Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1327

His unexpectedly said that must kill front all people. His words, opposite these Thai Expert naturally do not believe. After all Xia Tian seems over 20 years old, even if hits in mother 's womb to start cultivation, the speed impossible to be fiercer than them, moreover Thai Expert is fierce that became famous. Their cultivation gets up to regard the weapon to come cultivation completely. Therefore their lethality also compared with the normal person. Boy, gives you to select the sunlight you to be bright, I gave you to select the darkness you to be finished.” Saying that Thai Earth Grade late stage Expert disdains. Right?” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, his finger pulls slightly. Shaolin picks flowers refers.” Eastern Man said. ! Dozens Inner Strength manifestation project. These Earth Grade Expert dodge in abundance. These gave the opposite party to cause certain damage, but has not presented the death. Afterward the right hand of Xia Tian double refers to selecting instantaneously. Shaolin diamond refer to vigorously, this boy this is must all use really Shaolin Secret Art.” Eastern Man said. At this time Xia Tian and the others walked over a hundred people of army. This over a hundred people of army Jiang Tianshu they, although they are last come, however their approaching speeds are actually quickest, because there is Jiang Tianshu, their this teams will little bump into the poisonous insect and bloodthirsty demon beast. The body of Jiang Tianshu had been concocted by special pharmaceutical industry. The essential component of this pharmaceutical industry is outside Heavenly Connection in the hole the biological essence, because of this, therefore here safest person is not these so-called Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, but is Jiang Tianshu they. Jiang Shao, is they.” Em.” Jiang Tianshu nodded. Their teams stopped the footsteps, at this time their here person all knows Xia Tian, after all Xia Tian when the first entrance is famous, naturally, the famous that person called the monster king, but is not Xia Tian.

He makes the second entrance protection bloodthirsty demon beast bow to kneel in his front. This became the legend. Moreover he has also won Earth Grade greatly complete Expert of America, the strength excel blood blade old ancestors take him not to have any means. At this time opposite that Earth Grade late stage Expert was shocked by the Xia Tian strength finally. Normal, Earth Grade Expert grasped Inner Strength manifestation is unusual extraordinary, but Xia Tian unexpectedly so superficial used two Inner Strength manifestation. This indicated that in front of him this seems the 20-year-old boy is not simple. Boy, who are you?” That Thai Earth Grade late stage Expert coldly looks to Xia Tian. „A deceased person, has any qualifications to know my name.” Xia Tian very optional saying, as if destroys completely this Earth Grade late stage Expert regarding him is very superficial matter. Em?” At this time a Jiang Tianshu behind female brow suddenly wrinkle, this female is not others, is Wen Ya: Why his disposition such looks like that person.” Wen Ya knew about Xia Tian. He felt that front monster Wang true looks like very much. If not the appearance and strength disparity is too big, she even suspected that these two people is a person. Brat, did I give your face really?” That Thai Earth Grade late stage Expert angry looks to Xia Tian. Should finish.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. His both hands simultaneously have shown afterward a strange posture, five fingers and make three. Seizes dragon! Inner Strength manifestation. His both hands make an effort to grasp in air, is mad the mercury simultaneously to appear in his hands. Technique of second eight Qi! Attraction!

When Xia Tian both hands in the air makes an effort to rip, the bodies of his front these Thai Expert instantaneously gather the middle line, subsequently both hands of Xia Tian make the posture that the shoulder had fallen. Aha! Xia Tian gives a loud shout afterward body this of these people stiffly was fallen by him. Including that Earth Grade late stage Expert, all people on this stiffly was fallen by Xia Tian, pounding when maliciously above the ground, that dozens people of body has pounded in the ground, the entire ground pounded the deep pit. The group extinguishes. Xia Tian has only used one move, extinguished these Thai Expert on the group, all people have all been shocked. Perhaps even if Earth Grade greatly complete Expert cannot achieve. But Xia Tian achieved. Whistling!” Xia Tian long expiration, he drank the strength that many monkey liquor saved also to erupt in the flash. shit, this boy a moment ago the one who used is Xia Tian seizing dragon, he linked this to be able.” Eastern Man surprised saying, front this boy regarding him uses other any style not to be strange. Because possibly his master concurs hundred managers. But his unexpectedly links the Xia Tian homemade seizing dragon metropolis. Must know Xia Tian seizing dragon, although is fierce, but creates few months, only then has used for the wartime in this true Expert, knows that this move of person are not many. But front the boy a moment ago unexpectedly used to seize dragon. In the ground these Thai Expert majority is the air admission are few at this time, air vent were many, the person who at this time can only stand reluctantly was that Thai Earth Grade late stage Expert. Present he from top to bottom is blood. The bone did not know many roots. God your father will not let off your.” That Earth Grade late stage saying of Expert coldly. Did not let off my person to be many, he was what.” After the Xia Tian sound falls to the ground, his body vanished in same place. Whiz!

Flickers the body technique! The flash, Xia Tian arrived at the opposite party. His left hand shows the posture that has seized dragon once more, afterward he grasped directly above the shoulder of opposite party , the shoulder has fallen, the body of opposite party directly by his pounding maliciously above ground. Bang! Ka! Sound of bone break. The Expert body and ground of that Thai Earth Grade late stage have made an intimate contact, but this had not finished, when his body pounds after the ground, after Xia Tian came one, once more shoulder has fallen. Bang! Bang! Bang! Beating time and time again, that Earth Grade late stage Expert early died, but Xia Tian still keeping is beating, the Expert body of that Thai Earth Grade late stage the complete powder has put up, his bone was broken by Xia Tian completely. Surroundings these people all by Xia Tian very ruthless shocking. Jiang Tianshu and the others have not seen Xia Tian and fight between American Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, their to this matter this Xia Tian cognition, only then the second entrance that event. Is the bloodthirsty demon beast to the matter that Xia Tian kneels down. However now they saw when Xia Tian gets rid is any appearance. Is.” The pupil of Wen Ya enlarges instantaneously.