regard for elders and superiors simply. „Does kid, you know, because your words your several annoyed the fatal disaster, you did not use, but after you said these words, you died.” That Thai Earth Grade late stage Expert seems gives up on the person same is looking at Xia Tian. Right? I do not want to kill your, but I most disliked others to threaten me, therefore I planned to kill off you.” The way that Xia Tian very optional saying, he spoke was optional, the content that but he said was not optional.