Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1329

spirit stone! Earth Grade greatly complete Expert the thing that wants to rob at risk of life. Outside Heavenly Connection in hole, genuine god level treasure. Naturally, we come outside Heavenly Connection for this thing the hole.” Eastern Man said that words that he said were optional, but the content actually sufficiently shocked all people, because he was China one of the four big Expert. Where usually he arrives, does not need to get rid, all people will give him the face. But now he finally plans to get rid. China four big Expert get rid, that is naturally unamusing. Wei Guang strength Xia Tian saw, he determined that own present definitely is not the match of opposite party, even if will use all cards in a hand then to go all out not to be impossible deadly to win. Because the Wei Guang sword was too quick. Moreover other operational experience aspects he is impregnable. Eastern Man and Northern Army and Wei Guang compound China four big Expert, their strengths also completely are very formidable, even Xia Tian has heard the legend, the Eastern Man strength approached in Heaven Grade infinitely. Good.” Xia Tian nodded. Although spirit stone is good, but competes for spirit stone is Expert of one group of bastard ranks, competes for spirit stone with this group of people obviously is not the wise action, moreover this Eastern Man and Northern Army will also get rid. Xia Tian is also embarrassed and they competes, after all they were also the acquaintances. Northern Army or Bing Xin grandfather. Regardless of analyzes from any angle, Xia Tian cannot have Northern Army to snatch this spirit stone with Eastern Man, naturally, has helped, if Xia Tian can help them, they owe the Xia Tian favour.

Then by Eastern Man and Northern Army disposition, this favour is certainly. Your boy will not want to snatch with us.” Eastern Man asked one. Naturally not, since you spoke, that has the need my place to open the mouth freely.” The Xia Tian direct guarantee said. Em.” Eastern Man satisfied nod. They hurry to place that spirit stone presents directly. spirit stone.” Jiang Tianshu said one silently. Jiang Shao, are you also interested in spirit stone?” „The matter that should not inquire do not inquire.” Jiang Tianshu coldly said one, reason that he such is interested in spirit stone, because of the precious degree of this thing, if he can snatch spirit stone, then gives to Lei Feng, he believe the Lei Feng certainly big reward he. It seems like should think that means that happen to can blow away blood auspicious day that fellow together.” In heart of Jiang Tianshu keeping is calculating. Xia Tian they walk in front, Jiang Tianshu and the others were away from the following several hundred meters place. Although Eastern Man knows that front presented spirit stone, but he as if not worry to be the same. He does not worry, Xia Tian naturally has not said anything, they such leisure is walking forward. Walked for probably about 20 minutes, Xia Tian heard the sound of fighting, very intense fighting sound, after hearing this sound, Xia Tian quickens pace, when he arrives at the scene discovered that at this time here achieved one group. Quicksand person, Thai Expert, American Expert, Cambodian Expert, South Korean Expert, Maoshan old ancestor, North Korean crown prince. Wait / Etc.!

Moreover here person is Expert of first. Earth Grade greatly complete Expert has seven, these people to compete for spirit stone, that spirit stone peaceful placing on a platform, around that platform have a light wave to protect at this time, the light wave is used to protect spirit stone. The fights of surroundings these Expert affect very in a big way, but does not have any to attack to damage spirit stone together. My Fuck! these many Expert.” Xia Tian also by at present this scene deep has shocked, these many Earth Grade greatly complete Expert gather first is not the simple matter, next Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, Earth Grade greatly complete Expert on own initiative will little get rid. Because they stood there can deter the enemy. Especially with other Earth Grade greatly complete Expert fights. Because this each other will consume, therefore is not very cost-effective. But now here is having an intense fight, the tangled warfare, Earth Grade is greatly complete the tangled warfare, their subordinates also join the fight, suddenly here thorough hit to mess up. So long as is not one group, that comes up to hit. These Earth Grade are greatly complete the following fight, although is chaotic, but they are quite intelligent, some people avoid all enemies directly, maintains own strength. Naturally, the Quicksand person lethality was strong. They have not given way to traffic. But Earth Grade is greatly complete the fight, Wei Guang is also the head works as. His strength formidable, just started him to cope with the Thai gods Venerable, accomplishes a task with ease simply, the Thai gods revere retreat in defeat again and again, afterward American Earth Grade greatly complete Expert also came up to help, this eases the pressure that the Thai gods Venerable. Finally Earth Grade complete greatly Expert of Cambodia also came up to help.

Three hit one. They think Wei Guang is strongest, their three collaborate to kill Wei Guang, is their three discoveries, even if their three collaborates not to take any advantage. The operational experience of Wei Guang is rich, he uses three people to coordinate not to have tacit this point, starts to attack regarding three people directly. Really magnificent, how long had not seen that like this fought.” Eastern Man smiling saying. This is livelier.” Northern Army light saying. Then may be difficult to manage, if we are direct to rob, these people definitely completely will come up to cope with our several, but if on, these people over one will not cope with us together, making us be involved during the fight, but hits, does not know that should hit anyone.” Xia Tian depressed saying. „Does boy, whom you look at not to be feeling well?” Eastern Man asked suddenly. Besides that Earth Grade greatly complete Expert of South Korea, other people I looks is not feeling well.” Xia Tian has a grudge with here majority of person. I remember that selected the little brother who god has revered is very probably good a moment ago? That first hits him.” Eastern Man has remembered a moment ago by the matter that the opposite party little brother provokes, his elder is not good to haggle over with Junior, he planned that asked the Thai gods Venerable to start. Wait / Etc., can Senior, not help Wei Guang, I with his a little enmity.” Xia Tian does not want to make Eastern Man cope with the Thai gods Venerable, because the Thai gods revere them to cope with Wei Guang now, if Eastern Man Venerable the Thai gods extinguishing, that Wei Guang pressure will reduce many. What to do did you say?” Eastern Man this is giving the Xia Tian face obviously, otherwise he said that whom hits to hit anyone, where so many said the head. Helps South Korean Expert, I owe him a favour.” Xia Tian outside, South Korean Expert has sold his favour, moreover now South Korean Expert one pair two, his match is North Korean crown prince and Maoshan old ancestor. Good, on together.” Eastern Man said that the body has shot directly.