Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1328

Wen Ya suddenly some bold suspicion, is front this super Expert is Xia Tian. But this suspicion links him to think inconceivable. Is a little impossible. She does not believe Xia Tian can turn in such short time can have such formidable strength. Sometimes she really does not do clearly, amazingly quick that how Xia Tian possibly can progress, she and Xia Tian in the same place, Xia Tian also are just an ordinary university student, university student but who must by working and studying to go on living. No, possibly is not he, his progressive speed was quick, but he is impossible to promote to the Earth Grade greatly complete strength.” Wen Ya shook the head, he does not believe that Xia Tian can have with the strength of Earth Grade greatly complete Expert fight. Even if the strength promotion of Xia Tian to Earth Grade late stage, that is the limit that she can accept. Moreover she cannot see Xia Tian to have any disguise trace completely, the imposing manner also completely is different. Is only the disposition has the little looks like, possibly is not a person.” Wen Ya denied the beforehand suspicion. Bang! Xia Tian slowly throws that Thai Earth Grade greatly complete Expert on the ground, at this time that Thai Earth Grade late stage Expert died cannot die again, the surrounding enemy also soon died. Xia Tian has not gone to them. Because is Xia Tian does not go to them, how long they could not live, but once Xia Tian left here, all things of their these people will be plundered up. These people will not show when the time comes mercy. These people are one will die sooner or later.

Walks.” Xia Tian looked that said to Eastern Man and Western Hidden. Your boy, starts really to be ruthless.” Eastern Man helpless shaking the head. Right?” Xia Tian awkward flexure scratching the head, reason that he kills these people are because they are the people who the Thai gods revere, this Jiang Tianshu hiding everywhere, the Thai gods Venerable also to send for Jianghai. Also now after the Thai gods revere arrived here , order under to search for the Xia Tian whereabouts. Obviously wants to kill Xia Tian here. Since the opposite party has clarified must kill Xia Tian, did not die with Xia Tian continuous, that Xia Tian will be naturally impolite, he wishes one could to kill Jiang Tianshu now directly directly. But he knows that is also not time, if he has now killed Jiang Tianshu, Lei Feng will certainly go crazy, when the time comes his master may have the danger, therefore Xia Tian copes with Lei Feng without the means that will not have moved Jiang Tianshu. Jiang Shao, these people what to do?” Did not need to think, that fellow already plundered their treasures light, that made them wait for death here.” Jiang Tianshu said. Plundered up?” Jiang Tianshu behind these person somewhat surprised saying, they had not noticed when Xia Tian is plunders these Thai Expert treasures. Was good, with takes a look, I am very curious to this person.” Jiang Tianshu light saying, but he actually saw strange Wen Ya: Wen Ya, you how?” All right.” Wen Ya said hurriedly. That is good, you as far as possible maintain the present condition, has the enemy not to need you to cope, so long as you wholeheartedly copes with Xia Tian on the line.” Jiang Tianshu said. I understand.” Wen Ya said.

I believe that you can certainly revenge.” Jiang Tianshu encourages to say. Many thanks Jiang Shao.” Wen Ya said. Jiang Tianshu has not spoken, they followed directly in Xia Tian and the others, naturally they not good with was too near, therefore can only with leaving is very far. Behind these people continuously with us.” Eastern Man very optional saying. Em, one will be solved together was good.” Xia Tian light saying. Your boy is really ruthless enough, person but who these people the Hidden Sect person, Jiang Tianshu, the person the list is listed ninth, Shan Yunzong sovereign, moreover he also has many secrets.” Eastern Man said. I know, but I have not been able to kill him now.” Xia Tian said. Why?” Eastern Man also came the interest, monster king unexpectedly that he curiously is always very much fearless will be simple to a Jiang Tianshu like this small team, Jiang Tianshu the hundred people of teams no matter how look do not have blood blade old ancestor's that team. But Xia Tian unexpectedly dares to tear to pieces the facial skin with the blood blade old ancestor, but has not actually had the dispute with Jiang Tianshu. Person who because he behind I cannot stir up.” Xia Tian has not concealed. „? Your boy can win including the Earth Grade greatly complete people, what person but also there is you cannot stir up?” Eastern Man very curious asking. Many.” Xia Tian has not said anything, he does not want also involves Eastern Man and Northern Army, now he obtained the strength of Heavenly Connection, this strength is mystical, so long as he has controlled this strength thoroughly, or obtains a more formidable strength, he can cope with Lei Feng. When the time comes, he naturally can kill Jiang Tianshu and the others. Front discovered spirit stone.” At this moment some people of crazy shouting.

That person runs around, to shout in all directions that but his some people are chasing probably also down. Puff! Xia Tian gets rid instantaneously, will chase down his several people to cut to kill, afterward he has carried the person of that escaping single-handed: Told me, what's the matter, I can forgive your life.” spirit stone, front presented spirit stone, the Thai gods Venerable to bring the person to encircle now there.” That person shouts. spirit stone?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, he has not heard this thing, but he guessed that Eastern Man should hear, therefore he looked to Eastern Man. spirit stone is not this world, does not have spirit stone in our world, only then outside Heavenly Connection in the hole has, moreover outside Heavenly Connection the hole will open each time will also present such 1-2 spirit stone, but will be such 1-2 spirit stone, will cause Earth Grade to be greatly complete each time battle, because spirit stone will be Earth Grade breaks through to the Heaven Grade opportunity greatly completely, in spirit stone will be containing the spirit strength, so long as will absorb enough many spirit strength, will change into the spirit strength Inner Strength in within the body, then on can become Heaven Grade Expert.” Eastern Man said. Is so fierce!” Xia Tian slightly one startled, he has not thought that spirit stone unexpectedly is so fierce. Em, China four big Expert obtained spirit stone, therefore the strengths of our four people compared with ordinary Earth Grade Expert in some, in addition our Martial Skill also exceed other people, therefore in Earth Grade is greatly complete in this ranks, we are also strongest a group of people.” Eastern Man answered. Originally is this.” Xia Tian nodded. It seems like this spirit stone imagines him must be fiercer. Was good, you can walk.” Xia Tian puts down that person, afterward the vision looks to the front: Two Senior, it seems like that this time you must get rid.”